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Awakening to True Happiness Archives with David Hoffmeister

Loop Out of the World with David Hoffmeister

09-22-21 Loop Out of the World with David Hoffmeister Why is Groundhog Day such a fantastic movie? It's because it shows us a loopy world. Why is that a benefit? It's because we can see that some of the errors we seem to go through are based on our outlook on the...

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“The Island” talk by David Hoffmeister

08-25-21 “The Island” talk by David Hoffmeister David Hoffmeister's commentary on the movie "The Island" reminds us about the awakening process right from the beginning when we are in a deceived, conforming state to when we realize that what was considered to be life...

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God Is Not Dead Movie Talk

07-28-21 God Is Not Dead Movie Talk If you ask people, if you had a choice to live a happy life, would you take it? If you had that choice to live a life that's peaceful and joyful, that's free from fear, free from anger, free from hatred, free from guilt, would you...

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“Knowing” Movie Talk

07-14-21 “Knowing” Movie Talk To understand the movie "Knowing" David explains; "There is no past, present and future construct. That was made up by the ego, to cover over the present moment, which is before time was. Before Abraham was, I am Jesus taught 2000 years...

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Mr. Destiny

06-30-21 Mr. Destiny Today, our movie is called Mr destiny. And this movie stars, Jim Baluchi is the main character. Some of you might remember from the early days of Saturday Night Live John Belushi, was his very famous comedic, brother. And who started with Dan...

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Grace and Grit

06-16-21 Grace and Grit Jesus has told us that A Course in Miracles does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is far beyond what can be taught, it just aims at removing the obstacles to the awareness of love's presence. I feel like that's a great mindset...

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06-03-21 Powder This week we will be watching the movie Powder. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to learn from the experiences that the main character called Jeremy goes through, and also from the relationship of Lindsay and Jeremy, because it's, by any...

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05-19-21 Frozen Welcome, everyone. Glad you can join in. Very excited about our movie for today, because we have an animated movie that's a classic Walt Disney movie. The movie has come through prayer, so we can talk about the themes of unworthiness and hiding my...

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Pay it Forward

05-05-21 Pay it Forward Oh my goodness we have such a healing movie. Today, I can just feel as the talk goes on your heart is just going to crack, wide open. And we know how wonderful that feels when your heart is open, and you feel the love just pouring through you...

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04-21-21 Jesus Hi everyone. Welcome. You are in for a treat today, with our movie for today is, Jesus of Nazareth. Some of you may be familiar with this Franco Zeffirelli Jesus movie. It’s basically about six and a half hours long so we made a mini movie to show today...

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Bombshell Movie Talk

04-07-21 Bombshell Movie Talk Here is a movie workshop that took place last week we recommend you watch the movie as well as listening to David’s commentary. Here is an Amazon Prime link where you can watch the movie if you wish:...

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03-24-21 I AM  Here is a movie workshop that took place last week we recommend you watch the movie as well as listening to David’s commentary. Here is a Netflix link where you can watch the movie if you wish: The movie that...

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Embracing the Present Moment 

03-10-21 Embracing the Present Moment  Well today we have a very profound topic, embracing the presence. It doesn't matter what spiritual tradition or religion you come from, whether you are a course in miracles practitioner or not. All of the perennial wisdom, and...

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The Great Awakening

01-27-21 The Great Awakening Our weekend retreat is called the Great Awakening and I will give a context otherwise it can seem disorienting, it can seem bewildering. It can even seem fearful at times, without an overall context. I know that it doesn't matter what...

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Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

01-13-21 Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness Forgiveness is the key to happiness. To think about a key is for the purpose of unlocking something right? That's why we use the key or use the key to unlock something. That must be unlocking happiness. And all of us want...

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The Illusion of Time Part 2

12-30-20 The Illusion of Time Part 2 The Miracle takes away the past. It takes away what never was. The Miracle takes away the interference. That’s the prayer of your heart what could healing be except taking away the interference of what always is so, so that's why...

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