Dr Bernie Siegel’s Letter to the Editor!

Dear Editor,

The way to eliminate violent behavior is not by having more police in schools it is by changing how we raise our children. Abused children can always find weapons to be used to seek revenge. You can drive a car into a gathering of students or use an ax. The problem is their feeling of rejection and abuse.
Studies reveal the high percentage of high school students who are suicidal and self destructive. The solution is to change how children are raised and how their parents, teachers and authority figures treat them. When you are raised feeling loved and having healthy relationships with people and pets you have a reverence for life and have self esteem and you care for yourself and others. With love in your life drugs and addictions are not needed as a resource.
The abused students feel they are alone in what they are going through and so they do not share their experiences and lie about the source of their bruises thinking they are the only ones going through this. When you have students write homework paper about why they should commit suicide and why they are worth loving and put their papers on your desk the suicide pile is many times higher. Then they realize they are not alone and do not have to lie and begin to talk to each other, therapy begins and the suicide rate goes down as does the violence. This is a fact from studies which have been done by myself and others.
What we need to do is have classes in schools to help students understand they are not alone, begin their therapy in their school and share their wounds and their parents can, as should all parents, be part of parenting classes where they can learn how to raise children who feel loved and have discipline not rejection, punishment and abuse as a part of their lives. When we let the children know we care about them we become their chosen parents and help them to feel loved and worthy and change their lives.
Please reach out and share your love with the children you meet and seek help when you do not know what to do with your anger or theirs. As the father of five I know the problems but I also know that when we communicate and share love and have a sense of humor we can all survive the times we do not like because even at those times love is present.
Here is a quote from a patient of mine: “My mother dressed me in dark clothes so no one would notice me. She told me I embarrassed and disappointed her and her words were eating away at me and maybe gave me cancer. You gave me permission to become my authentic self and by a red dress and red high heel shoes.” She is alive today and I told her she didn’t need my permission. So help yourself and the children of the world find their authentic selves. All of whom are worth loving. Our childhood creates our lives. It is hypnotic in effect.

Dr Bernie Siegel

Mind Health Matters with Bernie Siegel M.D.

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Welcomes CNN Young Wonders 13yr.old Campbell Remess & 19yr. old Christina Li to the Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais welcome CNN Wonders 13 yr.old Campbell Remess founder Project 365 and 19yr.old Christina Li founder of Hello World to the Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show Wednesday February 14th at 4am & 4pmET and Saturday February 17th at 9am & 9pmET on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network LISTEN LIVE : http://rdo.to/DREAM7 or Get our App

Project 365 with Campbell Remess & Hello World with Christina Li

First Half: Co-Host 13yr.old Campbell Remess CNN Young Wonder and Founder of Project 365

When Campbell Remess was 9 years old, he asked his parents if he could buy Christmas presents for the children in his local hospital. His mother told him that it would cost too much. But Campbell, one of nine children whose family lives on the Australian island of Tasmania, was undeterred. He took matters into his own hands — literally.

He founded Project 365 by Campbell, and using his mother’s sewing machine, started crafting one-of-a-kind teddy bears to give to sick children in the hospital and around the world. Now 13 years old, Campbell has made between 1,200 and 1,400 bears by hand. This year, he began auctioning some of his bears and using the proceeds to send children and their families on “Kindness Cruises,” a much-needed escape from their battles with cancer. Campbell is also working on organizing a fundraiser dinner in Hobart for cancer research.

“I think the magic in the bears is the hope,” he said. “It’s the hope that the bears give the people.”

Second Half: Co-Host 19yr,old CNN Younger Wonder Christina Li Founder of Hello World

Most 19-year-olds don’t know how to code or build robots, let alone teach others. But that’s exactly what Christina Li is determined to do through Hello World, her annual computer science camp for middle school girls. Christina started her free, weeklong classes as a high school junior in Macomb, Michigan. Today, each camp hosts about 30 girls, in the hopes of bridging the gender gap that exists in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math).

Now in her sophomore year at Stanford University, where she is studying computer science and mechanical engineering, Christina will be interning this summer at SpaceX, a company that strives to enable people to live on other planets.

“It’s not that I want (the girls) to exactly follow in my footsteps,” Christina said. “I really hope to show them that … their ability is unlimited.”

Honored by the White House, featured on CNN Heroes,
Nickelodeon’s HALO Effect, and Amy Pohelor’s Smart Girls!

Christina Li is a sophomore studying computer science/electrical engineering and mechanical engineering at Stanford University. Currently at Stanford, she’s working on the Mars Rover robotics team as the mechanical co-lead. Christina created Hello World four years ago to teach young girls how to code websites, robots, apps, and games, to help them say “hello” to the world of computer science.

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais welcome Cancer Recovery Specialist Avinoam Lerner to the Love By Intuition Show

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais welcome Avinoam Lerner, Cancer Recovery Specialist, TEDx speaker and author of The New Cancer Paradigm. Mobilize the Mind to Heal the Body! Avinoam joins Deborah on the Love By Intuition Show for a live interview on his book and work. Thursday February 8th at 3pmET. Callers can ask a question by calling 833-220-1200 Toll Free or direct 319-527-2638. on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network LISTEN LIVE: http://rdo.to/DREAM7 Get our App. Other broadcasts February 13th & 16th at 6am & 6pmET LISTENhttp://rdo.to/DREAM7

The New Cancer Paradigm~Mobilize the Mind to Heal the Body! With Avinoam Lerner

In Avinoam Lerner’s words: I am a Cancer Recovery Specialist, TEDx speaker and author of The New Cancer Paradigm. Mobilize the Mind to Heal the Body!

My innovative approach to cancer recovery highlights the multidimensional nature of our being and the need to treat illness not only on the level of the body but also on the level of Mind. I offer patients and survivors seeking to play a more active role in their care, a practical, meaningful and effective path to do so through my practice, workshops and coaching programs. This path allows those I work with to engage the creative power of their Mind to revive their body’s innate immune response, become more resilient and cultivate a mindset for healing and quality of life.

I believe that for true and lasting recovery we must transcend the mechanistic-reductionist view of disease and recognize that illness is a whole person event. Illness highlights our inherent need to evolve on all levels. It propels us to look deep within and live more authentically.

After earning my degree in Holistic Health from the Ridman International College for Complementary Alternative Medicine in Israel in 2000, I was certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) as well as the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the USA.

Much of my work is founded on the work of Dr. Ernest Rossi as described in his breakthrough book The Psychobiology of Mind Body Healing, Dr. Alastair J. Cunningham and his work with the Healing Journey method, and Dr. Al Barrios, a clinical psychologist and a pioneer in the field of immunotherapy.

Another source of inspiration for me is the work of Stephen C.Parkhill, a noted hypnotherapist and the author of Answer Cancer – The Healing of A Nation.

The potential for recovery goes beyond simply submitting to treatment. Your state of Mind is your greatest ally in the recovery process” – Avinoam Lerner

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network’s Host Book Corner, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, Author Sheryl Glick ~ Win a Signed Copy

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network’s Host Book Corner, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, Author Sheryl Glick ~ Win a Signed Copy

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