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Y.E.S. – Your Empowered Self Radio with Torin Lee

Y.E.S. (Your Empowered Self)™ – our mission is to inspire each person to find the strength, confidence and power they need to follow their dreams; find their balance; release negative behaviors; and define their unique gifts. Through spirit-centered dialogue, we provide our listeners the tools and techniques to help them become their best selves and live a purpose-driven and joy-filled life.

A body-mind-spirit conversation with spiritual thought leaders and holistic practitioners to help you lead an empowered life ~

New Show!

Broadcasts Weekly Monday 10am & 10pmET

Torin’s Inspiration This Week

Torin Lee

Monday 10am/10pmET

Episode 2: All about Abundance…Torin Lee, Change Management & Communications Consultant & Coach

Guest: Vivian S. De Guzman is a international best selling author, speaker, and founder of Transformational Wellness Academy and known as Human MRI. She is a fast transformational catalyst, licensed physical therapist and medical intuitive. She’s been an entrepreneur since the age of 21, starting and selling two businesses while working full-time as a physical therapist while being a mother to four children. In Dec. 2013 she stepped into her soul purpose and mission of transforming people’s lives and making them a money magnet by “seeing” their obstacles in the past, present and future. Vivian uses energy clearing to help individual clients, CEOs and companies improve their lives by clearing invisible negative energies so that money and relationship flow easily and effortlessly in your life and business. Learn more here:

Check out co-host Catherine Haugh spiritually inspired jewelry   at:



Torin LeeAbout Torin Lee

Torin Lee, Change Management & Communications Consultant & Coach

Torin has over 20 years of corporate communications, change management and coaching experience across many industries: high-tech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, energy, not-for-profit and state/federal government. She understands the nuances in creating meaningful and effective communications. Ms. Lee strongly believes that quality communications begins with research and a willingness to have a dialogue with your stakeholders to create a shared understanding.

Ms. Lee’s professional experience includes consulting for several Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies; most recently with ISG, Enterprise, Pfizer Inc. and CIGNA. Her expertise comprises formulating organizational communications strategies – including media relations, crisis communications, analyst relations, product launch support, developing customer relation programs, executive coaching, training, event planning and change management.

She is a Energy Healer (Reiki Master) and provides spiritual guidance to those she serves.

In her leisure time, Torin enjoys teaching (Retreats in the Bahamas), travel, reading, hiking (most recently a trek through Nepal), Sailing, photography, volunteering and spending time with her partner, friends, family and soon-to-be friends.

Torin also currently serves as an Associate Editor for Radiance Magazine. Learn more about her at:

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