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The Awakenings Technique

10-11-14 Topic: The Awakenings Technique Guests Vonda Smith & Dr. Kevin Morrison, BSc. Hon., D.C. Dr. Morrison is an accomplished chiropractor and instinctive healer with over a two decades reputation for successful application of intuition and muscle testing. Dr....

Getting Beyond Grudges

03-07-19  Getting Beyond Grudges Are you carrying a grudge toward someone? Tune in to discover the secret perk that keeps us holding onto our grudges. And find out how to finally set yourself free from the grip of grudges. As always, I look forward to speaking with...

Help From Above

06-25-18  Help From Above Get ready to hear about more adventures as Dr. Judy brings back David Alan Arnold from Sky Forest, California.  You may recall David is an author and world renowned airborne cinematographer whose work flies him around the world for everything...

Awakened Wellness with Mylaine Riobe MD

Wednesday 12am & 12pmET Live 1st & 3rd Wednesdays   All Episodes On Demand Awakened Wellness with Mylaine Riobe, MD Happy Body!  Happy Mind! Happy Life! Join Dr. Riobe, a double-board certified medical doctor of the newly recognized field of Integrative...

Dr Bernie Siegel Shares WE ARE WATER AND SPIRIT

WE ARE WATER AND SPIRIT by Bernie Siegel, MD you can look into a mirror and see your image water reflects your image too but unlike a mirror you must get close to the water and yourself to see the reflection and you and the water must be still and untroubled by...
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