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Friday 10am & 10pmET

Awakened Soul Stories with Pam Patalano

On Awakened Soul Stories you will hear honest, soul-stirring conversations and inspiring interviews with Pam and her guests who will awaken and guide you on this journey of ascension, self-discovery and empowerment. The purpose of Awakened Soul Stories shares raw, honest and vulnerable conversations with thoughtful Spiritual Leaders, Holistic Practitioners, Light Workers and experts from all over. Each episode is filled with inspiring journey’s, important awakening guidance for the future of Mankind – The information is meant to help humans open up to the one conscientiousness and understand that we are all one, all connected to Source – helping them to understand we are infinite high vibrational beings meant to do great spiritual things and be in service to others – In doing this, a shift is created here on earth, which will help raise the vibration of the human race in a way that allows us to become awakened to our true purpose.
Contact Pam: 401-533-1864 or

New Show!

Broadcasts Weekly Friday 10am/10pmET

Pam’s Awakened Soul Story This Week

Nicole Majik

 Friday 10am/10pmET

Awakened Soul Nicole Majik, A Mile in Her Shoes

We look forward to this live interview with empowering leader, speaker and spiritual guru; Nicole Majik.  The discussion will include the latest projects she is involved in and the latest book she is mentioned in, A Mile in Her Shoes.

At little something about Nicole:

She has overcome many adversities in life including severe mercury poisoning while being the sole provider for her family.  Nicole is a mom of 4 with 1 girl and 3 boys – one of which is in the Air Force Special Operations training program.

Nicole MajikNicole holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Chemistry and a Masters in Metaphysics. She is an accomplished leadership and empowerment strategist and educator, and has created a highly effective, life-transforming empowerment program: The Alchemy of Transformation™.  She awakens your true potential by erasing limiting beliefs and showing you how to live a life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love.

Nicole has appeared on various radio shows, local TV, as a keynote speaker for international conferences and has even appeared on the Travel Channel for Greatest Mysteries:  Smithsonian as well as Beyond the Unknown.

Using the strategic formulas of her empowerment program, The Alchemy of Transformation ™, she helps you permanently erase self-sabotaging beliefs and transform your obstacles into the opportunities to achieve the success you desire!

Erasing Limiting Beliefs/Self Sabotage
Defining Your Desire
Conscious Leadership
Near Death Experiences
Overcoming Adversity
Becoming Fearlessly Authentic

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Learn more about Pam here:
Contact Pam: 401-533-1864 or

Pam Patalano

  • Intuitive Medium
  • Owner of Tree of Life Healing Center
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner
  • Host of Awakened Soul Stories
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Environmental Activist


Pam PatalanoBIO – Pam Patalano is the Host of Awakened Soul Stories on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, Fridays at 10am and 10pm. She had always felt a calling to do this work, and recently received a message during a meditation, with instruction to relay that message to the masses, as quickly as possible. Pam intuitively knows that she is part of the movement to help the human race AWAKEN; Awaken to a highly intuitive, aligned to source, and more peaceful world.

She is the owner of Tree of Life Healing Center, located in Mystic CT.

Pam has been an Intuitive Medium since birth, and has been delivering messages of love and healing ever since. She uses all of the spiritual gifts she has been given. Pam is very sensitive and empathic; she understands the struggles and pain, as well as the joys and love that she encounters through her readings, which allows her clients to healing on a very deep level. Pam has learned to step aside when giving a reading, and allowing her guides to give her the information that will serve her clients for their highest and greatest good. Pam is a healing energy practitioner using Integrated Energy Therapy & Reiki to help facilitate healing for her clients. She is a teacher of Meditation and hosts a weekly Podcast – Awakened Soul Stories, on Facebook and YouTube.

At Tree Of Life –

We have created a sacred space in which healing of the Mind, Body & Soul can begin to take place through various hands on and Energetic modalities.

We treat the Mind, Body & Soul with Private Intuitive/Medium Readings, Integrated Energy Therapy infused with Elements of Reiki and Chakra Balancing. We also offer Meditations, Life and Spiritual Coaching and various Classes & Workshops. Other services: Spiritual Counseling, Home visits for Energy work & Group Readings.
Contact Pam: 401-533-1864 or

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