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What’s In Your Way IS The Way Archives with Mary O’Malley

Becoming Smart with Pain

07-15-21 Becoming Smart with Pain We all experience pain, not only in our bodies but with our feelings and the struggles in our head.  Join Mary in exploring Stephen Levine’s approach to working with pain, an approach that brings softening where there is tension,...

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A Treasure Hunt

07-01-21 A Treasure Hunt Join Mary in an insightful and delightful tale that shows you how to become smarter than struggle so you can know the joy of being fully alive! Learn more about Mary here:

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A Breath of Joy

06-17-21 A Breath of Joy We live a second-hand life, not even aware we trade our thoughts about life for the real thing. Join Mary in exploring a powerful breath that can clear the clouds in your mind so you can again be present for your life. Learn more about Mary...

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Your Dear Friend, Pain

06-03-21 Your Dear Friend, Pain Is it crazy to say pain is your friend? No!  Pain, if you discover how to be with it rather than turning away from it, will become a guide into the peace and joy you long for.  Join Mary in discovering how to turn all kinds of pain from...

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You Can Contribute Too

05-20-21 You Can Contribute Too In this wild and crazy time where it looks like things are breaking down, you can become a part of the breakthrough that is coming out of this challenging time. Join Mary in exploring how, in your daily life, you can become a part of...

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The Gifts of Illness

05-06-21 The Gifts of Illness The gifts of illness? “You’ve got to be kidding me,” your mind may be saying. But the truth is the challenges life brings us, including illness, are always filled with gifts. Join Mary in a treasure hunt for all of the amazing and...

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Keeping Company with Yourself

04-22-21 Keeping Company with Yourself We have been thoroughly trained to leave ourselves when we most need ourselves.  Whether we are experiencing pain in our body, difficult emotions or an upset mind, we have been conditioned to tighten and resist, leaving what we...

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Our Pilgrimage to Truth

04-08-21 Our Pilgrimage to Truth We have been on a long, long journey away from the truth that is available when we are fully grounded and open in life. Join Mary in exploring what truth really is and the steps to reconnect with what we most deeply long for – an...

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Your Amazing, Wonderful Healing Heart

03-25-21 Your Amazing, Wonderful Healing Heart Your heart is the key to the deep and lasting healing you long for.  Join Mary in becoming astounded at the intelligence of your heart and how to work with it in ways that brings healing to yourself, your loved ones, the...

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Being Healed By Your Compulsions

03-11-21 Being Healed By Your Compulsions We are all compulsive to some degree. We turn to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, work, sex, the Internet, busyness, self-judgment, and chronic worry in order to numb out our pain, sadness, grief and shame. And when we try to...

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Truly Making a Difference

02-11-21 Truly Making a Difference Can you make a difference in this chaotic and challenging time?  Absolutely yes and, as Gandhi once said, “In a gentle way you can shake the world.”  Join Mary in exploring how you can make a difference in your own life, in the lives...

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Listening: The Key to Great Communication

01-28-21 Listening: The Key to Great Communication One of the most powerful gifts you can give to anyone, especially during this very unsettling time, is to simply listen to them – to really listen.  But we are not so skilled at this. We love to fix, interject, and...

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The Gift Giver called Covid

01-14-21 The Gift Giver called Covid We have all been through an intense time and have a tendency to see 2020 as a ‘bad’ year.  But great gifts are embedded in every great challenge we experience. Join Mary in gathering these gifts so that our time with this pandemic...

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Making Peace with All of You

12-31-20 Making Peace with All of You We live almost exclusively in our minds – thinking our way through life.  It is fascinating to slow down enough to actually watch how much your mind is constantly jockeying for position, trying to get to the so-called good stuff...

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Your Heart will Lead You Home

12-17-20 Your Heart will Lead You Home We all experience difficult times in our lives, especially this year. What would happen if you knew that your challenges come embedded with deep and lasting gifts? Join Mary in exploring how you can access some of the core gifts...

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The Healing of a Difficult Diagnosis

12-03-20 The Healing of a Difficult Diagnosis All of us, at different times of our lives, will receive a difficult diagnosis. Join Mary in exploring all of the gifts that have come and continue to come around her diagnosis so you too can be present for yourself in the...

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Turning Upsets into Ease

11-19-20 Turning Upsets into Ease We all have challenges in our lives and we have been conditioned to either react, resist, blame or shut down.  Join Mary in exploring how to use the upsets in your life to bring more awareness and heart into your life so that you can...

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The Doorway Into Bliss

11-05-20 The Doorway Into Bliss What would happen if you understood that your natural state is bliss? Yes bliss! But most of us, most of the time, are far away from its nourishing essence. It is possible to reconnect with bliss, knowing again a full, intimate and...

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Finding Certainty in an Uncertain Time

07-30-20 Finding Certainty in an Uncertain Time Is the uncertainty of this time unsettling you? States are rolling back their openings; businesses, which were open are now being closed again; the up rise in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are scary.  In this time...

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