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Allow us to promote YOU, your business, workshops, events and books in the most glorious way through hosting your own International syndicated radio show. You’ll be joining an incredible group of hosts and radio community. Our Hosts, each with their unique voice vibration offer their message, programs, modalities and tools all with the common goal to make a difference in the world.


Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a conscious company rooted in transparency, ethics and serving others.

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a Holistic Boston based full producing syndicated Internet Radio Station. The mission of the Station is to facilitate the enlightenment of humankind by providing a global platform for holistic and healing programs that educate listeners bringing them conscious awareness of their inner light so that ever growing numbers of people may learn to live with joy, love, peace and ease.


If you would like to “test” the radio waves Click our ‘Limited Time Offer’ for more details on Hosting a Show on One Special Day!!            




If you would like to have an ongoing Radio Show contact


Already have a Podcast? Looking for expansive exposure? Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network enjoys syndication with 45-50 other station and podcast platforms/directories.

 Get our Apps. Listen online, mobile, in cars worldwide and by asking Alexa play Dreamvisions 7 Radio 

The benefit of hosting a show with us is automatic syndication…our shows experience continuous global exposure.

As a Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Host, you’ll receive promotions for your books, events and workshops. We offer marketing tools and guidance in creating an incredible radio show. In addition we provide coaching on how to monetize your show.

Today’s Radio is different than years ago; our Radio Station has no boundaries. Whether your business is local, national or international, we’re a perfect platform to expand your company’s message through hosting a Radio Show of your own! 

Shows on our Wish List:
  • Sustainability & Advocacy
  • Feng Shui Living
  • Parent Coaching
  • Bringing up Conscious Kids
  • Nutritionist/Whole Foods/Organic
  • Numerology/Financial Astrology
  • Chef-Cooking Naturally
  • Psychic Mediums, Angel Therapy
  • Green Living
  • Empowering Women
  • Journeying with Grief
  • Holistic Pet Care
  • Animal Communication

With our choice of Host Plans one can become a Radio Star with the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network for as little as $275.00 per month. Contact Deborah Beauvais for the details at 508-226-1723 or email


6th Annual Spring Host Extravaganza May 2024

Host Your Own Radio Show CONTEST! Two Winners!

Starts May 1, 2024~ Winners will be drawn on June 1, 2024

2023 Winners Carmen Turner Schott & Diane Randall
2022 Winners Carrie Rowan & Laura Gray
2021 Winners Bettina Oberneufemann & Brenda Pearce
  2020 Winners Anna Gatmon, Sherryl Comeau & Torin Lee
2019 Winners Connie Bramer & Wendy Fachon


 If you’ve always wondered about Hosting your own Radio Show, this is the Contest for YOU! To get in the drawing donate $44


Winners experience their own global radio show on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network for 2 Months

Winners must participate by August 31st of winning year

Opportunity to promote your business practice, book, event, workshop or services


Tune in-Listen Live

DV7 on You Tube Live


To Call In and Talk on Air during Live Shows without Video: 833-220-1200 or 319-527-2638

For Live Shows with Video Call: 646-558-8656
ID: 8836953587 press #
Chatline is open or to join the Live Show with a question press *9 to raise your hand

OFFICE: 508-226-1723

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This Month: Book of the Month: Eat, Sleep, Breathe Oral Health: Why Your Mouth Matters, author Dr. Yasmin N. Chebbi DMD

Kids Book of the Month: Snuggle Time Game, author Tim Maceyko

Host Book Corner: Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother’s Journey of Hope & Forgiveness, author Scarlett Lewis

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We hope you will join our online community. Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a Station fostering unity, love and planet consciousness. From an interconnected mindset, we cultivate a belief that when we utilize our life purpose to serve others, we nourish ourselves and contribute to all life on this Planet. Sign up today!


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