Striving for Excellence in Companion Nutrition

04-16-18  Striving for Excellence in Companion Nutrition

This week, Dr. Judy welcomes fellow natural health advocate and pet food blogger, Gregori Lukas from Montclair, New Jersey.  Gregori is the proud co- owner of Lukas & Berube Healthy Pet Markets, where products and services include pet food education, sales and guidance on raw diets, healthy conventional choices as well as other pet accessories.  He is passionate about natural pet care and willingly shares his expertise every day with his in-store customers.  Gregori also travels the country, teaching seminars at locally owned pet shops to further the awareness and importance of “Species Appropriate Nutrition”.  In addition to all this, his Facebook pages promote Holistic based modalities and nutrition to his many thousands of followers.  You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear Dr. Judy and Gregori share their stories and perspectives on achieving and maintaining pet health through nutrition.

My Best Friend is Mother Nature

04-09-18 My Best Friend is Mother Nature

Join Dr. Judy as she welcomes her friend and an emerging canine nutritionist, Liam Whelan, coming to us from Berlin, Germany.  Originally from the countryside in Ireland, Liam is the proud pet parent of Charly, his miniature dachshund, who actually played a large role in his own journey to a healthier lifestyle.  After meeting Dr. Judy in Chicago at the 2017 Raw & Natural Dog Summit, he was further inspired to pursue his growing passion to become a certified clinical animal nutritionist.  Liam learned early on that providing Charly with variety in a species appropriate, ancestral diet was the best way to love and spoil his dog.  While his website is still under construction, Liam is delighted to be the sole purveyor of Dr. Judy’s deer velvet products in Europe via This will be an informative show as Liam and Dr. Judy talk about getting started, his progress toward certification and his strategy for transition from traditional employment to a full time career in natural canine nutrition.  Wondering why Liam chose an egg with a crack in it as his business logo?  Then by all means, tune in!

Fresh Food, Ancient Wisdom

04-02-18 Fresh Food, Ancient Wisdom

This week, Dr. Judy offers a warm Aloha! to Dr. Ihor Basko DVM, coming to us from Kapaa, Hawaii, where he has been practicing holistic veterinary medicine for over 35 years, currently from his one-man practice – All Creatures Great and Small Veterinary Services.  A leading authority on holistic animal health, Dr. B is a renowned author, speaker and educator with numerous accreditations and was one of the first to study the effectiveness of acupuncture in animals at UCLA.  He is also a consultant to herb and supplement companies, and is one of the 10 founding members of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association!  You’ll wish you were one of his clients as his primary care practice on the island of Kauai looks and feels more like a tropical spa than a typical pet hospital, with soft padding for animals to lay on while they receive their treatments, lots of natural sunlight and warmth, and calm music.  This will be a very special show that you won’t want to miss as Dr. B and Dr. Judy discuss holistic medicine and how it focuses on the true nature of healing.  Be sure to tune in!

Inspiring Change – Now What?

03-26-18 Inspiring Change – Now What?

This week, Dr. Judy is pleased to welcome author and consultant, Brenda K. Reynolds of BKR Consulting in Exton PA.  With 20 years as an organization and leadership consultant, Brenda is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach who has worked with hundreds of companies, nonprofits and organizations.  She is passionate about helping others find clarity during times of change – in both the workplace and life space – drawing on her consulting and personal experiences to equip them with easy-to-apply strategies to manage complex transitions.  In an interesting twist, listen as she explains the positive role animals can play during times of change including how a pediatric healthcare system is now using animals in its hospitals.   It’s a show you won’t want to miss, so tune in to hear Brenda share her experiences with Dr. Judy, including her story about a cat that has helped her own sister in the aftermath of their grandmother’s recent passing.