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The Second Genesis Awakening™ with Debara Bruhn Towt

Building America’s Medicine Wheels for Generations to Come…

In all the histories of mankind…in all the Great Moments with Great Nations…there has never been a Moment in Mankind’s History like the last 220 years. Begun as what we call the Industrial Revolution, Advances in the Sciences has Accelerated in Ways mankind has never known. It is a Great Mystery Unfolding Itself upon us. All that has been Revealed to Mankind has lead to this one Moment of Realization…we are now in The Second Genesis Awakening™.

It is a Moment for Mankind to Fully Embrace an Image…of Something Vast and Infinitely Creative…written within us upon Scrolls of Human DNA…waiting Activation. The Potentials of What We Are…and Why We’re Here…are Explored in depth on this one hour show. This is not Imaginings…this is not a Belief…but is at the Heart of Becoming a Human Unlike any other Age of Man has seen. It is an Existence without sickness….without disease…Accessing Intelligence at a Level never known until Now.

Broadcasts Weekly Monday & Tuesday 12am & 12pmET

Debara’s Food Health This Week

Monday & Tuesday 12am/12pmET


Discovering Writing Technique and Tips for Virtual Family Thanksgiving for the Kids including Recipes


Debara welcomes you to join with her as she shares asongversation a tribute to you and the power of music ..The Power of  I AM  A song I AM SO BLESSED  (by singer songwriter Karen Drucker)

In this episode Debara invites you on your own journey of discovering a technique she invites or gives you an assignment…  A tool that works for her which is sharing … A Handwriting journey where you write with your own hand …I am Blessed … I am Healthy, I am Happy as she shares the science behind what handwriting activates and how handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation. … And high-tech magnetic resonance imaging has indeed shown that low-tech writing by hand increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain and shares more about the activity in the parietal cortex, an area of the brain involved in awareness of self … your spiritual connection …   

The second part there is a meditation for you … to release stress.

What’s happening with Adam’t … Why eat only and Grow Organic … Their Journeys. Tips for Virtual Family Thanksgiving for the kids  * Recipes for you Thanksgiving Treat Recipes  ~ All Organic ..experience for yourself with your body.

Dixie Salad 
2-3 Cups pomegranates
2 Cups apples-chopped
3-4 bananas-sliced and diced
1-2 bunches of red grapes

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Let sit in refrigerator while you make cream

Cashew cream 
2 cups cashews
11/4 cups water
Dash of organic sea salt
1/4 -1/3 cup agave nectar
1tsp Vanilla

Put cashew and water in a blender. Mix at high speed until creamy
Add the last 3 ingredients. Blend some more . Fold fruit into cream

Mashed “Potatoes and Creamy Dressing 
Potatoes are boiled at threshold energy 42 Degrees
(Why do we eat this way?) Eating cooked food is eating dead food. That will make you feel heavy and tired. Live food has live energyIt will give you energySimply put. A raw seed will grow, a cooked seed won’t) Cooking ~ Destroys the life force)

Boil your potatoes on the stove for about 3 to 4 minutes that comes to 42 degrees  Threshold energy .. add water if you like …
Blend  (We use a Juicer) at medium speed in a Blender … now it is ready to put in

Debara’s  Divine Dressing
In a blender add 21/2 cup water
juice 2-3 small lemons .. Juiced
Dice up 1/2 Onions
1 to 2 Tbsps. Ginger add flavor Tbsp. mustard
Blend it all up in Blender at high speed
Next with a coffee grinder or grinder
Chop up 3 times 1/4Cup sesame seeds
Put in a bowl
Chop up 3 times 1/4Cup Pumpkin seeds
(we wash all are seeds and let them dry) and keep ready to use
1/4 to 1/2 cup Raw Organic raw organic turbinado sugar

Put them in your water mix and blend them all together ~ medium speed

Organic Raw Pumpkin Pie 
4 yams (medium to small) Peeled
1 cup dates
1/2 cup or more to your taste. Add Raw Organic raw organic turbinado sugar
1tsp Vanilla
1tsp. cinnamon
2tsp. Pumpkin spice
1/4tsp. nutmeg

Cut yams into pieces small enough to fit into your juicer
Run the yams and dates through your juicer with the blank plate on.
Add the rest of your Juicer plate on.
Add the rest of your ingredients. Pour evenly into the crust. Top with fresh shredded coconut and slices strawberries or berries to your taste

Tastes like Pumpkin Pie 
4 cups Carrots
3/4 cups almonds, Soaked 12-48 hours
1/2 cup walnuts, soaked 6 hours
11/2 cup dates
1tsp Cinnamon
1tsp. Ginger
1/4tsp. Cloves

Process Carrots, almonds, walnuts and dates though the juicer blank blade Mix well.  Press firmly into a 9 inch or 10 inch pie plate and refrigerate until firm …  Enjoy 

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Learn more about Debara here:

Debara Bruhn Towt Bio

Hosted by Song Writer/Singer Debara Bruhn Towt, The Second Genesis Awakening™ is Debara’s Vision for Humanity. Her music says Volumes about her own life’s Journey that’s been it’s Own Second Genesis Awakening. Always an Intuitive Counselor with an extraordinary Connection, her music tells a Story of her Life and it’s many Passages into Consciousness that has become a Walking in many Worlds. Her Presence is Her Medicine…her Words Bringing Comfort and Hope. Her Music can be Transporting, Connecting a person to Realms Within that have been Unexplored. Debara’s Lifestyle is in itself…a Second Genesis Birth and Resurrection into Life. Living for over two decades from only a plant based diet and lifestyle, she has found a Way of Being that is easily Integrated into any busy life and lifestyle that Delivers a person into a New Reality filled with Possibilities in every Moment. In partnership with her Mate and Best Friend, Adam’t Gardener, they have created a website called and have made available two books that detail this incredible, Second Genesis Awakening Age and it’s many Possibilities available right here…right now…to anyone willing to Engage the Universe on It’s Own Terms.Debara’s Music ~ Blogs & featured guest can be seen  ~ The Human Accelerator™ channel is dedicated to bringing forward an Ancient and Timeless Truth. It is a Truth Whose Time Has Come. Explore what it means to BE HUMAN in an Age Unlike any before…a Second Genesis Awakening Age.

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