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Monday 5am & 5pmET

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Look for the Good with Mindset Coach Carrie Rowan

Fresh ways to manage your mindset and feel better fast

Ever notice how your brain automatically focuses on what is wrong in your life? Tune into this lively discussion to find out how to shift your mind as Carrie shares stories and nuggets of wisdom from her Best-Selling book, Tell a New Story.

Fueled by Carrie’s contagious enthusiasm and deep insights into how the negative stories we tell ourselves and others hold us back, you will be compelled to start to pay attention to your own stories that no longer serve you.

Enlivening guests share personal stories on how they changed their narrative to focus on the good, and how it catapulted them into greatness.

Each episode reveals gems of wisdom to show you how to turn your thinking and your story around to focus on what is working in your life, so you can feel better fast and start to move towards the life you always dreamed of!

Broadcasts Weekly Monday 5am & 5pmET

Carrie’s Gems of Wisdom This Week

Look for the Good with Carrie Rowan

Monday 5am & 5pmET

“Beshert” a Yiddish word that means Destiny with Judy Ben-Asher

This week on Look for the Good, I have on special guest Judy Ben-Asher and we are exploring the concept of “beshert”,  a Yiddish word that means destiny, in other words something is meant to be.  I talk about how sometimes those moments in life that knock us to our knees can be the very ones we look back on and feel grateful for.  However, when we are in the middle of our worst story, we don’t necessarily think this way, but when we have time to step back and look at the big picture of what that moment caused us to become, we can see that those can be huge moments of transformation. I like to call them our Turnaround Story because it is usually our messiest story that ends up being the one that changes our life for the better. 

Tune in to hear Judy’s unbelievable story and her total body “hell yes” on this thought provoking episode when Judy explains what it means to be a DNA Identity Integration Expert and how her own messy story sparked a desire to help others who find themselves in the same situation she unwittingly did. 

Judy Ben-AsherJudy Ben-Asher Bio:

Founder of TruthSeekerWellness, DNA Identity Integration Experts and Master Manifestation and Transformational Coach. Judy is certified in Integrative Nutrition, NLP, 5-Element Theory, and Feng Shui. She also spent 25 years in film and television as an actor, voice over artist, director and writer producer.


Learn More about Carrie here:

Carrie Rowan Host Look for the GoodAbout Carrie Rowan

CARRIE ROWAN is an Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter and Best Selling Author, Speaker and Voice Over Artist. Her voice has appeared in numerous radio spots on the Boston airwaves as well as public service announcements. She also starred in a PBS Nova Special and performed on countless stages across New England. She has written and recorded 4 highly acclaimed CDs garnering many accolades including an award from Creative Children’s Magazine for her CD Let it Shine, Children’s music that rocks. She is also a Certified Wellness Coach, Energy Healer and Meditation teacher. Carrie has appeared on CBS, CTV News, NECN Coffeehouse Series, OM Times Radio, Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, WATD, WTAG, and more.  Her captivating articles have been featured in Spirit of Change Magazine, Physicians Practice, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Star Tribune to name a few. She has also been interviewed on numerous radio shows and podcasts throughout the country, and her ethereal voice and music spans radio stations across the globe!  Hear her music on Pandora, iTunes radio and Spotify.

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