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Radical Transformational Leadership with Dr. Monica Sharma

The Show invites everyone to engage in creating a new reality that is equitable and prosperous. We learn about new ways to source our inner capacities and wisdom to manifest change that embodies universal values of dignity, compassion and fairness; and at the same time,   transform unworkable systems and norms in order to solve problems. We will deconstruct fallacies that societies continue to promote related to self and the world around us that leads to complacency and non-action. This is a radical new approach to transformational leadership. Using examples from around the world, we will see how everyone has the potential to be a leader–a person who creates a new future through actions in society, at home, and at work. This program is not useful for those who are satisfied with the world as it is today. This program for people who have questions. It encourages us   to question the status quo, ask relevant questions, generate insights and act in order to establish universal equity and dignity.


Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age Features Trailblazers, Visionaries and Pioneers Who Are Guiding Humanity To An Active Heart-Based Society~  Broadcasts Tuesday -Friday 8am & 8pmET

Bi-Weekly Tuesday 8am/8pmET, Every Saturday 6amET

Tuesday 8am/8pmET 10/12

Saturday 6amET 10/16

Radical Transformational Leadership: What does this imply?

Guest Speakers: Therese Adams and Vernice Miller

Artists for Equity

We invite you to a discussion with Therese Adams and Vernice Miller.

Therese Adams and Vernice Miller invite artists and all of us to use the Arts for transforming the inequities in the world today. They invite us to explore how the arts can open our hearts to equity, dignity, and compassion while revealing unfair systems and cultural norms and inspire everyday citizens to step into action. Due to pandemic, murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and the MeToo movement, there is an opening in our collective imaginations.

Therese shares: I see people deeply troubled by the suffering around them and looking for solutions and are called to act. And because of COVID19, people are dealing with sickness and loss of job, and concerns about the future. The disparities in the quality of our life, especially for people of color, in terms of housing, education, job opportunities and healthcare availability are so apparent. We need Radical Transformational Leadership now at this opening, during this time of collective yearning for equity and dignity for all so that we do not go back to the way we were, which will happen if we do not address the inequitable systems so everyone thrives.

As artists, Therese and Vernice will share the journeys of their lives –using the tools of the theatre and dance to find freedoms around complicated issues. They will share their drive to radically contribute to creating a post privilege world, and their evolving understanding of how to dismantle the systems that continually feed global injustices.

Vernice shares: my exposure to Monica and her ideas of applying conscious full-spectrum responses put forth in Radical Transformational Leadership has afforded me a clarity of how to harness my inner wisdom, to shift systems for the betterment of all. It is this exposure that has shifted my pedagogical approach from not just what I teach but how. I now consciously curate spaces calling others to source their inner values and to apply them without feeling moralistic. Today whether in the role of artist, teacher, sister, or friend I am charged with making use of the various tools of the theatre and RTL to decolonize the behavior in myself and others to create an equitable, just and fair world where all can live with dignity.

Guest: Therese Adams: For over 20 years, Therese Adams has held nonprofit leadership positions working in Santa Cruz, California as an executive director, fund development consultant, development director, and community organizer. Since 2014, Therese has practiced Leadership for Community Transformation with Dr. Monica Sharma and has supported the training of hundreds of leaders in Santa Cruz County and the Bay Area of California as a practitioner coach. In her work with nonprofits, she has incorporated the Conscious Full Spectrum Response and Radical Transformational Leadership to promote equity and generosity to transform the current nonprofit fund development and philanthropy practices to create sustainable change.

Since 2012, Therese has worked on the issues of homelessness as Community Organizer with the United Way of Santa Cruz County and Development Director at Pajaro Valley Shelter Services. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Santa Cruz affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), using the Conscious Full Spectrum Response to stop stigma and to improve the treatment for those with mental health conditions. Originally from Los Angeles, Therese moved to Santa Cruz to receive her BA in Theatre Arts from UC Santa Cruz. For several decades, she was the Director of Moving and Storage Performance Company and was the SPECTRA Arts Coordinator and Instructor for Cultural Council of Santa Cruz, County working to ensure every school in the county had arts programming. To contact Therese Adams please email her at

Guest: Vernice Miller Miller is an international theatre artist with a life-long mission to investigate, uncover and share the soul of performance. In addition to being an award-winning actor, she is an educator, director, writer, and social justice activist. Born in Jamaica, Miller has worked in London, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia and most recently South Africa. In the U.S. she is an adjunct lecturer and mainstage director at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Her work on the world stage includes long-term collaborations with jazz musician, Wynton Marsalis on Eatonville, a Zora Neal Hurston Project, and with directing anthropologist, Dr. Omotayo Jolaosho’s Three Women (Break the Silence). The theatrical performance of Three Women began at the Market Theater Laboratory in Johannesburg then toured underserved communities throughout South Africa. Its performers address what it means to find one’s voice amidst gendered repression and urge us to “break the silence” regarding women’s bodily and sexual autonomy.

Vernice Miller and Joann Yarrow co-founded A Laboratory for Actor Training Experimental Theatre Company (ALATetc) as a destination to evolve the work they began with Roberta Carreri at Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret in Denmark. ALATetc is now a collective of artists and activists who create work for the stage that provokes dialogue, inspires action, and heightens awareness of personal ethics. ALATetc is in residency in the Theatre Department at John Jay College, offering a rigorous actor training technique to students and professionals alike.

With Kobi Skolnick, Vernice Miller offers training to support emerging and established leaders, generating positive and sustained impact in the communities and organizations. Vernice Miller collaborates with Dr. Monica Sharma; and now, along with her and Therese Adams, is engaged in developing RTLArts. RTLArts is a conscious full spectrum response to using the arts as a lever for challenging systems and cultures that do not support our wellbeing; and instead offer compassionate, courageous alternatives for personal and planetary transformation.

Learn more about Dr. Monica here:





BIO: Monica Sharma ‘Development’ of the individual and the collective is being redefined by her, to include the further reaches of the human and cultural capabilities,  to discover a deeper balance between humanity and nature, our intellect and emotion, our inner and outer worlds, and to foster its expression through many programmes world-wide in society as well as organizations.

Monica Sharma, trained as a physician and epidemiologist, worked for the United Nations since 1988 for 22 years. She is the author of the book “Radical Transformational Leadership” which has been describes as a path-breaking classic by eminent scholars. Currently, she engages worldwide as an International Expert and Practitioner on Leadership Development for sustainable and equitable change.  She works with United Nations, Universities, Management Institutions, governments, business, media and civil society organizations. She is the Tata Chair Professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai.

As a practitioner, her proven track record of generating measurable results at scale, as well as enhancing leadership on every continent, is unique. She brings this experience and capability to all her work. She designs and facilitates programmes for whole systems transformation and leadership development in both developed and developing countries. Using cutting–edge transformational approaches and methodologies,   the purpose is to achieve measurable and sustainable change in development, business and peace. She fosters results-oriented partnerships with governments, civil society, business, media and United Nations. She also designs and implements workshops – “learning –in-action programmes” – with both business and non-profit organizations on different aspects of Leadership Development for Equitable and Sustainable Change. She engages with over 20 organizations, mostly global.

Formerly, as Director of Leadership and Capacity Development, United Nations, she designed and facilitated programmes for whole systems transformation and leadership development around the world with a focus on the 50 least developed countries, with measurable results.

Monica Sharma designed and directed large programmes globally, and lived and worked extensively in both developing and developed countries – in Africa, Asia, Arab States, Eastern Europe, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America. For example, she developed and implemented transformational leadership programmes in 40 countries generating multiple innovations and large-scale results impacting 4.5 million directly and another 130 million in the context of HIV AIDS as the global Director of the HIV/AIDS programme of United Nations Development Programme. She pioneered the strategy for “whole systems transformation” for reducing maternal mortality in South Asia, addressing women’s rights and leadership at all levels. She led teams for policy formulation, strategic direction and programme development in 60 countries, building multi-stakeholders partnerships with governments, media, civil society and business.

She has published and presented over 250 articles in journals and international forums.

Monica Sharma created and uses a unique response model based on extensive application –a conscious full-spectrum model- which simultaneously in time solves problems, shifts systems and creates new patterns sourced from individual inner capacity and transformational leadership.  This model has generated sustainable results worldwide. In her recent book ‘Radical Transformational Leadership ‘ she describes how we can source our inner capacities and wisdom to manifest change that embodies universal values such as dignity, compassion, fairness and courage. Everyone has the potential to be a leader–a person who creates a new future–through action in society, at home and at work. This book lays out a detailed plan for unleashing our human potential to create a new future through strategic action.

She fosters emerging leaders world-wide – proactively seeking out potential leaders, unleashing their power of effective creativity, enabling them to manifest their full potential. These leaders recognize the invisible, multiple patterns and systems that shape societal and planetary situations and actions; they distinguish, design and deliver actions sourced from self-awareness and empathy; manifest sustainable and equitable change, creating new patterns as they solve problems.
Dalai Lama Event–

Winner of the Gold Nautilus Book Award 2017 for ‘Business and Leadership!

Monica Sharma describes how we can source our inner capacities and wisdom to manifest change that embodies universal values such as dignity, compassion, fairness, and courage. Drawing on more than twenty years of work for the United Nations and elsewhere, she presents a radical new approach to transformational leadership, one that creates systems of change where everyone can engage—not just analysts and policy-makers. Demonstrating that we all can be architects of a new humanity, Monica demystifies policy-making, planning, and implementation so that everyone can play an informed and strategic part in eradicating the world’s most intractable problems….

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