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Secrets of Happily Ever After with Monica Tanner

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between those couples who absolutely LOVE to be together and the ones who merely tolerate each other in their old age? I always want to run up to the cute old couples who still hold hands while walking down the street and ask them all their secrets to relationship success. This podcast gives me the opportunity to do just that! I’m Monica Tanner, wife to a super hunky man, mom to 4 kids, weekly podcaster and relationship and intimacy expert/enthusiast. I help couples ditch the resentment and roommate syndrome and increase communication, connection, and commitment, so they can write and live out their happily ever after love story. If that sounds like something you want, this podcast is absolutely for YOU! Each week, I’m teasing out the principles that keep couples hopelessly devoted and intoxicatingly in love with each other for a lifetime and beyond. I’m searching high and low for the secrets of happily ever after and sharing those secrets with you right here. Sound marriage advice for couples who want to live happily ever after and achieve a truly intimate friendship, because an awesome marriage makes life so much sweeter. Let’s get to it!

New Show! 
Broadcasts Weekly Thursday 1am/1pmET
Monica’s Marriage Advice This Week

Secrets of Happily Ever After with Monica Tanner

Thursday 1am/1pmET


Title: Creating an EPIC Marriage and Business with Bart and Sunny Miller

Ready to set yourself up for success in 2024?

Bart and Sunny Miller have designed an enviable life together, and they’re here to share their strategies on finishing your year on a high and laying the foundations for an even brighter new year. They break down their family life, businesses and how they have crafted their life together, underpinning everything with a want-want relationship.

Bart and Sunny walk us through the art of managing business and marriage roles to keep both your work and love life flourishing. We also discuss the evolution of marriage, challenging traditional norms, and the importance of communication and setting mutual goals. From understanding your partner’s love language to setting boundaries and revisiting roles and expectations, they share their wisdom for couples juggling personal and professional lives together.

But, we don’t stop there! Bart and Sunny also share invaluable insights into the dynamics of communication, especially concerning intimacy and sex. We explore shared calendars, planning, and goal setting as a couple for both business and personal events. They emphasize personal growth, mutual interests, and the importance of having fun in a relationship.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Passionate Marriage Club to see how you can give your marriage the gift of passion this year –>

Learn more about Monica:


Monica TannerAbout Monica Tanner

BIO:  Monica Tanner, Relationship Coach, and Owner and CEO of Secrets of Happily Ever After, helps married couples ditch resentment and roommate syndrome by improving their communication, connection and commitment so they can get busy writing their happily ever after love story.

After her parents divorced when she was 12, Monica became obsessed with what makes a marriage strong and lasting. With a degree in Sociology from the University of Texas and 21+ years of marriage, raising 4 kids, she has developed an emphasis on marital HAPPINESS. Now Monica has made it her goal to lower the divorce rate and raise the level of marital satisfaction by encouraging her students and clients to prioritize their most important relationship, their marriage.

She uses her podcast Secrets of Happily Ever After to interview other experts, happily married couples and shares her own insights with her listeners. With over 12k+ Instagram followers, 120k+ podcast downloads, and hundreds of students in her programs, she has helped thousands of couples resolve conflict, collaborate and rewrite their stories in order to exemplify for their children and grandchildren a blueprint for a healthy, thriving and life-giving marriage relationship. Her work has been featured in Authority Magazine, Yahoo Life, BestLife, UpJourney and Idaho News Channel 6.

Monica Tanner isn’t just a Relationship Coach – she’s a marital game-changer. As the driving force behind Secrets of Happily Ever After, she’s dedicated to helping couples shake off resentment, improve communication and reignite their connection. Her goal? To help couples create their own “happily ever after” love story.

Monica’s passion for strong, lasting marriages sparked when her parents divorced. She turned this life-changing experience into a mission, diving deep into the world of relationships with a Sociology degree from the University of Texas and gaining firsthand experience from over 21 years of marriage and parenting four children.

Through her popular podcast, Secrets of Happily Ever After, she brings together experts, shares experiences from happy couples, and offers her own insights. Plus, with a vibrant Instagram community of 12k+ followers, a whopping 120k+ podcast downloads, and countless success stories from her programs, she’s proving that happier marriages are more than just a fairy-tale.

Featured in notable media outlets like Authority Magazine, Yahoo Life, BestLife, UpJourney, and Idaho News Channel 6, Monica’s making waves in the relationship world. Her ultimate mission: Lower divorce rates and show couples, their kids, and grandkids what a healthy, happy marriage looks like.


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