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Tuesday 11am&11pmET

Surviving the Human Experience with Kristin Aurelia

Welcome to Surviving the Human Experience! This podcast is a uniquely created space for exploration of topics for all things human experience related! Each episode and/or series is specifically designed to explore and discuss topics that play a role or have an impact on our human experience. Topics chosen span across health and wellness, self-discovery, life experiences, personal growth, healing and so much more! Join us as we embark upon the journey of awareness, education, information sharing, knowledge, and wisdom as we continue to evolve and become, SHE Wise!


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Surviving the Human Experience Podcast
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SHE Wise Publications LLC

New Show! Debut December 5th
Broadcasts Weekly Tuesday 11am/11pmET
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Surviving the Human Experience Podcast

Tuesday Dec. 5th 11am /11pmET

Title: Welcome to the Surviving the Human Experience Podcast!
Welcome to the Surviving the Human Experience Podcast! An overview of what’s to come! In a very authentic approach, Kristin Aurelia, shares her story and how this podcast came to be! During this episode, Kristin provides her unique perspective on what “Surviving the Human Experience,” is all about and what it means to become SHE Wise!




RE-CREATION – SURVIVING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE is a unique book that takes the reader on a journey through Anna’s dark past she never realized existed. She uncovers a life filled with deceit and abusive relationships. Anna became so beaten down and overwhelmed that she actually encounters a near death experience. It took all of these experiences for her to recognize how she lost herself trying to please others. At this point, Anna embarks on a mission to heal the physical and emotional damage as well as the trauma that plagued her for the better part of her life. She spends several years on her quest to reconnect her mind, body and soul. Anna shares so much knowledge which she gained along her path to help others see that there is a way to overcome all odds and restore love and light in the world. She shares her story, in the hope, that others will begin their journey to find their personal truth, move closer to the light, discover and live out their intended purpose here on Earth.…/dp/B0C7M7HFLS

Available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes

Kristin Aurelia


About Kristin Aurelia


Podcaster | Soul-Led Author | Reiki Practitioner | Healer | Teacher | SHEpreneur 

BIO: Kristin Aurelia grew up in a small town in New England. She attended college in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and still resides there with her children and fur babies. She has dedicated her life to studying, observing, and understanding the many complex layers of human behavior. This led her to begin a quest to find her life’s purpose and mission.

During the past 22 years, Ms. Aurelia has held many key leadership positions in Organizational Development, Operations, Human Resource Management, Program and Project Management and Public Speaking. Additionally, she has extensive experience in the small business arena, and is an entrepreneur, podcaster and author. She is an active volunteer in her community working with the local Humane Society, youth sports, and has held executive level leadership positions in the local school systems and Archdiocese.

Ms. Aurelia holds an MBA, M.A. in Human Resources Management, and a B.S. in Psychology from Marymount University. In addition, she has a graduate level certificate in Instructional Design and an undergraduate certificate in Human Resources Management. She has completed a Leadership and Development Program through George Washington University, and most recently, obtained her Level 2 Reiki Practitioner certification.

Ms. Aurelia is an avid reader, who has always been on a quest for knowledge. She has a passion for writing that began when she was a young child, which cultivated her skills leading up to becoming an author. Her philosophy of, “Because Words Matter,” is the approach she takes when constructing her writings, speaking and teachings. She has always been on the move and appreciates working out and going to the gym. She loves to dance and was able to blend her passion of dance and fitness as a Zumba Instructor. Additionally, she loves to travel and explore different landscapes, customs and cultures. She enjoys and incorporates Reiki, breathwork, sound bowl and meditation as part of her spiritual practices.

After experiencing a life filled with trauma and loss, Ms. Aurelia was led to discover a holistic lifestyle. It was through the evolution of her relationship with God that she was able to find solace in Surviving the Human Experience. She has made it her life’s mission to share experiences, and bring wisdom and knowledge, to the forefront of her works. Her passion is to help others along their journey, because ultimately, we are ALL CHILDREN OF GOD…one collective consciousness trying to Survive the Human Experience!

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Kristin Aurelia
Phone: (240) 927-3323

SHE Wise Publications LLC

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