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What’s In Your Way IS The Way Archives with Mary O’Malley

Relax, All is Well

11-30-23 Relax, All is Well Mary takes you on a journey through her books and how to have the writing process be easy and joyful. Woven throughout the conversation is how to let go to life so that you can know the joy of being creatively alive. Learn more about Mary...

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Beyond War

10-19-23 Beyond War The images coming out of Israel and Gaza are heart-wrenching.  Even though you may feel there is nothing you can do, there is!  Join Mary in exploring how you can use this war to heal yourself and the world. Learn more about Mary here:...

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A Vision of Possibility

06-22-23 A Vision of Possibility Come on a journey with Mary where you will see that even with all of the chaos we are experiencing at this time in history, it is a breakthrough time rather than a breakdown time. As you discover how to trust the myriad challenges, we...

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Strengthening the Muscle of Attention

06-08-23 Strengthening the Muscle of Attention One of the most powerful tools we have to free ourselves up from the struggles in our mind is the art of giving your attention to whatever is happening. Because the muscle of our attention is weak, join Mary in exploring...

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Rebuilding Trust in the Flow of Life part 2

05-25-23 Rebuilding Trust in the Flow of Life part 2 As we reconnect with the joy of being fully here for life, there are specific skills that allow us to reweave the thread of trust. Join Mary in exploring more skills that will allow you to take deeper breaths, smile...

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Rebuilding Trust in the Flow of Life Part I

05-11-23 Rebuilding Trust in the Flow of Life Part I In all of our longings, our deepest and most hidden one is to open again to the flow of life, trusting and working with whatever life gives us. Join Mary in exploring skills that allow you to again know the joy of...

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The Art of Letting Go

 04-27-23 The Art of Letting Go With everything, you long for – more money, a healthier body, a soul mate, what you really long for is to have an alive, nourishing, joy-filled connection with your life exactly as it is. Join Mary in exploring how to brail your way...

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The Fertility of the Dark Part 2

04-13-23 The Fertility of the Dark Part 2 Turning toward rather than away from our pain is where lasting healing happens.  Join Mary in exploring the skills of acknowledging and befriending all that you have resisted so you can gather the gifts that are always...

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The Fertility of the Dark- Part 1

03-30-23 The Fertility of the Dark- Part 1 All of us experience pain as we move along the path of life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Join Mary in creating a new relationship with whatever pain you are experiencing so you can gather all the gifts that...

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Freedom from Self-Judgment

03-16-23 Freedom from Self-Judgment One of the most debilitating things any human being can experience is to be at the mercy of the voices inside of them that judge who they are and how they are doing. Join Mary in exploring some practical ways to unhook from these...

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Disarming the Judger

03-02-23 Disarming the Judger We all have a breathtaking ability to judge and even be cruel to ourselves. Often our self-judgments are very subtle but they can expand into heart-wrenching ways we talk about ourselves. Join Mary in discovering how to unhook from these...

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Meeting Our Fears

02-16-23 Meeting Our Fears Whether you can see it or not, fear is a primary part of our struggling minds. It can go all the way from mild unease to full blown terror. Join Mary in exploring how to relate to fear rather than from it so it no longer controls your life....

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Cultivating Freedom

02-02-23 Cultivating Freedom Join Mary in exploring a first aid kit for life. These skills can open you when closed, calm you when agitated and lighten you when everything is dark so you can live in peace. Learn more about Mary here:

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The Magic of Inclusion

01-19-23 The Magic of Inclusion We all have inherited the kind of mind that tries to get rid of the uncomfortable and get to what it considers the good stuff, feeling this will bring us the healing we long for. Has that ever brought you lasting peace? If you are...

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Meditation Simplified

01-05-23 Meditation Simplified We got sold a bill of goods when we were young – that we need to be better or different than what we are to know peace and joy. Join Mary in discovering the magic of relating to what you are experiencing rather than from it so that...

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The Art of Moving Beyond Struggling with Life

12-22-22 The Art of Moving Beyond Struggling with Life If you could step back and hear what your mind talks about all day you would see its main flavor is struggle. It likes this but not that. It thinks this is good and that is bad; this is right and that is wrong....

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The Power of Attention

12-08-22 The Power of Attention One of the most powerful skills we have in healing the unhealed inside of us is the phenomenal power of our own focused attention. Join Mary in exploring how to wake up your ability to see and be with what is so that the struggling...

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Our Addiction to Struggle

11-24-22 Our Addiction to Struggle If you could watch your mind on a movie screen, you would see that it struggles a lot with everything! Join Mary in the first part of our journey into discovering how to use your mind for the wonderful tool it is instead of being...

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The Wonderful Friend Called Breath

11-10-22 The Wonderful Friend Called Breath One of the most powerful transformative gifts you can give to yourself is to befriend your breath. Join Mary in coming home to your breath so your mind can become quiet and your heart open, reminding you of the magic of each...

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Coming to Our Senses

10-27-22 Coming to Our Senses Remember the joy of smelling new mown grass, or tasting a new and delicious taste, or feeling the tender touch of a beloved? Join Mary in reconnecting with the joy of your senses so that they can wake you up out of the dream of struggle,...

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