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Love Never Dies with Number One International Bestselling Author, Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Are you afraid your tears of grief will never end?

The only solution for ending the tears is to reconnect and stay connected to your loved ones in spirit, which Dr. Turndorf is devoted to helping you do!

The “Love Never Dies” show is based on Dr. Turndorf’s number one international bestseller, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.

For two-years, the “Love Never Dies” show had been the most listened to hour on the Hay House network, surpassing the programs of today’s top spiritual giants such as Wayne Dyer, James Van Praagh and Carolyn Myss.

“Love Never Dies” combines Dr. Turndorf’s acclaimed conflict-resolution techniques with after death communication to create a one of a kind method that enables you to reconnect and heal any unfinished business with those in spirit.

Tune-in to “Love Never Dies” and discover for yourself why reconnecting and Dialoguing with Your Departed loved ones is the only way to dry your tears and transform your grief to joy! For more information about Dr. Turndorf follow her on Facebook: askdrlove and Twitter: @askdrlove and visit

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Live 1st & 3rd Thursdays 1pmET Next Live Show October 17th

To Call In and Talk on Air: 833-220-1200 Toll Free or 319-527-2638 Direct

Dr. Jamie’s Wisdom This Week

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin Wednesday 1am/1pmET

Think Thin:  How To Outsmart Emotional Eating with Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin

Many people with food, weight or body image issues think they have a problem with sugar or that they’re addicted to carbs. They’re all convinced that food is the problem.  And they’re wrong. Food is not the problem. Food is actually the solution to the problem. Diets don’t work in the long run. The key to sustainable weight loss is to stop dieting and focus on what’s eating “at” you.  Dr. Nina provides strategies to lose weight without counting a single calorie, carb or fat gram.

Bio: Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D., is a psychoanalyst, author, and radio host specializing in food, weight and body image.  Considered a thought leader in the field of eating psychology, she has been featured in Psychology Today, The Los Angeles Times, Prevention, Real Simple, Redbook, Huffington Post, and more. She is a frequent guest expert, appearing on The Dr. Drew Podcast and other shows.  Dr. Nina brings a fresh perspective to weight loss by helping people focus on what’s eating “at” them instead of on what they are eating. She hosts The Dr. Nina Show on LA Talk Radio and is the author of Food For Thought: Perspectives on Eating Disorders and Beyond The Primal Addiction (co-edited with Salman Akhtar). Her newest book, The Binge Cure: 7 Steps To Outsmart Emotional Eating will be released August 2019.

Listen to The Dr. Nina Show on LA Talk Radio

Read my books:  Food For Thought and Beyond The Primal Addiction
Watch my interview series on Focus TV Network

Dr. John J. Duncan Thursday Live 1pmET

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America’s Health Care System is DOA with Dr. John J. Duncan

The American health care system is focused on monetary rewards and not on public health and people.

As a result, there is little to no reimbursement for nutritional counseling to foster good health and reverse obesity and tobacco addiction.

There is little to no reimbursement to avert the number #1 killer of American men & women– heart attacks and expensive surgery. Rather, treatment is often initiated AFTER someone suffers a heart attack.

The US health care system advocates “waiting “ for symptoms all but guaranteeing advanced more difficult to treat and expensive heart disease and cancer, rather than trying to diagnose heart disease and cancer at its earliest point in development and provide preventive treatments designed to stop, slow or reverse life threatening disease BEFORE it’s too late.

Tune-in for an eye-opening conversation on what you can do to not become another casualty of our healthcare system.

John J. Duncan, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO ViaScan
Training: Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology

John J. Duncan holds a Ph.D. in exercise physiology is presently founder and chief executive officer of ViaScan of Las Colinas; one of the nations leading cardiac imaging centers. Dr. Duncan has held an appointment as professor of clinical research at Texas woman’s University, located in didn’t Texas from 1996-2000. Dr. Duncan served as chief of clinical applications at the steam Cooper Institute for aerobics research, Dallas Texas from 1980 to 1995. Dr. Duncan‘s research has focused on the public health implications of exercise with special emphasis on the role of exercise, diet, lifestyle in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases; particularly heart disease. Dr. Duncan has perform fitness valuations and exercise prescriptions for elite, Olympic, and professional athletes, working with the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, and Texas rangers; as well as individual elite athletes.

Dr. Duncan also has experience designing anti-jet leg programs to optimize physical mental performance of elite professional athletes as well as business leaders.  Dr. Duncan was involved with a 1994 US World Cup soccer team responsible for fitness testing in developing of conditioning program stop my athletic performance. Dr. Duncan is published over 30 papers in the scientific and medical later; with his clinical research published in the steam Journal of American medical Association. Dr. Duncan has also served as a reviewer for JAMA. His research has been featured in Ashley in the New York Times, Los Angeles times, USA today, Wall Street Journal, Chicago tribune, and international media.

Dr. Duncan has contributed a magazine articles appearing in readers digest, walking, good housekeeping, runners world, outside, south, Manziel, and prevention. Dr. Duncan is contribute to over 120 media related stories with the media; including, ABC world news, NBC, CNN, CBS, and fox news. Dr. Duncan is personally. On ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and CNN television, and is frequently invited guest and wellness topics for four nationwide Fox radio stations

Dr. Duncan has appeared in fitness video tapes with Miss Linda Lavin and Nolan Ryan. Dr. Duncan was radio house of his own radio show “your health on target quote that I heard from 1990 Ford in 1999. Dr. Duncan was named the Who’s Who an executive, professional, and leading businesses in 2004.

Tune-in to “Love Never Dies” and discover for yourself why reconnecting and Dialoguing with Your Departed loved ones is the only way to dry your tears and transform your grief to joy! For more information about Dr. Turndorf follow her on Facebook: askdrlove and Twitter: @askdrlove and visit

Friday, Sept. 27th-Discover the Source and Solution to What’s Really Missing in Your Life w/Dr. Jamie Turndorf Is something missing in your life? Maybe your work doesn’t bring you joy. Or you can’t get along with those close to you. Or your relationship has lost its spark. Or you’re struggling with a health condition. Or perhaps you’re secretly jealous of others whose lives seem like a storybook tale compared to yours. Millions of people, even those who enjoy worldly success and are surrounded by those who love them, still secretly feel empty. The real source of our global discontent is disconnection from ourselves and others. Come discover Dr. Turndorf’s groundbreaking Energetic System Upgrade, which instantly sparks deep self-love and connection to others. The talk concludes with a demonstration of this amazingly effortless solution to what is lacking in your life. You will be awed and inspired by the powerful mind, body, and spiritual healing transformation that occurs right before your eyes. 7-9PM FREE MUST RSVP! Register


About Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Known to millions as “Dr. Love,” having founded, the web’s first relationship advice site since 1995, Dr. Jamie Turndorf has been seen on numerous TV shows and is the “go to” relationship expert on CNN, CBS, VHI, WebMD and MSNBC where she’s been delighting audiences for three decades with her engaging blend of professional expertise, spicy humor and remarkable ability to turn clinical psychobabble into easy-to-understand concepts that transform lives.

Dr. Turndorf offers live and virtual small group 4-hour Love Never Dies Retreats at her home during which she personally helps each participant to reconnect, dialogue and heal unfinished business with loved ones in spirit.

In addition, Dr. Turndorf also offers her 8-week Love Never Dies Online Course. Her 8 recorded video lessons, bonus audios and recorded group calls, guide students to reconnect, dialogue and heal unfinished business with loved ones in spirit.

Dr. Turndorf also offers a private, members only community called The Love Club in which she helps each member to reconnect, stay connected and heal unfinished business. Space is limited. To apply for a seat visit:

Dr. Turndorf also personally trains and certifies coaches in her Trans-Dimensional Grief Method. If you feel called to help others reconnect and heal unfinished business with loved ones in spirit, click here to apply for a seat in her coach certification class.

For more information about Dr. Turndorf follow her on Facebook: askdrlove and Twitter: @askdrlove and visit

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For more information about Dr. Turndorf visit and follow her on

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