New Life for Old Paws

02-12-18  New Life for Old Paws

This week, Dr. Judy has the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Stacey Bone DVM, a small animal veterinarian in St. Louis, Missouri with a passion for senior and geriatric animal care.   Learn how Dr. Bone, a co-founder of Pawtology Llc, teamed up with an engineer in an effort to design solutions to help senior and special needs dogs to live better and longer lives.  After many failed attempts to solve for lost traction, their first product – PawFriction – was born.  You may have seen Dr. Judy demonstrate PawFriction on her dog Charley.  This marvelous paw pad coating system enables traction on hardwood and other smooth types of flooring without the need for individual sizing or placing objects over the foot. Now used globally among rehabilitation, orthopedic, and neurologic veterinary practices, it’s also available to pet owners on Be sure to tune in to hear Drs. Judy and Stacey talk about PawFriction as well as his plans for developing new, innovative products to address the needs of senior and special need pets.

Therapy for the Mind and Body

02-05-18  Therapy for the Mind and Body

This week, Dr. Judy welcomes Peggi Honig, registered and board certified in hypnosis and physical therapies, utilizing her many specialized healing modalities to help people overcome injury and illness.  A lover of all animals, Peggi and her husband reside in Montgomery County, Maryland with their 3 English Black Labs where her therapeutic Mind Bodywork practice is also located.  Peggi’s focus is on health awareness and how to move beyond chronic pain. She also specializes in rehabilitation, whether from sport injuries, surgeries and neurological issues as well as palliative care.  While her field focuses on the treatment of humans, she uses her skills to help heal dogs, using TTouch and whole foods for her labs.  You can learn more about Peggi and her fascinating work by visiting her website at Tune in to hear Peggi and Dr. Judy discuss methods to keep our pets healthy.

From James Bond to Deadliest Catch

01-29-18  From James Bond to Deadliest Catch

This is going to be another memorable show as Dr. Judy interviews David Alan Arnold from Sky Forest, California.  David is an author and world renowned airborne cinematographer whose work flies him around the globe for everything from James Bond to Deadliest Catch!  While he has flown a thousand missions, to capture breath-taking, airborne images and 4 Emmy Awards, some of his proudest moments have been on the ground, volunteering to help his community.  David’s fight against organized crime inspired him to write a series of books about winning against the odds.  His upcoming documentary series will take viewers into the stormy skies above Deadliest Catch and down to the trenches in a war against gangsters who took over a school bus stop.  Listen as David tells Dr. Judy about some of his adventures, including how rescuing an aggressive dog from the city streets changed his life – he will have you on the edge of your seat!  This is truly a show you won’t want to miss!

Transforming Lives with the Power of Words

01-22-18 Transforming Lives with the Power of Words

Once again a surprise show of a slightly different nature as Dr. Judy interviews Rocky Detwiler and his wife Cheryl, founders of Samson LIFE in Phoenix, Arizona.  Rocky is the foremost expert on the power of words and is the author of “The Samson Effect:  Transforming Lives with the Power of Words”.  Rocky and Cheryl are also speakers, coaches, and personal trainers with 30 years of experience in transformational living.  You’ll hear Rocky’s personal story of complete loss and then triumph, after living in a tree house for a year.  His story and their efforts have inspired millions around the globe to use the positive power of words to transform their lives!  He sends the message of hope and happiness to those looking for a better way forward.  Want to learn how the power of words can transform life for you and your pets?  Tune in and listen to a thought provoking conversation with Dr. Judy, Rocky and Cheryl.