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What’s In Your Way IS The Way Archives with Mary O’Malley

Healing and Being Healed by Our Compulsions

01-02-20  Healing and Being Healed by Our Compulsions It is that time of year again when we try to wrestle our compulsions to the ground.  Have you noticed that this usually doesn’t work?  Or, if you can get one compulsion under control, another one pops up and takes...

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Our Deepest Longing, Our Deepest Truth

12-19-19 Our Deepest Longing, Our Deepest Truth We oftentimes find ourselves longing for our life to be different than what it is – more peace, a soulmate, a fitter body, better health, more money. Underneath all of that wanting, is a longing to reconnect with who we...

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A Heartfelt Vision for Our Future

12-05-19 A Heartfelt Vision for Our Future With all the chaos, heartache, violence and divisiveness happening on our planet, it is possible to be excited about what is unfolding! Join Mary in exploring a vision for our future, which is both inspiring and uplifting....

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Can Loss Heal You?

11-21-19 Can Loss Heal You? Everyone has experienced loss in this world where everything is constantly changing, never staying the same. Join Mary in getting to know loss in a way that will bring deep healing and trust in the middle of all of this change. Learn more...

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A Potent Healer that is Always with You

11-07-19 A Potent Healer that is Always with You You can energize yourself when you are tired, calm yourself when you are agitated, open yourself when you are closed, and heal yourself when you are sick – simply through your breath!  Join Mary in learning new and...

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One Powerful Message

10-24-19 One Powerful Message Rumi is one of the most well-known poets in the world, and The Guest House is one of his most renown poems. Join Mary in exploring one of the most important skills in awakening, the art of being with whatever life brings – even the...

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Becoming Your Own Best Friend

09-25-19 Becoming Your Own Best Friend Whitney Houston sings in The Greatest Love of all – “Learning to love ourselves is the greatest love of all.”  And yet we are not skilled in being kind to ourselves.  In fact, it is oftentimes easier to love other people than...

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An Inspiring View

08-29-19 An Inspiring View With everything you long for – better health, more money, a different body, and/or a loving partner, there is something even deeper that is calling to you. Come join Mary in exploring how to rediscover the kind of connection with life that...

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Living IN Your Body

08-15-19 Living IN Your Body Most of us don’t live IN our bodies.  Instead, we live in our heads.  This cuts us off from all of the wisdom, intelligence, heart and joy that is accessible when you rediscover your body for the dear friend it is.  Join Mary in exploring...

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The Deliciousness with Spaciousness

08-01-19 The Deliciousness with Spaciousness Remember the last time you fell in love…with a partner, a puppy or a baby?  Even the memory allows you some access to your natural spaciousness, the place where everything is okay, even if it isn’t.  Come join Mary in...

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07-18-19 Possibility!  In this time of divisiveness and fear, join Mary in exploring the healing that is arising out of this chaotic time.  It is not likable but it is trustable! We will also explore how you can make a difference inside of you and in your daily life...

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The Sanctuary of Listening

07-04-19 The Sanctuary of Listening We are so busy doing life that we have forgotten how to listen – really listen.  Join Mary in exploring how listening can open you to the wonder of life, heal your relationship and dissolve the struggles inside of you.

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Pain can Transform your Life

03-07-19 Pain can Transform your Life Sometimes life really hurts! What do we do with our hurts?  We resist, deny and try to get rid of them.  But what if pain was a doorway into what you most deeply long for…a peace and ease which is your birthright?  Join Mary in...

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Treasuring Life

02-21-19  Treasuring Life Life seems to move so fast that most of the time we actually miss it! We find ourselves thinking about life rather than being present for its creative flow.  Join Mary is exploring how to open to the preciousness of this moment and how to...

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The Joy of No Control!

02-07-19 The Joy of No Control! We are so busy trying to do life, trying to make it be what we want it to be, that we miss Life!  Join Mary in exploring the safety of letting go oF trying to control life – even just a bit- so you can know the joy of being here for...

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The Most Important Person in the World

01-16-19  The Most Important Person in the World What comes to mind when you hear these words? Who could that possibly be? It is you! Watch what your mind did with that statement. We are conditioned to believe that we don't deserve to be important. Join Mary in...

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A New Way A New Year

01-03-19 A New Way A New Year We love making resolutions even though 99% of them don't work in the long run. Join Mary in exploring a new way of being with life, a way that will open you beyond trying to get what you want into discovering that everything you need has...

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Deep Peace

12-20-18 Deep Peace No matter where you are and no matter what is happening in your life, there is a field of deep peace within you that is always there.  Join Mary in exploring how to connect with the wisdom and support of this field of peace so you can know again...

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The Amazing Power of Kindness

12-06-18  The Amazing Power of Kindness It looks like we are living in a time where everything is breaking down but a simple shift of perspective can show us that it is also a breakthrough time. Join Mary in exploring the awakening of the human heart in this time of...

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Pain Doesn’t Have to be So Painful

11-22-18  Pain Doesn’t Have to be So Painful Sometimes life can be painful and sometimes it hurts a lot!  We have a tendency to resist anything that is uncomfortable which, in the long run, actually amplifies our pain.  Join Mary in exploring a new way to be with the...

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