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Quantum Spirituality with Peter Canova


Travel on a sweeping journey with Peter Canova, an international speaker, Gnostic Gospels expert, quantum physics researcher, author, and winner of 25 literary awards as he covers topics like the origin of the world, parallel universes, living in a simulated reality, the meaning of dreams, alternative UFO theories, the nature of consciousness, and many other fascinating topics.

Reality, like in the Matrix, is not what we perceive, but what lies hidden. Quantum Spirituality is about piercing the hidden reality and operation of our universe with the twin bookends of quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom. Listeners will acquire a platform of knowledge from both the objective, scientific viewpoint and the subjective, intuitive perspective.  Peter unlocks secrets of the universe progressing from the abstract and the theoretical to the concrete and practical to help you learn and apply powerful ideas to alter your personal reality.

Broadcasts Weekly Tuesday 10am/10pmET-7am/7pmPT
Peter’s Quantum Reality This Week 

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Tuesday 10amET/7amPT-10pmET /7pmPT


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Show Title: Information and its Importance to the Creation of Reality

In this all new show, Peter presents the topic of information and its importance to the creation of reality in a way you probably never would imagine. This is a real eye-opener, not to miss.

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Peter’s New Book: Quantum Spirituality: Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness

Reveals how ancient Gnostic teachings predicted modern quantum physics

• Explains how the perennial principles of Gnosticism, a repository of Judeo-Christian mysticism, describe major theories of quantum physics, such as the Big Bang, parallel universes, the Holographic Universe theory, and Einstein’s Relativity

• Shows how these teachings reveal consciousness as the creator of reality

• Reveals how to harness quantum spirituality for personal empowerment, access to higher levels of consciousness, and manifestation

From the dawn of history, a universal wisdom tradition has existed that explains humanity’s purpose in the cosmos and our relationship to the Master Source Consciousness. This mystical philosophy was harnessed by the ancient seers known as Gnostics, who were in direct contact with Source Consciousness. As Peter Canova reveals, not only do the ancient teachings of Gnosticism contain important spiritual truths, but they profoundly align with the modern sciences of quantum physics and psychology. They can also provide us with a transformative path to higher consciousness and practical tools to create your own reality.

Merging modern science and ancient wisdom, Canova explores the perennial principles of Gnosticism and shows how they describe major theories of quantum physics, such as the Big Bang, parallel universes, the Holographic Universe theory, and Einstein’s Relativity. He recounts the Gnostic story of Sophia from a scientific standpoint, showing how it describes the fall of spiritual consciousness into material existence. He also provides in-depth evidence that Jesus taught a hidden, mystical Gnostic initiation rite…..







More  Information at Peter’s Website

THE FIRST SOULS TRILOGY – an African nun becomes pope during an impending nuclear war, Mary Magdalene hounded by the Roman Empire carrying the hidden mystical teaching of Jesus, a fantastic prehistoric empire of warring spirits first entering the earth . . .


This 25x award winning trilogy is a series of spiritual thrillers set in the near future, the biblical past, and mythical pre-history. It is the epic saga of the first spirit consciousness to incarnate into material existence, and their titanic struggle to regain the higher state from which they fell.

It traces the lives of the key characters who reincarnate in turbulent epochs of history to influence the course of human evolution. The page-turning novels have been recognized by such prestigious competitions as Writers Digest, Nautilus, Eric Hoffer, and the Indie Awards for best book series.


About Peter Canova, winner of 25 Literary Awards

From the time he first experienced phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, intuitive medical readings, and psychic healing, Peter Canova has spent much of his life seeking to understand the forces that link humanity together at an unseen level.

Peter’s international business background—luxury hotel development, shipping, and import/exporting—carried him around the world, giving him an insider’s view of international politics, finance, and the mentality of foreign cultures. Athens, Rome, London, the Middle East, Thailand, and Africa were the crucibles that melded business, political, and economic intrigues in Peter’s experience, giving him real-life stories that could make best sellers in and of themselves.

In each of these venues, Peter also met a variety of spiritual figures, all of whom appeared in his life unsolicited and confirmed his conviction that spirit transcends the religious beliefs that tend to divide people.

Peter had an affinity for writing, and in the late 1990’s he acted on this talent winning a First Place Literary Prize for his very first short story at the highly respected Santa Barbara’s Writer’s Conference in California. Shortly thereafter, he took first place out of 500 entries in Francis Ford Coppola’s online Zoetrope magazine for his first publicly circulated short story, The Blood of our Departed.

Peter continued his track record of writing excellence with the publication of Pope Annalisa, which immediately won the Nautilus and Independent Publishers Awards in quick succession followed by the National Best Book Award. The book went on to win a phenomenal total of nine national and international literary awards in less than a year from its publication. In Pope Annalisa, he explores an ancient spiritual tradition which cut across not only Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but also the so-called pagan mystery schools of ancient days.

Peter has twenty-five years of voluminous research behind him in both mainstream and alternative religious/spiritual studies, with a particular interest in early Christianity.  He is a leading expert on Gnostic and other ancient spiritual traditions. He travels the country as a speaker on such topics as parallels between Gnostic mysticism and quantum physics, the Sacred Feminine, Mary Magdalene and the lost women of the Bible, and the secret teachings of Jesus. His skills helped him break down these complex spiritual themes into simple and entertaining fiction.  Pope Annalisa was a combination of this research and information channeled in his own meditations.

His hope is that this cross-over novel, part thriller, and part spiritual wisdom text, will point to a new paradigm transcending materialistic science and the dead-end dogmas of traditional religion as well as the cultural and gender differences that have caused so much suffering in the human community. If you are interested in Peter’s work, you can also visit the great interfaith website PATHEOS where he is a regular columnist for the spirituality section.

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