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The Story Walking Radio Hour with Wendy Fachon

Find your true life path through Story Walking. Sustainable Living News writer, nature walker and youth educator Wendy Fachon hosts the Story Walker Radio Hour to introduce issues that matter, while integrating a creative approach to problem solving. Story Walking is all about engaging with Earth, with Spirit, and with one another – heart to heart – to overcome challenges, to co-create more meaningful life stories and to build a better world. Story Walking is about stepping out of the box to find solutions. Boxes exist in the form of indoor classrooms, offices, houses or segregated communities. Helping the world requires getting out of those boxes into the greater world to truly understand the problems. Only then can people begin to explore real world solutions and find real purpose.  and


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Broadcasts Weekly Monday 9am & 9pmET

Debut July 1st

Monday 9am/9pmET

Finding Solutions

When we dwell on solutions instead of problems, we make positive progress. As an avid walker and writer, I created my magical Story Walking practice to help young people find their true life path, which usually involves confronting problems and exploring solutions for those problems. As we step into Story Walking, I plan to cover a lot of ground with regards to identifying solutions. We are living within a world filled with problems. We want to know what we can do, individually and collectively, to make our precious world a better place. John Lennon once said, “There are no problems, only solutions.” Story Walking is about stepping out of the box to find solutions. Imagine the box created by an indoor classroom, an office or a house. If we want to help the world, we need to get up from our seats, out of our boxes and into the real world to truly understand the problems. Only then can we begin to explore real world solutions.

One problem is health care costs. And second problem is poverty. These problems are connected. Poverty is caused by inequities in health, education and food access. An underlying cause of the inequities is illiteracy.

In our second segment today, Gail Ahlers will be speaking with us about these issues. Gail is an artist, a child educator, and an Ambassador for Joy. Her non-profit, The Empowerment Factory, is situated in an old mill in the middle of an impoverished area that is undergoing revitalization. Gail’s organization provides children with the skills they need to lead happier, healthier, more empowered lives. The Empowerment Factory’s programs make learning fun, by blending literacy with art, urban-based environmental learning and community engagement. A highly creative and dynamic thinker, Gail will be sharing some of her organization’s ideas for solutions.

In the third segment, I will take you Story Walking along the shore, and we will talk about beach clean-ups and other solutions for cleaning up the mess in our oceans. We will be covering a lot of ground.

Learn more at, email or call 401 529-6830. Connect with Wendy to order copies of Fiddlesticks, The Angel Heart or Storywalker Wild Plant Magic Cards.

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Coming Monday July 22nd 9am/9pmET

Thinking Outside the Box on Environmental Issues

In order to find solutions to the problems in the world, I challenge people to search outside the box. The box could be physical, like an indoor classroom, an office building or a house. Getting outside tends to lead to greater imaginative thinking. Here are some problems reported in a recent article about crumbling urban schools: “Very little visible student learning was going on in the majority of classrooms and schools we visited – most especially in the middle and high schools,” and “Some rooms were utterly chaotic and unsafe,” the report continued. “Students were laughing, screaming, moving around and physically harassing one another, climbing up bookshelves.” Sounds like these kids are ready to break out of the box.

What might happen if we took school education outside? In the first segment, I will share some fun experiences and engaging ideas for getting elementary-aged students outside the box to expand their learning.

In our second segment, an outside-the box-thinker, Peter Klepeis, a Professor of Geography at Colgate University will be speaking with us about “The Geography of Happiness.” Peter’s research and teaching focus on nature-society relationships and themes in sustainability science.Peter Klepeis. Peter gets his students outside and experiencing different landscapes. Peter’s assignments unnerve some students initially, however, in short order, those students become very connected with place and the experiences are transformational.

This particular show will be framed with two dramatic stories, both about some birds I’ve encountered, and the messages they imparted to me, about thinking outside the box.

Learn more at, email or call 401 529-6830. Connect with Wendy to order copies of Fiddlesticks, The Angel Heart or Storywalker Wild Plant Magic Cards.

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Wendy Nadherny Fachon Host Story Walking RadioBIO: Story Walking Radio Host, Wendy Nadherny Fachon empowers young people, by showing how to step forward into each new life learning adventure with clarity, confidence and positive energy. Wendy began her youth work training in the school of life by observing and listening to her own daughter and son as they faced the challenges of growing up with bullying, fickle friends, and tough teachers. When her nephews, aged 5 and 7, lost their father on 9/11, she joined the boys and her sister on their bumpy journey along the road to recovery from deep trauma and upheaval.

As Wendy’s children grew into their independence, she entered into youth work and earned her RIPQA certification, Rhode Island’s 21st Century Community Learning Center program quality training. At the same time, she joined a holistic community, which informed and inspired her Story Walking practice, and in 2011, Wendy created a lyrical Storywalker CD, Fiddlesticks, to introduce the concept of Story Walking to children and parents. Wendy’s stories and associated lessons combine mindful walking, word play, environmental education and spirituality to nurture the personal development of her followers. From there, Wendy began leading programs for in-school and out-of-school-time (OST) enrichment.

One of her first youth work assignments was to form an after-school walking club to help an unusually obese child get more physically active, make friends, and increase self-esteem. At the core of the Story Walking practice is the concept that each individual is the main character in his or her own unique life story, holding the power to weave the fabric of that story through the conscious energetic choices of words, thoughts, intentions and actions, elicited in response to both fortunate and unfortunate situations. Inevitably, each story becomes an important piece of the great storied tapestry of humanity.

In 2014, Wendy published her Storywalker children’s book, The Angel Heart. Dedicated to her late father, this poetic story presents a metaphor for finding the peace, love and joy within ourselves when confronted with sadness, loss and grief.

In 2016, Wendy’s faced the unimaginable, when her 19-year-old son, Neil, was diagnosed with DIPG, an aggressive, rare, inoperable form of the brain stem cancer. Doctors said he would be dead within three months. Neil’s story was an epic battle on multiple fronts, where he rose above overwhelming adversity to outlive his prognosis enough to create a lasting impact on the world, before finally departing from his physical body. His story continues beyond his passing, as his spirit guides Wendy and the rest of his family in finding ways to bring greater hope and joy to children experiencing life threatening illnesses and other challenges. After a year of caregiving and a time of intense grief, Wendy was guided back to her Story Walking practice with a higher sense of purpose and seeks to expand her practice through the Story Walking Radio Hour.

Affiliated with The Empowerment Factory, Wendy is recognized for her creative collaboration with many youth-focused organizations and Title I schools. She is also a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings healthy living magazine, writing articles about children, health, and environmental issues.

Learn more at, email or call 401 529-6830. Connect with Wendy to order copies of Fiddlesticks, The Angel Heart or Storywalker Wild Plant Magic Cards.

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