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Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer Archives

Organizing Chaos with BarbieJo Hatch

08-31-21 Organizing Chaos with BarbieJo Hatch Today I'm talking with Professional Organizer, BarbieJo Hatch on the ways in which women can free themselves from the chaos around them. We talk about how and why women get overwhelmed and how organization, boundaries and...

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Generosity and Abundance

08-24-21 Generosity and Abundance Today I get extra vulnerable and talk about my personal experience with generosity. I talk about how giving with expectation doesn't serve us and how, as busy, often tired people, we can give and create an abundant life when we feel...

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Living in Moments

08-17-21 Living in Moments “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese Today I talk about the bravery of focusing on the fleeting, passing moments in our lives rather than the absoluteness of a whole day. Learn more about Meghan here:...

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Questioning “I Deserve”

08-03-21 Questioning "I Deserve" In today's episode I dive into the word "Deserve" and how, as a culture, it has become a default reaction when life gets challenging. I describe the ways in which society has come to use the word and the impact it has come to have on...

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Bulk Buying with Intention

06-29-21 Bulk Buying with Intention In today's episode, I break down buying items in bulk - what is really involved when we shop at wholesale clubs and the why behind our desire to get more for less. Ultimately, I talk about intention and how we can learn more about...

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Lifestyle Creep

06-15-21 Lifestyle Creep Today I talk about lifestyle creep - what it is and how it shows up in our lives. I talk about ways to manage it when it shows up in our lives and how to, instead, live and spend more with intention, focusing on what really makes us happy....

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Managing Financial Stress

06-01-21 Managing Financial Stress We all experience stress when it comes to money, in some capacity. Its how we choose to handle that stress that can actually heal us, though. Today I dive deeper into the concept of anxiety and provide strategies and tips to help you...

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Knowing Our Worth

05-18-21 Knowing Our Worth As we celebrate Mother's Day, I discuss the topic of worth and how the importance of recognizing it in ourselves. In today's episode I dive into why women just accept the value that society places on us and how we can't move the needle in...

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Keeping Up With the Joneses

05-18-21 Keeping Up With the Joneses Today we dive deeper into the concept of Comparison and the impact that Keeping up with the Joneses has on us today. We talk about the long-term implications and how we can stop caring about those around us and focus on keeping up...

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Our Obsession with Possessions

05-04-21 Our Obsession with Possessions In today's episode, we explore our culture's obsession with material possessions and the impact it has on us when we dig below the surface. I talk about why I have a hard time letting go of certain items and provide practical...

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What Kids Can Teach Us About Money

05-04-21 What Kids Can Teach Us About Money In all the books I've seen about how to teach our kids about money, none of them ever talk about how to handle your big emotions. While kids show emotions in their own ways, adults use coping mechanisms to deal with them,...

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A Conversation with Courtney Podany

04-06-21 A Conversation with Courtney Podany Today, I'm talking with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Personal Trainer, Courtney Podany. What does nutrition and physical health have to do with money? A lot! Join me as we talk about all about the mindset parallels...

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