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Wednesday 10am & 10pmET

Retreat to Peace with Catherine Daniels

Helping the World Heal

Catherine Daniels had a calling to create a safe healing space for all people around the world to come to, inspiring hope and providing tools to navigate the challenging waters while healing the trauma of what the world is experiencing. This healing space is generated from people around the world, who have relatable life experiences and words of wisdom to share, reminding people everywhere that they are never alone. Many times, people see a cardinal, a butterfly or a feather on the ground that reassures them that they have been visited by someone who has passed. But what if you could share your message to the world now? In each podcast episode Catherine asks her guest, “If I found your earth angel feather on the ground what would your message to the world be?”. The results are moving, astounding, and life changing.

New Show!

Broadcasts Weekly Wednesday 10am & 10pmET

Catherine’s Healing This Week

Retreat to Peace

Wednesday 10am & 10pmET

BE BRAVE to Change to Live a Life Created by You, for You *

BONUS track: How my HORSE Experience Changed my Life through COVID

Today Brooke Collins joins us to talk about how to be brave to change your life. At a early age she lost her sister to childhood cancer, has been through an abusive marriage and recovered from addiction. She now coaches people to change their lives with bravery. You will not want to miss this incredible story she shares and how our thoughts can shape who we become. 

Bonus track:
Anne Axell joins us from Hungry to share how she has lived in separate countries from her family during the pandemic and how she has taken her circumstances to create a new business. This light hearted message is one that will leave you smiling. 

Learn more about Catherine here:


Introducing Catherine Daniels

I / We specialize in helping self-help seekers to have peace and live with abundance and joy.

If you really hope to peacehealing from inner turmoil, and to live authentically then I / we can definitely help you.

I / We are the best at healing, self-care, combat depression and my / our accomplishments include:


  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Soul Coach

Work History:

  • Radio Host of Retreat to Peace on
  • Business Transformational Coach
  • Trauma Healing Coach

Awards, Titles, and Designations:

  • Founder of Retreat to Peace
  • Best Selling Author of numerous books including Center Peace
  • National Women’s Book Association

Other Info:

  • Coaching people for over 30 years
  • Has overcome adversity in many forms. Transformed her life over and over to create dynamic success.

When you want to have peace and live with abundance and joy, you need the true experts in healing, self-care, combat depression.

I / we have everything it takes to help you peacehealing from inner turmoil, and to live authentically

Catherine Daniels Retreat to PeaceBIO: Catherine Daniels grew up with an unconventional childhood with her first memory being locked in a closet at three years old and the closet shelf collapsing on top of her head. She quickly learns that living with her grandparents after her parent’s divorce, would be one that she was to be “seen and not heard”. She spent most of her childhood playing in the woods to avoid “getting into trouble” as she plays with the toys mother nature provides, rocks and sticks. She was not allowed to watch much tv, have toys to play with, living in a borrowed life that consisted of using the house as a place to use the bathroom or eat meals. The temporary months quickly turned into years. As she grows up, people are intrigued with her fortitude and ability to live gracefully with compassion and peace. It is much later she realizes how in tune she is with nature and her ability to self heal turning inward to heal her traumas. Most people do not realize their own unique ability to heal themselves or how to tap into this ability, as they have been congested with information from society, their upbringings, consumerism, materialism, etc.  Catherine now brings us through healing of the pain through her podcast platform Retreat to Peace, as she also coaches people internationally helping them to see their true selves by tapping into their inner spiritual roadmap that all human beings innately have instead of running from it. Catherine is also an author, a speaker, business and soul coach.


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