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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a Station fostering unity, love and planet consciousness. Education in all topics in society is key to understanding how we can do better. People working together can create solutions for systems that elevate our human race. From an interconnected mindset, we cultivate a belief that when we utilize our life purpose to serve others, we nourish ourselves and contribute to all life on this Planet

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2019 Winners Connie Bramer & Wendy Fachon

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Radical RegenerationRadical Regeneration: Sacred Activism and the Renewal of the World, authors Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

An inspiring manual for navigating humanity’s collective dark night and enacting personal and planetary transformation

• Explores how Sacred Activism–specifically, creative, wise, sacredly inspired action–offers an antidote to the crises facing our world

• Reveals how to uncover and sustain joy and how to use it as fuel for continuing Sacred Activism in dangerous times

• Includes practical maps of the dark night process and of the four-part path to transfiguration drawn from the secret depths of the mystical traditions

Presenting a manual for navigating humanity’s collective dark night, Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker explore potential antidotes, drawn from mystical traditions and Sacred Activism, to help us find inspiration and take action in the face of the daunting challenges to our world.

Offering a deep discussion of our global dark night in terms of the Kali Yuga, the authors examine the dangers of a growing constellation of intractable crises–authoritarianism both in America and abroad, climate change, economic inequality, social upheaval, and spiritual malaise. They then explore the antidotes to these crises: Sacred Activism–specifically, creative, wise, sacredly inspired action–and a profound understanding of our evolutionary ordeal and its potentialities. Examining the power of joy to help enact personal and planetary transformation, they explain how joy, or ananda, is a force all mystical traditions recognize as the essence of the Divine. They reveal how to uncover and sustain joy in ourselves and how to use joy as fuel for continuing Sacred Activism in dangerous times.

Drawing on the visionary teachings of mystics such as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo, the authors show how the global dark night is part of an evolutionary mutation process and how its very intensity makes it the potential seedbed of a new embodied, divine humanity. They offer practical maps of the crises, of the shadows that this global dark night is casting, and of the four-part path to transfiguration drawn from mystical traditions. Sharing a vision of a new and focused global moment of love in action, the authors reveal that apocalypse is not inevitable–if enough people awaken to the extraordinary possibilities of Sacred Activism.

January Winner
Karen Kapelos, Florida


A Daily Gift of Gratitude: A Collection of Stories from Grateful Hearts Around the Globe, author Teresa Velardi

Gratitude and anxiety can’t be present at the same time. When you focus on gratitude, anxiety loses its hold, and the level of light in your life grows exponentially.
The practice of listing people, places, and things for which you are grateful, reveals even more for you to recognize with gratitude.
Nearly 100 authors from around the globe have brought their perspectives on gratitude to the pages of this book.
Are you ready to bring your grateful heart to our community?





Just Prevail: In The Middle Of The Storm, author Leann Rhodes

Just Prevail: In The Middle Of The Storm, author Leann Rhodes

Why Me? Why Now? Why Us?

These were the questions that filled my mind as the doctor finished telling me that my less than 3-week-old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 MS Neuroblastoma Cancer…

Eventually, the tears stopped, the pain subsided, and fear no longer dominated my every thought. I would no longer ask “Why Me?” but rather, “Why Not Me?”. I PREVAILED. Life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it. So why not me is how I decided to respond.

“Just Prevail” is not only a chronicle of my son’s miraculous fight with cancer but also a tale that is meant to inspire everyone. No matter how the odds are stacked against you, no matter what it is you’re going through… YOU TOO CAN PREVAIL!

All you have to do is shift your thinking and ask yourself: why not me?

January Winner
Cindy Mazzaferro, Connecticut


The Four-Fold Formula For All Things Wellness: True Stories of the Heart, Spirit, Mind and Body authors Peggy Willms, Dr. Markus Wettstein, M.D.,

What is All Things Wellness?
Do you have a flat in your Wellness Wheel?

There are twenty-four spokes in your Wellness Wheel. No wonder staying healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise isn’t easy. In The Four-Fold Formula for All Things Wellness, you will learn how this wheel’s components help you find harmony within your heart, spirit, mind, and body.

Forty authors share their personal and true stories that will leave you feeling empowered, motivated, and full of hope.

Peggy Willms and Dr. Markus Wettstein, M.D., have sixty years combined in health and wellness. They share a unique “formula” to help you stay on the Wellness Wagon.

Peggy Willms has been a certified personal trainer, sports performance nutritionist, personal and executive health, wellness, and life coach for over thirty years. Peggy is an entrepreneur, author, and host of The Coach Peggy Show. She is also the executive producer of Coach Peggy Real Time, a transformation docuseries. Peggy hosts wellness retreats and is a featured contributor for BizCatalyst360, an international online magazine. She spent more than twenty years in corporate wellness and has managed multi-million-dollar medical clinics.

Dr. Markus Wettstein, M.D., has practiced endocrinology for over thirty years.
He is a diabetes, metabolic and stress management specialist. He also works in energy medicine as a Licensed Bio-Well practitioner. Dr. Wettstein assists clients in improving their health and wellness by measuring their energy field, stress level, health status, and energy reserve via electro photonic imaging.





Choosing Love A Pathway to Flourishing Author Scarlett LewisChoosing Love A Pathway to Flourishing: To help create a safer, more peaceful and loving world! Author Scarlett Lewis

The Choose Love Movement was created by Scarlett Lewis following the murder of her 6 year old son, Jesse McCord Lewis at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Jesse wrote a message on his family’s kitchen chalkboard shortly before the tragedy, “Norurting Helinn Love” which his mother understood as a simple solution to the suffering in our world today. ‘If the former student and perpetrator could have given, and received, ‘nurturing healing love’ the tragedy would never have happened.’ Thus, Scarlett founded the Choose Love Movement to spread Jesse’s message around the world and offer essential life skills to enable students and adults alike to be able to face whatever happens in life and choose love.

Choose Love approaches the current societal issues including violence, mental illness and substance abuse in a different. way. Rather than focusing on the problems as they escalate, the movement addresses the root cause and can reduce and prevent the suffering before it starts!

There is a powerful formula derived from Jesse’s message that all Choose Love programming is based upon:

Courage+Gratitude+Forgiveness+Compassion in Action=Choosing Love. Comprehensive, no cost programming is available for all ages on the website: for schools, homes and communities. By word of mouth and referral the programs are now being taught Inver 10,000 schools in every state and over 120 countries. Join the movement to Choose Love and be part of the solution to create a safer, more peaceful and loving world!

January Winner
Gladys Ellen, Rhode Island


YES, I AM! a to Z: Positive Thoughts to Empower Young Minds, author Jane McCarter-Caponigro

Yes, I AM! A to Z is a celebration of our children in a world where they can be anything! In today’s complex social environment, it is more important than ever for our children to believe in themselves and who they are, no matter how young they are.

Each page of this easy-to-read book brings light to quality words that every parent wants their children to adopt as a way of being, along with questions that will start a conversation and reinforce each concept.

Enjoy making Yes, I AM! A to Z part of your daily conversation with your children.

About the Author: A native New Yorker, Jane McCarter-Caponigro, is blessed to have the opportunity to share this book with the children of the world.

Her passion is to have every child realize they are unique in their own way. Every thought perceived, every word spoken, every action taken is powerfully creating their lives. Words have the power to develop self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. Every child deserves to start their life’s journey with these values.

Jane’s greatest desire is to be part of changing the lives of children with the words found in her first book. It invites conversation between the adult and child to each share their points of view. When we take time to ask questions and then listen to our children, we realize that children have their own perspectives from which to tell their story even as they learn to speak.

Jane encourages curiosity and celebration on both sides of the conversation created through the reading of her books. She aspires to create a series of YES! Books to continue the empowerment of young minds. Until the next book…Keep supporting and cheering your children on!

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