Love Never Dies with Number One International Bestselling Author, Dr. Jamie Turndorf

with Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Are you afraid your tears of grief will never end?

The only solution for ending the tears is to reconnect and stay connected to your loved ones in spirit, which Dr. Turndorf is devoted to helping you do!

The “Love Never Dies” show is based on Dr. Turndorf’s number one international bestseller, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.

For two-years, the “Love Never Dies” show had been the most listened to hour on the Hay House network, surpassing the programs of today’s top spiritual giants such as Wayne Dyer, James Van Praagh and Carolyn Myss.

“Love Never Dies” combines Dr. Turndorf’s acclaimed conflict-resolution techniques with after death communication to create a one of a kind method that enables you to reconnect and heal any unfinished business with those in spirit.

Tune-in to “Love Never Dies” and discover for yourself why reconnecting and Dialoguing with Your Departed loved ones is the only way to dry your tears and transform your grief to joy!


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Dr. Jamie’s Wisdom This Week

Wednesday 1am/1pmET

The Art of Reconnecting to Loved Ones in Spirit with Psychic Artist and Medium Sandy Ingham

While teaching at Lilydale last weekend, I met Sandy Ingham, a medium and psychic artist from England. We hit it off immediately, and before long we were laughing like little girls as I began speaking to her in an impeccable British accent. While laughing, we talked about Sandy’s work and she showed me photos of her drawings of loved ones in spirit. I was so taken with her special gift that I asked her to join me for the Love Never Dies show.

Join me for what I know will be a wonderful interview with Sandy, who is extremely passionate about using her drawings to offer proof that we don’t die but rather move to a different and better place.

Bio: Psychic and mediumistic abilities have quite simply always been a part of  Sandy’s life. For as long as she can remember she had ‘friends on the other side’ and as she grew and matured, this has become a more and more important aspect of her life.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult path to tread between her early childhood (when she was told she would be carried off to the asylum if she carried on communicating with her‘friends’) and the present day, where she devotes much of her life to trying to reach and help people with her unusual gift wherever possible.

Her work as a medium has been evolving and developing for as long as she can remember. Sandy works through what is known as clairsentience, meaning she doesn’t hear voices. Instead, she receives messages, names, dates, places and pictures as thought forms. She relies on trust, as she gives words to what is put in her head as thought, continually being rewarded with confirmation that the names and the detailed messages she brings through have great meaning to the recipient.

Her work as a psychic artist is relatively new, and only became apparent to her in 2007 as she was approaching her 60th birthday. It was totally unexpected (particularly as she has absolutely no artistic ability) and it is fair to say that she’ discovered’ rather than ‘developed’ a talent for drawing loved ones in spirit.

Being able to demonstrate her gift in front of thousands of people as she tours the world with many wonderful mediums allows her to reach even more people, and to bring some comfort wherever she can. Sandy knows first-hand how cruel grief can be – the crushing loneliness, the heart-breaking reminders of loss when one is least prepared. Through her mediumship and psychic art she rejoices in being able to offer real, tangible proof of ‘life after life’ and give people the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are still there with them, guiding them and giving their love every step of the way.

Thursday 1am/1pmET

Title: Becoming More Receptive to Spirit

Description: If you’ve been listening to Love Never Dies you’ve become to know that love has no barriers—it transcends time, space and alternate dimensions—Just knowing this truth readies you to create your own state of receptivity to loved ones in spirit.

In this week’s show I will give you an overview of the some of my techniques for heightening your receptivity, so you send and receive spirit communications.

Your ability to communicate with spirit is a two-pronged process. First you need to turn your entire being into a receiver that is in tune with the communications that are being sent to you. But a receiver in the full “on” position isn’t enough. All your sensory organs also need to be acutely attuned so that you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel these communications.

In this show, we will jump start your receptivity so that you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel the presence of your loved ones in spirit. Feeling their presence is the first-step to reconnecting, which is the only way to turn off grief and turn on the boundless healing and guidance that your loved ones in spirit are waiting to offer you.


3 Responses to Love Never Dies with Number One International Bestselling Author, Dr. Jamie Turndorf

  1. sharon huff says:

    The Loss of my husband to a tragic accident on our farm,, It will be our anniv. Sept 22nd and I feel lost without him

    • Dreamvisions 7 Radio says:

      Dear Sharon, we will connect you with Dr. Jamie

      With Blessings,

    • Oh Sharon, I totally understand your pain. Tragic accidents are the hardest to handle. Then when holidays and anniversaries come, the pain is worse. Time doesn’t make the pain go away. Reconnecting does. If you’d like me to help you learn how to reconnect with him, please reach out to me at my personal email address:

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