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10-11-14 Topic: The Awakenings Technique

Guests Vonda Smith & Dr. Kevin Morrison, BSc. Hon., D.C.

Dr. Morrison is an accomplished chiropractor and instinctive healer with over a two decades reputation for successful application of intuition and muscle testing.

Dr. Morrison is the co-founder of The Awakenings Technique along with his life partner, Vonda Smith.  Throughout his career as a chiropractor, he has used his ability to connect intuitively with patients to discover the source of their physical pain. It was Vonda`s nudging to reach beyond the Chiropractic to explore diverse healing modalities and break through their own personal limitations to Develop The Awakenings Technique. Shattering decades of pragmatic research, they came to understand that physical ailments could be explained as symptoms manifesting from unresolved issues in the mind.

As a childhood survivor of unspeakable personal tragedy of every imaginable type, Dr. Morrison has risen and reinvented himself to become a celebrated author, lecturer, Doctor of Chiropractic, & Spiritual Intuitive. Vonda is also a survivor of deep emotional wounds, and chronic physical pain, and now the co-founder and ambassador to the world of The Awakenings Technique.

This dynamic duo are here with us today to share their story, and give hope to you to show you that you do not need to be a prisoner to your emotional pain. That you, too, can break through your blocks and be the architect of your life in a new and very exciting way.

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