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What’s In Your Way IS The Way Archives with Mary O’Malley

Cultivating Freedom

02-02-23 Cultivating Freedom Join Mary in exploring a first aid kit for life. These skills can open you when closed, calm you when agitated and lighten you when everything is dark so you can live in peace. Learn more about Mary here:

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The Magic of Inclusion

01-19-23 The Magic of Inclusion We all have inherited the kind of mind that tries to get rid of the uncomfortable and get to what it considers the good stuff, feeling this will bring us the healing we long for. Has that ever brought you lasting peace? If you are...

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Meditation Simplified

01-05-23 Meditation Simplified We got sold a bill of goods when we were young – that we need to be better or different than what we are to know peace and joy. Join Mary in discovering the magic of relating to what you are experiencing rather than from it so that...

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The Art of Moving Beyond Struggling with Life

12-22-22 The Art of Moving Beyond Struggling with Life If you could step back and hear what your mind talks about all day you would see its main flavor is struggle. It likes this but not that. It thinks this is good and that is bad; this is right and that is wrong....

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The Power of Attention

12-08-22 The Power of Attention One of the most powerful skills we have in healing the unhealed inside of us is the phenomenal power of our own focused attention. Join Mary in exploring how to wake up your ability to see and be with what is so that the struggling...

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Our Addiction to Struggle

11-24-22 Our Addiction to Struggle If you could watch your mind on a movie screen, you would see that it struggles a lot with everything! Join Mary in the first part of our journey into discovering how to use your mind for the wonderful tool it is instead of being...

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The Wonderful Friend Called Breath

11-10-22 The Wonderful Friend Called Breath One of the most powerful transformative gifts you can give to yourself is to befriend your breath. Join Mary in coming home to your breath so your mind can become quiet and your heart open, reminding you of the magic of each...

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Coming to Our Senses

10-27-22 Coming to Our Senses Remember the joy of smelling new mown grass, or tasting a new and delicious taste, or feeling the tender touch of a beloved? Join Mary in reconnecting with the joy of your senses so that they can wake you up out of the dream of struggle,...

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Reconnecting with Life

10-13-22 Reconnecting with Life Most of us live in a conversation about life rather than being present for the living experience. Join Mary in exploring how we got so far away and how to close the gap so we can know more and more moments where we feel fully and...

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The Extraordinary Ordinary

09-29-22 The Extraordinary Ordinary One of our deepest longings is to know the joy of being fully alive and yet most of us are on a hunt for this elusive gift, thinking it is off somewhere in the future when we get it all together. True joy is always right here, no...

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Those Challenging Choices

07-07-22 Those Challenging Choices On a daily basis life offers us all sorts of choices, some little and some big. And sometimes we can stand on the knife’s edge of indecision, not sure of which way to go. Join Mary in exploring how to see more clearly your way when...

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06-09-22 Surrender…Really? The message we hear from the heart of most religions is surrender. But our mind says, “Surrender? You’ve got to be kidding.’ To our minds it means defeat. But it is so different than that.  Join Mary in exploring what surrender really is and...

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Our Journey Home  

05-26-22 Our Journey Home   Join Mary in a wonderful allegory that will quiet your mind, open your heart and bring delight into your life.  It will help you to see your life from a perspective that is filled with compassion and trust so you can navigate all of the...

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Inner Wars = Outer Wars 

04-14-22 Inner Wars = Outer Wars  We have used war to try to solve our problems since the beginning of time. And yet, all war does is bring heartache, perpetuating the cycle of violence and domination that brings so much devastation in its wake. Join Mary in exploring...

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We Need You!

03-31-22 We Need You! With all the challenges we are facing right now on our planet, you can, at times, feel helpless. Join Mary in exploring ways you can make a difference with all the chaos without even leaving your home. Learn more about Mary here:...

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Can War heal Us?

03-17-22 Can War heal Us? Is it possible to respond to the war in Ukraine in a way that can take us another step beyond war?  Join Mary in exploring a new perspective on this war, one that can unite us rather than destroy us, taking humanity another step beyond having...

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The Great Healer 

03-03-22 The Great Healer  We all get bumps and bruises as we travel through life. Some are as minor as a stubbed toe and others are as great as the loss of a loved one. Join Mary in exploring how your heart can soothe what is stinging, lighten what is heavy and bring...

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The Third Key to a Joy Filled Life

12-02-21 The Third Key to a Joy Filled Life Today we will be exploring the third statement, ‘Without changing anything, bring tenderness to what is here.’ Join Mary in exploring how all true lasting healing happens in our hearts and there is not one thing you have...

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The Second Key to a Joy Filled Life

11-18-21 The Second Key to a Joy Filled Life In this show we explore the second statement of the three statements, which bring a life filled with joy – ‘Without changing anything, allow what is here to be here.’ It reminds you to let go of struggling with life and...

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The First Key to a Joyful Life

11-04-21 The First Key to a Joyful Life There are 3 keys for reawakening to the joy that is always with you. They are contained within the three statements we touched on in the last show called Freedom! In this show we will discover the absolute magic of the first...

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