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Stories of Elders with Veronica Kirin

10-17-18 Stories of Elders with Veronica Kirin America’s Greatest Generation has witnessed the onset of an incredible evolution of technology and social progress. From mere entertainment to life-changing advances, technology has changed the way we live, work, and...

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Women and Self-Judgment

​ 09-19-18 Women and Self-Judgment Somewhere, deep inside, underneath the heartbreak, frustration and exhaustion that comes from fulfilling a million different...

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Time for a Transition

08-22-18 Time for a Transition It’s Back to School Time, which means it’s time for a transition! And no matter what, transitions are difficult! But there are a few...

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Detox Challenge!

08-15-18 Detox Challenge! Detoxing! Whether it’s from people, thoughts, beliefs or food, it’s imperative that we regularly clear and cleanse our energy in order to...

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How Small Steps Change the World

06-27-18  How Small Steps Change the World You may know the timeless question; How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. But do you know how true that really...

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