Reboot. Restore. Recover.

10-15-18  Reboot.  Restore.  Recover.

This week is a very special show as Dr. Judy is joined by her friend and personal integrative health care provider, Dr. Jong Shin, DO, who operates the Shin Center of Integrative Sports Medicine and lives with his family in the Philadelphia tri-state area.  In addition to his impressive medical credentials, Dr. Shin also studied environmental health as it relates to pollution, environmental toxins and patients.  With a focus on Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, he continues to apply the tenets of Osteopathy in various medical fields of training including Cranial Sacral Manipulation.  Dr. Shin’s approach is similar to Dr. Judy’s, using integrative medicine combined with innovative technology to speed up recovery, prevent injuries and pursue optimal performance.  Modalities he uses for professional athletes are also accessible to the general population of athletes and non-athletes.  This is a show everyone will want to tune in to hear Drs. Judy and Shin discuss the benefits of integrative medicine for humans as well as animals and learn what it means to “Reboot. Restore. Recover.”

As an exclusive offer for Naturally Healthy Pets radio show listeners, Dr. Shin is pleased to offer 20% off Body Reboot services for anyone who mentions Dr. Judy or this show until December 31, 2018.  You can access or call 856.270.6800 for more information or to make an appointment.

Standing Up for the Rights of Our Pets

10-08-18  Standing Up for the Rights of Our Pets

This week’s guest is an important advocate for both consumers and pets alike.  Join Dr. Judy as she welcomes Jessica Sleater, author and consumer class-action attorney, who focuses on animal law and pet-food-related cases in state and federal courts across the country.  Some of the class actions she has undertaken involve fraud, misrepresentations and false advertising. Jessica is currently representing pet owners who purchased a high-end pet  food that led to the sickness and death of their pet. She is also challenging a company that allegedly ran a racketeering scam; she is representing customers of a national pet store retail chain who purchased animals that were certified as healthy, but were not.  You’ve all heard about pet food related problems – now you can tune in to hear Dr. Judy and Jessica discuss how legal challenges against the pet care industry are addressing issues with companies that continue to put profit over safety.

Raw Diet Love for Kitties

10-01-18  Raw Diet Love for Kitties

Once again, Dr. Judy’s sister, Sally Morgan, PT, CST, renowned specialist in holistic physical therapy for pets, will guest host the Naturally Healthy Pets radio show this week.  Sally is a pioneer in Craniosacral therapy for animals, an advanced Tellington TTouch practitioner, Reiki master, Vibrational healer, manual therapy expert and bestselling author of Dances of the Heart–Connecting With Animals and the accompanying Animal Connection cards. She travels to teach and lives in Massachusetts with her corgi Trystan. Visit her at, on Facebook at Sally Morgan PT CST, and on YouTube at Conversations With A Corgi.

Join Sally this week as she welcomes leadership coach, author and speaker, Susan Collins, who works with people and their animals to enhance relationships and deepen their spiritual connections.  Since 1998, Susan’s had four dogs and three cats, many with significant health or behavioral issues when adopted.  In 2000, after developing a raw diet for her immune compromised Australian Shepherd mix, she happily saw the chronic skin conditions resolve and her dog begin to thrive.  Then Susan’s first cat landed in the emergency vet with urinary tract crystals and off-the-chart pH, so she combined research with her experience raw feeding her dogs to create a raw recipe for cats.  Her kitty loved it and never had a recurrence for the rest of his 20+ years.  Her holistic veterinarian was impressed and asked Susan to document what she’d done, resulting in her book, “The Household Carnivore: How to Feed Your Cat a Raw Diet”.   While her website, Your Dog, Your Teacher has a canine focus, Susan and Sally will delve into her experience with felines along with the workshops and consults she conducts, helping pet owners transition to feeding healthy raw diets, tailoring their approach to both animal and human lifestyle needs.

Dogs Dig Our Bone Broth!

09-24-18  Dogs Dig Our Bone Broth!

This week, Dr. Judy welcomes classically trained Chef, Product Development Specialist and Co-Founder of Primalvore Holistic Canine Nutrition, Don Hensley, coming to us from Des Moines, Iowa.  Don grew up in Dallas but as a teenager, moved across several states.  He later attended the Culinary Institute of America to become a professional chef and worked at a country club, a hotel and even his own restaurant and bakery. In 2011, Don went to work for a food scientist from New Zealand to develop clean label, organic products for the U.S. restaurant market.  In 2015 he worked with Kettle and Fire to develop the first shelf stable bone broth for humans and shortly thereafter he developed a version for pets. Smokey, Don’s 90 pound pit/lab rescue, dealt with various allergies and joint issues, and was the inspiration behind Primalvore. This is the only Superfood Bone Broth formulated specifically for dogs and their needs with the addition of collagen peptides to promote the health of bones and joints, strong nails and shiny coats.  Whether your dog is a puppy, adult or senior, be sure to tune in to hear Don and Dr. Judy discuss the many ways a quality bone broth can help keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come.