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One United Roar with Linda Tucker

One United Roar for Lions and Nature is a call to arms. It invites all of humanity to stand up, stand together and stand strong in support of Lions – and all of nature. After all, who will speak for the lions if not us? Why lions? Because lions are the capstone animal in their ecosystem, and science tells us that if the Capstone animal disappears, the entire ecology will collapse. This is the ecology that supports all of humanity and all of life. White Lions, specifically, are the apex, and there are fewer than a dozen of them living in their endemic habitat. We are that close to the precipice. How to turn back? By following the keys provided by the lions themselves, the 12 Laws of LionHearted Leadership which Linda Tucker unpacks in her shows with humour, joy and a deep celebration of Sacred Warriorship and the Divinity of Life.

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Bi Weekly Tuesday 8am/8pmET, Every Saturday 4amET


  Saturday 4amET 7/20

Developments made in South African Parliament and Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet

 Linda Tucker is joined by Animal Communicator and Energy Healer, Joan Ranquet, located in Santa Clarita, CA, her VA (virtual assistant) Kat Koch from Ireland, and PA (personal assistant) Marissa Morley from Los Angeles, CA.

Linda shares her delighted success after a 2-Day Parliamentary Inquiry- after intensive Parliamentary presentation in Cape Town 5,6 Feb 2019. The results announce that the long-standing policy agreements in the region (UNESCO Kruger to Canyons Biosphere) based on lion trophy hunting policies are now formally under review and open to public hearings.

Kat shares her amazing voice, singing the song, “Feeling Good”, made famous by Nina Simone. Linda discusses her upcoming trip to the states to see dolphins passing through in Seattle with Joan, as well as, Joan’s trip with guests to White Lion Territories!

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White Lion Territories, Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, South Africa; September 2019:

Trafalgar Square’s festive 5th Lion was designed to playfully ask humans to make sure lions are fed. It was a shock for famous set designer, Es Devlin, and the London Design Festival team to learn that Panthera leo today is in crisis. It has recently been revealed that not only are our lions starving in captive breeding centres, these iconic and dearly beloved animals are now being bred for human consumption in a notorious fast-growing cross-border “lion bone” industry.

1,500 lions starved to death for their skeletons to be processed into bones for consumptive use in Asian markets – that’s the “quota” of lions authorised last month by South Africa’s Dept. of Environmental Affairs to be slaughtered in cross-border trade to Far Eastern Markets. One has to ask: is this what CITES (Convention for the International Trade) envisaged when the international regulatory body legalised the captive breeding-for-killing industry during its most recent convention hosted by South Africa in 2016? Learn more:



Linda Dee Portrait 3 for Her Page
BIO: After being rescued by a Tsonga medicine woman from a life-threatening encounter with a pride of lions in 1991, Linda Tucker relinquished an international fashion and marketing career to become a conservationist. Since then, she has dedicated her life to the urgent protection of the critically endangered White Lions, regarded as sacred icons by African elders: “The King of Kings”.

In 2002, Linda founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust to ensure the survival of the White Lions as a living heritage. She successfully secured vast protected heritage lands for them in the unique ecosystem which is their endemic habitat – the United Nations-designated Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.

For twenty years, Linda has promoted a LionHearted Leadership™ model for sustainable living with mutual benefits for Lions, Land and People.

Her initiatives include the StarLion Program, a global eco-educational program for emerging talent in youth leadership, and the White Lion Leadership Academy founded in 2012 and based on heart-centred knowledge which enables adult leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change.
2016 sees the emergence of the Linda Tucker Foundation, which continues to teach LionHearted Leadership™ strategies in ecosystems and human systems for protecting our earth.

Campaigns are ongoing for the protection of lions from the notorious “Blood Lions” industry, which is speed-breeding lions in cages to be killed (a gross malpractice known as “Canned Lion Hunting”). She is regularly invited as special guest speaker at international congresses, public events, and TV interviews; she has presented at the South African Parliament and British Parliament, and has been honored with the Woman of Impact Award and Citation by the Governor of Maryland, USA.

Educated in Cambridge University (UK) and initiated by indigenous African lion shamans, Linda holds the honorary shamanic title in the great African tradition: Keeper of the White Lions. Her life has been well documented by, amongst others, Forbes Magazine 2013 , National Geographic, Reuters, CBS, Animal Planet and NHK Japan – and is currently the subject of a full length Hollywood movie script.

Linda Tucker lives in the heart of the White Lion Protected Area with her partner, lion ecologist Jason A. Turner, their dedicated team, and the magnificent prides they have rescued and successfully rewilded in a ground-breaking scientific reintroduction project.
Linda Tucker is author of Mystery of the White Lions (2001), Saving the White Lions (2013) and 12 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ (2016).

Mysteryof White Lionssaving_the_white_lions

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