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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is the Media Partner for Omega Institute

Since 1977, Omega has served as a gathering place for great thinkers, creative talent, spiritual teachers, and social visionaries. From nurturing early dialogues on the integration of modern medicine and natural healing to designing programs that connect science, spirituality, and creativity, Omega has grown into one of the largest and most trusted centers for lifelong learning. As a nonprofit organization, Omega is committed to an integrated approach to personal growth and social change. Located on 250 acres in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega offers workshops, conferences, and retreats in Rhinebeck, New York, and online at

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is Omega’s Media Partner, Special Offer for our community on selected Omega Institute’s Workshops … Save 20% May through October 2022.  When registering state code DREAM and receive 20% off 877.944.2002  

2022 Workshops with a 20% Discount

Heal Energetically for Abundant Living with Lena Franklin & Jeff Glattstein
June 5th to 10th



The Upper Room: A 5-Day Channeled Retreat with Paul Selig
June 19th to 24th



Default Alt Tag for this pageTapping Into the Healing Power of Angels with Ariya Lorenz
June 24th to 26th



Demystifying Magic: Realize Your Power & Shape Your Life with Rachel Lang
July 1st to 3rd



Default Alt Tag for this pageAdvanced Medium Retreat with renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams.
July 24th to 29th


Wisdom From Beyond The Veil with six expert mediums as your guide
August 5th to 7th





Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is the Media Partner for International Mandela Effect Conference

At this time of humanity’s potential Great Awakening, we, the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC), unite in mission to inspire, empower, and unify all curious observers. Through the evidence presented as the Mandela or Quantum Effect we bring into this phenomenon’s own alignment truths which have proven themselves timeless in all religions, spiritual practices, and scientific findings. Together we Go. Together we Grow.

What does IMEC stand for?

IMEC stands for International Mandela Effect Conference Incorporated. We are an organization that is focused on public education of the phenomenon known as “The Mandela Effect ”, as well as scientific research related to all aspects of the phenomenon from consciousness to quantum physics and many other disciplines.

How was IMEC formed?

IMEC was formed by a group of friends from around the world who have a passion for The Mandela Effect and the community surrounding it. The founding members have a strong background in Academic, Religious, and Paranormal research. After coming together to put on the first International Mandela Effect Conference in 2019 they decided to make a way for future generations to continue searching for answers about this phenomenon.

What are the primary functions of IMEC?

To educate the public through various events that bring together top academic and scientific researchers from around the world to discuss “The Mandela Effect”
To fund scientific research into many fields of study in relation to “The Mandela Effect”.
To provide the community a place to maintain the latest information on research being done into “The Mandela Effect”

How is IMEC funded?

IMEC is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. This means that we are funded by donations and grants only.These funds are then used to support the education of the public as well as scientific grants given by the foundation.

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is the Media Partner for OTEL Universe

Trevor & Eileen Bild, power couple, are Co-Founders of OTEL Universe , A Universal Voice. This is a global platform that gives people a voice for their passions, visions and dreams.

Their mission is to empower the world to become a universal voice uplifting, inspiring and motivating for success. Ordinary to Extraordinary Life (OTELproductions) is an award winning world renowned multi-media and production company specializing in ROKU Channel Development and Branding for musicians, individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.


Trevor & Eileen have worked with the Music Industry since 2014 doing photography and live video productions. In 2020 they launched all original music ROKU Channels, spotlighting Indie Artists from around the world. They also feature podcast shows, movies, documentaries, celebrities and so much more. In 2022, they added an Author and Speakers Alliances offering opportunities for event planners to choose from their exceptional listing of top quality speakers who will WOW their audience.


Partners & Alliances (we welcome you to join the OTEL Universe Global Community/Family):Business AlliancesMedia PartnersCreative Artist AlliancesMusician Alliances
Author & Speaker Alliances
Featured Books
Podcast Alliances

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is the Media Partner for Ethical Markets

“Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) Certified B Corporation, is a micro-multinational social enterprise with the mission of reforming markets and metrics while helping accelerate and track the transition to the green economy worldwide with the Green Transition Scoreboard®, Ethical Biomimicry Finance®, Transforming Finance TV Series and research and daily news at”


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