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Awakening to True Happiness with David Hoffmeister

If you are interested in the fast track to spiritual enlightenment and true happiness, look no further. Awakening to True Happiness with mystic David Hoffmeister is a profound opportunity to listen to one who speaks from the Awakened Mind, and receive answers to your deepest questions. Featuring segments of David’s inspiring talks from around the world, this show will give you practical insight into what it actually takes to experience inner peace now! Based on the contemporary spiritual masterpiece known as A Course in Miracles, David’s talks are rich with parables from his own experience that bring the Course to life. Open your heart and expand your mind as you begin the journey of awakening to true happiness with mystic David Hoffmeister!

Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age Features Trailblazers, Visionaries and Pioneers Who Are Guiding Humanity To An Active Heart-Based Society~  Broadcasts Monday -Friday 8am & 8pmET

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Title: A Collaborative Adventure


Description: In A Course in Miracles, Jesus teaches us that the ego is not real and that there are no fundamental differences between men and women. The ego makes up differences, but it is a death wish and not real. Jesus emphasizes that we must learn to distinguish between the Holy Spirit’s right mind and the ego’s wrong mind, which have different purposes.

The ego creates images that are both unreal and imaginary. They are all illusions, and there is no hierarchy of illusions, no hierarchy in terms of good, bad, sexy, beautiful, ugly, intelligent, or stupid. To make differences real in our awareness, we must dream and dream of things God knows not about.

We often forget our eternal identity and become distracted by idols, such as the body, which is created to replace and take over our Christ self. This profound amnesia can lead to a world where we seek certain characters, like Lego characters, to become our saviors.

Christianity has been criticized for holding onto the belief in Jesus as a personal Lord and Savior, even though he lived 2,000 years ago. Jesus tells us that all these images projected from the ego are effects of an unreal cause and that the real cause is Christ, an idea in God’s mind.

In the spiritual realm, everything is light extending light, love extending love, and eternity extending eternity. There is no beginning or end to creation, nor is there in eternity.

To experience the depth of today’s movie, we need to read A Course in Miracles’ section called “The Hero of the Dream,” which discusses the complex nature of dualistic concepts and the difficulty in relationships. Jesus teaches us that the body is the central figure in the dreaming of the world, acting as if it were a person to be seen and believed.

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New Book Release  Jesus: A Gospel of Love

Jesus: A Gospel of Love, author David HoffmeisterIn this full edition of Jesus: A Gospel of Love, mystic David Hoffmeister offers a deep and transformative interpretation of the Gospels of the Bible, focusing on the presence of Jesus in our lives and the power of his teachings to guide us in our spiritual journey.

This book, compiled of Bible quotes and David’s insights on the mystical teachings of Jesus, offers a detailed insight into how the teachings of Jesus are still applicable in our modern lives. With a focus on love and forgiveness, this book offers a holistic view of Jesus’ truth and will help you deepen your understanding and practice of faith.

With clarity and insight, David reveals the true nature of Jesus as a symbol of pure love and reminds us that his message is one of oneness, forgiveness, and the remembrance of our true identity as the Christ.

Through the pages of this book, readers will be taken on a journey of spiritual awakening. David offers practical guidance and inspiration to help you align with the presence of Jesus within and experience the transformative power of his love.

This Jesus: A Gospel of Love full edition provides a profound way for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with Jesus and experience his guidance in the present moment.

Watching movies in purpose is a way of remembering our true Self.
— David Hoffmeister

Discover a new way of watching movies and experience the path of Awakening like never before!

Watching movies is a way of stepping back and remembering that what we see on the screen is not real. In fact, life itself is a big projection. What we see is not real but rather the out-picturing of our mind. There is a method to watch movies in an enlightened way that leads to observing the events and scenes and scripts of the world—with forgiving eyes. These spiritual movies can be used as a way of expanding consciousness and ultimately experiencing the depth and meaning of the Inner Self.

Join David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles community for an online All-Day Movie Workshop! Each movie is presented by David Hoffmeister or a Living Miracles community member who will offer inspiring movie setups, commentary, and a space for you to share your movie experience. Join us online! Come for a single movie workshop or sign up for a monthly membership.

All our movie workshops are focused on the non–dual teachings of A Course in Miracles and its practical application in our everyday lives.

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David Hoffmeister is a living demonstration that peace is possible. His gentle demeanor and articulate, non-compromising expression are a gift to all. He is known for his practical application of the non-dual teachings necessary to experience the Unified Mind. His clarity about the function of forgiveness in spiritual awakening and his radical use of mindful movie-watching in the release of judgment is Enlightening!

Over the past 30 years, David has traveled to 44 countries across 6 continents to extend the message that Truth is available for everyone, now. David’s message speaks to all people, regardless of whether their background is religious, spiritual, or scientific. He is as comfortable delving into the metaphysics of the movie The Matrix, as he is in pointing to the underlying meaning of the scriptures in the Bible. David’s own journey involved the study of many pathways, culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles, of which he is a renowned teacher and international speaker. His teachings have been translated into 13 languages, and taken into the hearts and minds of millions through the intimate style of his books, audios, and videos. His number #1 best selling book Quantum Forgiveness: Physics Meet Jesus, catapults the mind into a true and transcendent experience of Peace, now. While his latest book The Mystical Teachings of Jesus offers searing clarity with Bible verses and A Course in Miracles quotes to illuminate the mind! Centers have opened devoted to his teachings in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Canada.






David has a free gift to share: LINK: We hope you enjoy this two-chapter excerpt from Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus. To purchase the full book on Amazon, click here. In his new book mystic David Hoffmeister uses 7 mind-expanding movies as modern-day parables to guide you into an experience of Quantum Forgiveness!
“A unique and powerful pathway for transcending fear and strengthening your miracle mindset!”
—Gabrielle Bernstein New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now

David Hoffmeister and friends are inviting everyone from around the world to hold hands of invisible light. With a powerful shared intention, we will release old patterns of doubt, stress, and anxiety from our lives!

Unwind Your Mind 30-Day Experience

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“David Hoffmeister is a beautiful teacher of A Course in Miracles. In his new book, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus, he offers a unique and powerful pathway for transcending fear and strengthening your miracle mindset. I recommend this book to anyone on a committed spiritual path. I absolutely adore David and all of his work!”
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now

“I feel deep gratitude for you brother. Your presence in our mind is a great Blessing to the entire Sonship.”
Gary Renard, Disappearance of The Universe

“A book that gives the real scoop on A Course in Miracles is a treasure for any serious student of its teachings. David Hoffmeister does just that in his book Awakening through A Course in Miracles. I learned from it and so will you.”
Marianne Williamson, Return to Love

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