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Awakening to True Happiness Archives with David Hoffmeister

Who is Jesus?

11-18-20 Who is Jesus? It's not difficult for me to talk about Jesus or share a huge amount of experiences with Jesus because my walk with Jesus, probably began when I was much younger because I came through a Christian church and was confirmed. And then after about...

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The Power of Now

11-04-20 The Power of Now All the mystics and saints and sages, all the way down from Buddha. Krishna, Christ, every mystic has talked about the present moment and being present. And now we know why. Now we know why the mystics and saints emphasize the present moment...

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Let Miracles Lead the Way

10-21-20 Let Miracles Lead the Way We really do need to be open to miracles because miracles are involuntary and should not be under conscious control. That seems to be the key to experiencing the kingdom of heaven is the miracles. It's releasing the belief and...

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Full Transparency Part 2

 10-07-20 Full Transparency Part 2 Can you share a body? No. Jesus says minds are joined bodies do not. You can't even share a body that starts to loosen up the definition of interpersonal relationships because if you only share a purpose in your mind, then you can't...

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Full Transparency

09-23-20 Full Transparency Transparency is not a side issue or something that's a tangent to the spiritual journey or something that is on the side, that could be helpful. It's Actually, the thing that can really take you into an experience of complete forgiveness....

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Beyond the Body Part 2

09-09-20 Beyond the Body Part 2 In this second part of the Beyond the Body online retreat David uses the movie Mr Nobody as a teaching tool to show that everything is all happening simultaneously and that time is not what it seems. Therefore in truth, the body does...

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Beyond the Body-Part 1

 08-26-20 Beyond the Body-Part 1 When Jesus came to earth with this beautiful message of salvation and happiness and joy and peace and gentlemen, 2000 years ago, What he had to share was so deep and was so profound that basically he had to do most of his teachings in...

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Do you see that this World is Fake?

08-12-20 Do you see that this World is Fake? What about you? Do you see that this world is fake? That's the key right there. The Holy Spirit, Jesus is saying, join with us. Let's see this illusion is an illusion. Don't keep believing in it. Because as long as you...

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Guidance A Direct Pathway to God

07-29-20 Guidance A Direct Pathway to God Most people think the spiritual journey is about giving up everything and is a journey of pain and hardship to the end. Yes, you will have to give up everything you think you know of this world and that is a wonderful thing....

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The Inner Teacher

07-15-20 The Inner Teacher This world was set up for you not to find yourself. Don't search for likes on your posts on Facebook, don't look outside yourself to the things of time and space and say, where is the love, because as long as you look in the darkened glass...

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Down the Rabbit Hole

07-01-20 Down the Rabbit Hole "The centrality of open-mindedness, perhaps the last of the attributes the teacher of God acquires, is easily understood when its relation to forgiveness is recognized. Open-mindedness comes with lack of judgment. As judgment shuts the...

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An Open Mind is a Healthy Mind

06-17-20 An Open Mind is a Healthy Mind This is such a glorious opportunity today to dive down the rabbit hole away from theology, away from philosophy beyond right and wrong and good and bad. We're gonna dive down the rabbit hole today. Deeper than ethics deeper than...

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Song of Prayer

06-03-20 Song of Prayer “The song aspect of prayer is quite a beautiful way to bring those words together song of prayer. Songs involve sometimes lyrics but songs also involve beautiful melodies and it's beautiful to think of prayer, and a melody as being the same...

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Spiritual Movie Watching Part 2 Source Code

 05-20-20 Spiritual Movie Watching Part 2 Source Code In this talk David shares his commentary of a movie called Source Code in a profound way to bring about healing. If you have never used movies for healing you are in for a retreat. Please listen to part 1...

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Spiritual Movie Watching

05-06-20 Spiritual Movie Watching "Movies are an excellent way to watch your mind, to pay attention to your emotions, and to help you discover what your unconscious beliefs are. When you react emotionally to a movie, it's the same as reacting to people in your life....

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Beyond all Appearance

04-22-20 Beyond all Appearance In order to find your true self, you must uncover the mask that is your ego-self. This is done through exposing your hidden thoughts and beliefs, being transparent and open to let go of this false self. This includes all the thoughts...

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Remember You are Dreaming Part 2

04-08-20 Remember You are Dreaming Part 2 A Course in Miracles teaches that we must take full responsibility for our state of mind. Things are not happening to us they are happening for us. Everything that is happening we are asking for. We do have the power to choose...

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Remember You are Dreaming

03-25-20 Remember You are Dreaming Our only function in this life is to remember we are dreaming to see the false as false and the true as true. This is how the world is healed. In A Course in Miracles, it asks us "How many teachers of God does it take to save the...

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There Is No World Apart from What You Think

02-19-20 There Is No World Apart from What You Think The journey of awakening is not a path of sacrifice it is a journey of joy. When we put our trust and faith in the Holy Spirit our lives will change, David shares many parables of how he has been so cared for when...

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A Pathway up the Mountain 

02-12-20 A Pathway up the Mountain  A Course in Miracles is part of the universal curriculum. It is one way up the mountain to Self realization. If we are to remember our true Self we must give our mind over to the teachings, like an athlete we must give our whole...

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