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the dr nina show01-10-23   7 Little-Known Secrets to Stop Bingeing Forever

We’ve all been there. That moment when you just can’t stop eating, and you keep going even though you regret every bite. It feels like you have zero willpower and there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself.

You feel controlled by food and thoughts of food. You want to lose weight and feel healthy. You’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked in the long run.
You want to eat normally, and you want to feel normal, but you don’t know how to get there.

In this episode, I give you a 7-step roadmap on how to create a binge-free, happy life. I share the secrets of…

Why you’re craving crunchy, creamy, and cake! (It has nothing to do with food, and this will blow your mind.)You’ll discover the real cause of bingeing. It’s NOT food addiction. (It will change you.)

I’ll tell you the two things you need to free yourself of to live life on YOUR terms. (And create your ideal life!)

How to not worry about control ever again! (Feel confident and at ease in your body instead.)

Be sure to check out this informative and inspiring show!

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