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7th Annual Spring Host Extravaganza

Host Your Own Radio Show CONTEST! May 2025

Starts May 1, 2025~ Winners will be drawn on June 1,2025

2024 Winners Denise Claire & Phil George
2023 Winners Carmen Turner Schott & Diane Randall
2022 Winners Carrie Rowan & Laura Gray
2021 Winners Bettina Oberneufemann & Brenda Pearce
2020 Winners Anna Gatmon, Sherryl Comeau & Torin Lee
2019 Winners Connie Bramer & Wendy Fachon


If you’ve always wondered about Hosting your own Radio Show, this is the Contest for YOU! To get in the drawing donate $44, see Buy Now button below.

Winners experience their own global radio show on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network for 2 months.

Winners must participate by August 31st of winning year

Opportunity to promote your business practice, book, event, workshop or services

2 Month Package Includes:
⭐Show Name: Your Creation
⭐Your own D7RN Host Page
⭐Your Show & Info on D7RN website indefinitely
⭐Go Solo, or have a Guest
⭐ 30 minute Radio Coach Session
⭐Two 1-hour show episodes prerecorded at your convenience with Producer
⭐Your Show broadcasts through syndicated D7RN 2x per day at specific time each week
⭐Special Newsletter Promotion
⭐Receive mp3 of the show
⭐Show archived for On Demand Listening
⭐SEO Promotions
⭐Blog Promotion

To get in the drawing donate $44. See Buy Now Button
Make sure we have your email so we can contact if winner

Two Winners!
You may be the one gracing our global airwaves with your own show!
LISTEN LIVE Listen online, mobile, in cars and through Amazon’s Echo by asking “Alexa play Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network” Get our Apps Google Play or Apple


Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a Holistic Boston based syndicated full producing Internet Radio Station created in 2007. The mission of the Station is to facilitate the enlightenment of humankind by providing a global platform for holistic and healing programs that educate listeners bringing them conscious awareness of their inner light so that ever growing numbers of people may learn to live with joy, love, peace and ease. Local, National and International with listenership in over 200 countries

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