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The Story Walking Radio Hour Archives with Wendy Fachon

Forest School Learning

07-03-23 Forest School Learning Guests Diana Brennan and Lindsey Baillargeron, Educators and Founders, Northern Rhode Island Forest School Forest Schools have roots that reach back to the open-air culture, seen as a way of life in Scandinavia. It is a long-term...

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Why Raise Native Bees? And How?

05-01-23 Why Raise Native Bees? And How? Guest Susannah Otocki, Native Beekeeper and Holistic Practitioner, Blue Lotus Moon Holistic Native bees are designed to pollinate, and they pollinate every flower they visit. A honey bee only pollinates about 5% of the flowers...

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How to Design and Build Yourself a Food Forest

04-03-23 How to Design and Build Yourself a Food Forest Guest Graham Towerton, Design Team Leader, Food Forest Abundance A well-designed permaculture food forest incorporates multiple layers of edible plants, including fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines,...

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Lawns into Meadows: Rebuilding Biodiversity

03-06-23 Lawns into Meadows: Rebuilding Biodiversity Guest Owen Wormser, Landscape Designer, Abound Design Imagine planting native wildflowers in pots on a terrace or transforming a section of your high-maintenance lifeless lawn into a low maintenance meadow habitat,...

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Agrohomeopathy for Healthier Farms and Gardens

02-06-23 Agrohomeopathy for Healthier Farms and Gardens Guest Kristina White, Co-founder and Homeopathic Educator, Our Life and Land Agrohomeopathy applies the natural remedies and protocols of homeopathy to improve the health and vitality of pets, livestock, wildlife...

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Backyard Farming for Self-Sufficiency

01-02-23 Backyard Farming for Self-Sufficiency Guest Michael Mandeville, Farmer, KNMFARMS Backyard farming practices can help solve today's challenges of food insecurity, food price inflation and pollution caused by factory farming and industrial food production. More...

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Celebrating Our Oneness with All of Creation

12-05-22 Celebrating Our Oneness with All of Creation Guests Barbara M. Fuyat, RScP, Spiritual Director of CSL South Coastal, MA Teaching Chapter, and Kristina White, CCH, Co-founder of Your Life and Land, Homeopathic Educator Across the globe, Centers for Spiritual...

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Soil Science and Bionutrition

11-07-22 Soil Science and Bionutrition Guest Dan Kittredge, Founder and Executive Director, Bionutrient Food Association Did you know that some carrots can have up to 200 times more nutritional value compared to other carrots? The health of food correlates directly to...

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Growing a Community Food System

10-03-22 Growing a Community Food System Guest Bevan Linsley, Executive Director, Aquidneck Community Table Environmental health, food security and community resilience are interconnected issues.  One of the most sensible solutions for addressing these concerns is to...

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Food Forest Abundance

06-07-22 Food Forest Abundance Guest Jim Gale, Chief Storyteller, Food Forest Abundance Imagine your home surrounded by an edible forest landscape!  A “food forest“ is a diverse, perennial garden that mimics a forest ecosystem. Through layers of horticultural design,...

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Why Eating Organic is Crucial to the Future of the Planet

05-02-22 Why Eating Organic is Crucial to the Future of the Planet Guest Zen Honeycutt, Founder and Executive Director, Moms Across America Genetically-modified foods were created to withstand the heavy spraying of toxic herbicides and pesticides. Many crops, both GMO...

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Farm to School

04-04-22 Farm to School Guests Karin Wetherill, Co-Director of RI Healthy Schools Coalition, and Stephanie Bush, Community Education and Farm to School Director at Farm Fresh Rhode Island Farm to School initiatives enrich the connection communities have with fresh,...

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Empowering Children to Care for the Planet

03-07-22 Empowering Children to Care for the Planet Guest Deborah Beauvais, Co-author, The Paper Doll Kids, and Founder/Owner, Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and The Kids 4 Love Project How can we cultivate compassion in children? Studies conducted at The New School in...

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Environmental Law: Protecting Our Natural Resources

02-08-22 Environmental Law: Protecting Our Natural Resources Guests: Marisa Desautel, Esq., Principal, Desautel Law, and Clarice Parsons, Mediator, MWI Environmental lawyers and mediators assist clients in navigating complex regulations and meeting compliance...

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