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Love Never Dies Archives with Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Falling in Love with Life by Understanding Death

01-03-19 Falling in Love with Life by Understanding Death Did you know that when you embrace life and lose fear of death you will better accomplish everything you came here to do. Join me for a discussion with one of the world's top mediums, Susanne Wilson, the...

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How to Enlist the Aid of Spirit to Clear Any Blockage

12-06-18 How to Enlist the Aid of Spirit to Clear Any Blockage Whether your blocks are physical, emotional or spiritual, did you know that your dis-ease is a symptom of dis-connection. And reconnecting with your loved ones in spirit is a direct way to clear your...

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Radical Emotional Nudity

11-15-18  Radical Emotional Nudity Radical Emotional Nudity is a term I’ve coined in the last month. It describes my own experiment with risky myself to be...

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All The Ways to Dialogue with Loved Ones on the Other Side

11-01-18  All The Ways to Dialogue with Loved Ones on the Other Side Your loved ones in spirit are constantly trying to communicate with you, sending an endless trail of spiritual breadcrumbs. In this week’s show, I’ll be sharing details on all the ways that you and...

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Becoming More Receptive to Spirit

10-18-18  Becoming More Receptive to Spirit If you’ve been listening to Love Never Dies you’ve become to know that love has no barriers—it transcends time, space and alternate dimensions—Just knowing this truth readies you to create your own state of receptivity to...

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Awake! Be Your Own Messiah…

09-06-18 Awake! Be Your Own Messiah... Join Dr. Turndorf with her guest Kip Baldwin as they discuss the secret to what it means to shift one's consciousness to the...

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LOVE the Suicide Solution

06-21-18 LOVE the Suicide Solution Join me for a discussion with Kip Baldwin of S.O.U.L as we look deep into the causes of suicide. Kip believes that beyond the...

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Living & Leading with Congruency

06-07-18 Living & Leading with Congruency How often do you do something out of obligation, because you think you should? How often do you say yes, when in your...

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How Reconnecting Heals You

03-01-18 How Reconnecting Heals You If you think about the language people use to describe physical death you’ll hear things like he’s moved into the light or he’s...

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