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Simplify Trauma Healing With Your Inner Child with Bettina “Sparkles” Obernuefemann

I focus first on healing childhood traumas in an amazingly simple way because it is most beneficial in our world.

The reason is that 80% of people, globally, were abused as children.  Because children have no power to fight their abusers, they are forced to stuff their painful feeling that continue to fester creating unhappy, fearful adults, if the old wounds are left untreated.

Facing PTSD at age fifty, I was blessed with a spiritual psychologist who taught me this easy method of the Inner Child concept.

During the years and years of using this simple process I was helped to lead a more purposeful life and stepped onto an ever-expanding spiritual path.

This show as well as the books on my website: will quicken the way to healing our world, one person at a time because you will know “Who” you truly are.

Acknowledging your old childhood hurts will open the door to a better life.

During my 80 years journey on Mother Earth, I experienced World War II in Germany, an abusive mother, coming to America and working as a flight attendant. In the middle of the flying career, I experienced a child abuse “Recall”, was diagnosed and processed PTSD -Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – that led me unto a more spiritual path. My transformation included traditional therapy and spiritual practices. My 30 years of Inner Child (IC) work helped me the most.

When I found my self-worth, I knew I wanted to pass on the tools to younger ladies.

MY PASSION is to show you exactly “how” to start to heal.  You can let go of fears of the past.  i.e., feelings of not being good enough, chronic depression, high anxiety, hopeless, helpless, and more.


Bettina’s books share personal stories about healing her experiences after experiencing child abuse and other traumas. She put on a happy mask covering up her inner pain and now speaks about her healing the PTSD of these traumas.

Learn from hands-on-experience as the author of PTSD shares the secrets to healing her PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Her first 50 yrs she lived not knowing she had PTSD and that it was the cause of her inner unhappiness. When Bettina Sparkles was diagnosed she dove into healing activities and learned a better way to live. Set Your PTSD FREE is an EZ read giving you PTSD information in non-clinical language about PTSD causes, symptoms and universal healing tools. Most people relate the mental state to war flashbacks. You’ll be surprised that there many other causes resulting in similar feelings of chronic hopelessness and helplessness. That’s no way to live. You, too, have the power to change your life from pain to peace. I invite Reader to start with this book and answer any questions or comments. God Bless us all. Purchase on Amazon.


Spirituality: Modern Disciples of Jesus ChristRegardless of anyone’s religious affiliation, this book offers for you to dig deeper, covering biggie universal spiritual subjects about happiness, inner peace, love, joy and, forgiveness. It’s for all who seek Truth and are open to receive the Word of God, no matter who that “God” is. Suffering through child abuse, which later turned into a battle with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) led the author to a spiritual path and a precious relationship with God until this day.

The author uplifts readers and shows them ways to live a happier life.

Purchase on Amazon.


Bettina Sparkles Obernuefemann Bettina Sparkles Obernuefemann was born in Germany and presently lives in the beautiful Ozarks near Mountain Home, Arkansas, with her husband Michael. She retired from her beloved 38 year Flight Attendant career in 2003. The author devotes her new free time to writing, a creative effort of blending her love for flying and her dedication to recovery and spirituality.  She shares because she cares. Her main experience was living the first 50 years with inner chaos, undiagnosed PTSD, which evolved from childhood abuse.  She stuffed and suppressed severe pain and fear. Even in this unhappy state of mind she was able to function OK in the world, thinking this is the way life is. But once Bettina Sparkles found out that PTSD caused her unhappiness, she immediately threw herself into healing activities to set her PTSD free. During the past twenty-two years and to this day, she practices the tools which work for her making her feel good inside as well as the outside. The author invites everyone to call her Bettina Sparkles.  Bettina designates her fearful old- self, one who made many mistakes. “Sparkles” designates the acceptance of her former self, one who desires to demonstrate her love for God by sharing hope for overcoming. It’s her passion to show that the Reader also has the power to change and live a better life. Bettina Sparkles believes that all difficulties and overcoming give us purpose.   When we view life as meaningful, we also see it as a beautiful good-feeling spiritual journey.

For more information visit her website at:

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