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The Dr. Nina Show Archives with Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin

New Year Happiness Blueprint

 01-03-22 New Year Happiness Blueprint It’s that time of year again when we start making New Year's resolutions. Lots of people intend to make changes next year: they're going to lose weight, go to the gym more often, try to eat healthier and stop bingeing. Maybe in...

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Loneliness & Binge Eating

12-27-22 Loneliness & Binge Eating Millions of people battle binge eating every day. But what many of them don’t realize is that binge eating and loneliness often go hand in hand. Does loneliness lead to binge eating? Or is it the other way around? In today’s...

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Your Holiday Survival Guide

11-29-22 Your Holiday Survival Guide In this episode, I share how to get through the holidays without gaining weight or losing your mind. I give strategies on: How to cope with food during the holidays. Learn the one trick that will give you a whole different...

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“Why Do I Binge Eat?”

09-13-22 “WHY DO I BINGE EAT?" In today's episode I address the question, “WHY DO I BINGE EAT?"   I explore: ~Common misconceptions about binge eating ~The "F" word (not f*t or the "other" "F" word ~3 unusual reasons you may be bingeing ~How to stop Jeanine calls...

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The Dark Side of Dieting

08-30-22 The Dark Side of Dieting One study found that by the time the average woman is 45 years old she will have tried 61 different diets. Diets fail because they’re about deprivation and that leads to overeating or bingeing. Today I speak about: Why dieting leads...

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Eating when Bored

08-23-22 Eating when Bored Do you eat when you’re bored? In this episode, I share how to figure out if it’s boredom, or something else. Prepare to be surprised by the real reasons underlying "boredom" eating. I also give the three-step formula to stop binge eating for...

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How to Beat Bingeing Forever

08-16-22 How to Beat Bingeing Forever Lots of us think bingeing is a forever thing. Why? Because we think we have a food problem or a food addiction, which is why it seems impossible to create change. After all, we can stop certain addictive behaviors such as smoking...

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