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Retreat to Peace Archives with Catherine Daniels

Time For You in 2023

01-25-23 Time For You in 2023 In this episode, we kick off the New Year with an abundance of love and light to move forward in grace. We find ways to take care of ourselves and put us on the path to provide an elevated state all year long with what is most important...

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Remember Your HOLINESS

09-01-21 Remember Your HOLINESS Today join us as Catherine brings back Jesse An Nichols George for an interview about the light and darkness the world is experiencing. If you are moved by any of the stories shared, write to us and let us know. You can email us at...

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Kick Yourself OUT of the Nest

08-25-21 Kick Yourself OUT of the Nest Today join us as Catherine interviews Liz Tobin as she shares how she changed her life and thought process by taking a trip the islands. What she experienced there changed her life.   Don't miss this special soul journey Liz...

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PART 2- Healing From Sexual Abuse

08-18-21 PART 2- Healing From Sexual Abuse Today join us as Catherine and Jackie share their personal stories of healing from sexually abuse. As this is an interview that deals with sensitive trauma, keep in mind that it is also about healing.  This intimate...

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Awakening the CREATIVE Within YOU

07-14-21 Awakening the CREATIVE Within YOU Today join Catherine as she interviews Priscilla George as she shares with us how to Awaken the Creative Within. So often as we grow and change we lose our way to where we are heading and our new outlets. Priscilla helps...

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MANIFEST Your Mindset

07-07-21 MANIFEST Your Mindset Today join Catherine as she interviews Paul Fourchine who has cerebral  palsy and how he manifested a new mindset.  Paul shares how he did this and removed the "labels" that were placed on him. Catherine also talks about preparing our...

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Generational TRAUMA

06-30-21 Generational TRAUMA Today join us as Catherine interviews Kounthea Richards, as she shares her story of healing generational trauma and her diagnosis of Lupus an autoimmune condition. If you didn't know that your parents cellular structure carries on to you...

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Wonderfully WORTHY

05-26-21 Wonderfully WORTHY Today join us as  join Catherine as she interviews Ann C. K. Nichols, author and singer who shares her intimate journey of childhood bullying, suicide thoughts, getting out of an abusive marriage and self healing her body defying doctors....

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The Code Journey

05-19-21 The Code Journey Today join us as  join Catherine as she interviews Jesse An Nichols George, the author of The Code Journey. She shares with us her unique perspective on seeing the world and how she guides us in our daily lives with her code journey. Don't...

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Recovery of a TEEN MOM

05-12-21 Recovery of a TEEN MOM Today  join us as Rhianna Campbell in her talk, Recovery of a Teen Mom. Rhianna shares with us her journey from being a teenaged mom to owning and selling her multimillion dollar business. She may even share her secret... listen and...

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