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KIDS 4 LOVE Project Radio

Kids leading with their hearts and inspiring others

Kids 4 Love Project It’s a Project, a Mission and a Radio Show! How can we cultivate a kinder world? By teaching unconditional Love to humanity, that’s how! It’s Deborah Beauvais’ mission and life purpose to facilitate a radiance of love in every soul. Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show is all about showcasing kids that are making a difference, some as young as 6 yrs.old with non-profits, serving other kids who are ill or in need. Each show spotlights a two Kid Co-Hosts who join Deborah. Hear ‘news’ from kids around the country and world! Let’s learn from these conscious kids how serving others can heal our own lives.Through the wisdom of these compassionate children, kids and adults alike will be enlightened to do the same. KIDS 4 LOVE Project Radio Show—empowering kids that are helping others!

The Kids 4 Love Project has been facilitated at Fallon Elementary School in Pawtucket R.I. After School COZ Program

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We invite Teachers and Parents to contact us to share about Kids who are making a difference in school or elsewhere. Teachers tell us about new school programs that are bringing kids together in harmony. Kids! let us know what you’re doing to help others. Tell us your giving story! Call 508-226-1723


Our Children’s Book & Song!!
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The Paper Doll Kids authors Deborah Beauvais and Janine Ouellette Sullivan

The Paper Doll Kids Children’s Book is a fun adventurous story about 7 Paper Dolls flying around the world doing good deeds, as they bring important attention to endangered animals. There’s even a magic ring with a universal message! Kids become interested in service projects, action through compassion and planting seeds that nurture positive change.  The book discusses anti bullying strategies and acts of kindness. The language that connects all races, religions and nationalities is Music. So a catchy tune “Kids For Love” has been created as an accompaniment to the book, sung by Deborah’s four youngest grandchildren! The Paper Doll Kids book’s mission is to cultivate love and unity worldwide, as it leaves a legacy for the Beauvais family. Deborah’s three daughters, their late Father and all 8 grandchildren are weaved into the book!

Get your mp3 of Kids For Love Song!! Kids For Love is more than a song, it is an occurrence. Every day spirited children bring to life lyrics that are as old as time. The message is clear: love creates positive change! Kids For Love song fosters a mission to save endangered animals while bringing planet health awareness. Kids For Love song is part of our first children’s book The Paper Doll Kids. We wrote the book to help kids thrive, to do good deeds and to unify humanity. Heard everywhere, buy on Amazon

Song Lyricist: Janine Sullivan, Song Composer & Producer: Bob Sherwood

The Paper Doll Kids children’s book and Kids For Love Song are a production of Kids 4 Love Project. Founded by Deborah Beauvais in 2013, The Kids 4 Love Project is a journey into self-discovery. It consists of fun creative tools to learn self-love, kindness, creativity and unity. We foster ideas that create innovative solutions to save our planet and all its inhabitants. Kids learn to be cognizant of others, cultivate compassion and celebrate uniqueness and diversity.

We start with one generation and by example they teach the generations ahead.
I Choose Love- I Am Love- I Stand For Love
KIDS 4 LOVE PROJECTempowering kids that inspire others!

Broadcasts Weekly Wednesday 4am/4pmET 
Saturday 9am/9pmET

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Wednesday 4am/4pmET

Saturday 9am/9pmET

What Does Jesus Do? Children’s Book author 10-year old Madison Whitlock 

Joining Madison is her mom Marian, brothers Caden & Jordan

What Does Jesus Do? author Madison WhitlockMadison’s book, What Does Jesus Do?  is the second Whitlock CREW story.  

Madison has always enjoyed the beauty of the world and is very curious about how things grow.

She is very inquisitive about WHO created all of what she sees.

Let’s go on a journey as Madison finds out who really created the world in What Does Jesus Do?
Colorful illustrations and activity pages accompany this story.

Madison loves to ask her Mommy all kinds of questions. She is a fun and lively 9-year-old who loves writing, reading, and drawing unicorns. She also loves to play soccer and basketball with her twin brother, Jordan, and her older brother, Caden. Maddy taught herself how to play the guitar and wants to learn the drums next. She also loves to dance and sing.

Caden Christian Whitlock lives with his family in Leesburg, Georgia.  Caden has brothers, his twin, Cody, who is in Heaven with Jesus, Jonathan Jr., Dondre, and Jordan. He also has a sister, Madison.  Caden’s parents are Marian and Jonathan Whitlock.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Marian didn’t know what she would do with all four of her children going to a virtual learning format for the rest of the school year.  One morning, she placed a big assignment on the dining room table that read, “Since we are all home, you all will each write a book.”  Of course, they all just shook their heads, “seriously, Mom?”

But, they all began to write and talk, write and talk. Through all the writing and talking, and whining, each child created their own story. Marian edited their writings and also asked them to draw pictures for each book.  Once it was all said and done, she entered each child’s writing into a contest.  No prizes were given, but they all felt accomplished having completed a book.

Caden came to Marian one day and said, “I want to share my story with everyone.  It makes me feel good to know that Cody is in a safe place with Jesus.” Caden had a twin brother, Cody, who passed away during pregnancy, two months before Caden was born. Caden always wanted to know where his brother was and what he was doing.  His story is about his journey to find his brother and who he meets along the way.

Caden C. Whitlock is a motivated, energetic Fifth Grader with a heart of gold. He enjoys school and loves playing and watching soccer. Caden has brothers, his twin, Cody, who lives in Heaven with Jesus, Jonathan Jr., Dondre, and Jordan. He also has sister, Madison.

Caden’s book, The Case of the Missing Baby, is the first Whitlock CREW story.

Caden and Madison’s parents are Marian and Jonathan Whitlock. The family lives in Leesburg Georgia.

Their website is

The Paper Doll Kids Book, by Deborah Beauvais and “Kids for Love Song” are a production of the Kids 4 Love Project. Get the Book on Amazon and the Song on Amazon or iTunes.

Learn more here:

BIO: Kids 4 Love Project is a Mission, an Enrichment Program to teach unconditional love to elementary children from five to twelve and a Radio Show!

Logo created by Adrienne Iafrate~ Age 11

Imagine schools with a focus not only on the mind, but the body and spirit of every child, making practice the cultivation of the pure love that resides in us all. The Kids 4 Love Project is a journey into self-discovery. It consists of fun creative tools to learn self-love, energy medicine utilizing Reconnective Healing™, a bit of meditation, tuning into intuition, how to utilize one’s IG {Inner Guidance} plus connecting to our natural surroundings. The vision is to have the Kids 4 Love Project in school systems worldwide.

Deborah received a full download of information as to how to facilitate the mission when she asked the Higher Intelligence how to end violence and hateful behavior. It was made clear to start with the children.

Even with the many families creating a kind loving environment at home, kids still have a tendency to grow up feeling undervalued. Our society has created many to feel separated when in fact there is no separation from each other, nature or Higher Intelligence. We are all One Life Force. Not asking ourselves questions like what is true for us, we have taken on belief systems of former generations and carried them to present. We ourselves need to learn a kinder way of living as children learn from what they see.

The human soul is pure love, and by awakening our minds to the magnificence of who we are, we become conscious of our Higher purpose-Love- and serving others.

The children are ultimately our teachers in creating a pathway to a society based in unconditional love and conscious living.

Deborah Beauvais is the Founder/Owner Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network as well as Empowered Connections both created out of love with a vision to consciously serve humanity. Through Empowered Connections Deborah mentors souls to go within to identify their own individual Light, to find unconditional love for self and others.  She is an intuitive, healer and facilitator of Light as a Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™ Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl. Deborah is founder of Kids 4 Love Project, and Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show~ celebrating children making a difference, inspiring others to follow their lead.  Hosting her syndicated radio show Love By Intuition since 2004, Deborah feels the time is now for humanity to focus on compassion and healing the Planet.

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