The Art of Reconnecting to Loved Ones in Spirit with Psychic Artist and Medium Sandy Ingham

08-02-18 The Art of Reconnecting to Loved Ones in Spirit with Psychic Artist and Medium Sandy Ingham

While teaching at Lilydale last weekend, I met Sandy Ingham, a medium and psychic artist from England. We hit it off immediately, and before long we were laughing like little girls as I began speaking to her in an impeccable British accent. While laughing, we talked about Sandy’s work and she showed me photos of her drawings of loved ones in spirit. I was so taken with her special gift that I asked her to join me for the Love Never Dies show.

Join me for what I know will be a wonderful interview with Sandy, who is extremely passionate about using her drawings to offer proof that we don’t die but rather move to a different and better place.

Bio: Psychic and mediumistic abilities have quite simply always been a part of  Sandy’s life. For as long as she can remember she had ‘friends on the other side’ and as she grew and matured, this has become a more and more important aspect of her life.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult path to tread between her early childhood (when she was told she would be carried off to the asylum if she carried on communicating with her‘friends’) and the present day, where she devotes much of her life to trying to reach and help people with her unusual gift wherever possible.

Her work as a medium has been evolving and developing for as long as she can remember. Sandy works through what is known as clairsentience, meaning she doesn’t hear voices. Instead, she receives messages, names, dates, places and pictures as thought forms. She relies on trust, as she gives words to what is put in her head as thought, continually being rewarded with confirmation that the names and the detailed messages she brings through have great meaning to the recipient.

Her work as a psychic artist is relatively new, and only became apparent to her in 2007 as she was approaching her 60th birthday. It was totally unexpected (particularly as she has absolutely no artistic ability) and it is fair to say that she’ discovered’ rather than ‘developed’ a talent for drawing loved ones in spirit.

Being able to demonstrate her gift in front of thousands of people as she tours the world with many wonderful mediums allows her to reach even more people, and to bring some comfort wherever she can. Sandy knows first-hand how cruel grief can be – the crushing loneliness, the heart-breaking reminders of loss when one is least prepared. Through her mediumship and psychic art she rejoices in being able to offer real, tangible proof of ‘life after life’ and give people the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are still there with them, guiding them and giving their love every step of the way.

LOVE the Suicide Solution

06-21-18 LOVE the Suicide Solution

Join me for a discussion with Kip Baldwin of S.O.U.L as we look deep into the causes of suicide. Kip believes that beyond the surface symptoms, there is a fundamentally flawed system of institutionalized fear that we all have been programmed into for millenniums. He shares his views that simply shifting from a system founded in fear to one of LOVE would allow people to reconnect to one another and life, ending their self-inflicted apartness, which is at the core of the profound sense of loneliness that leads to the desire to end it all, just to fill the hole inside, and feel whole once more.

Bio: Kip Baldwin knows his purpose for BEING is to share all that LOVE is through his many solutions driven projects; using media in all its forms to help awaken individuals, and by proxy the collective, to the LOVE Paradigm emerging. He feels that in order for a new story to be conceived for humanity, a mass imagining of our limitless potential is what is needed to bring about an age of collaboration, compassion, empathy, and oneness.

Kip brings over 25 years of entertainment industry, marketing, and product development experience to S.O.U.L., ranging from from Hearst Ranch and Windy City Novelties, to Carlos Falchi Designs and Will Vinton Studios, and is the co-founder of the United Filmmakers Association.

In the world of entertainment, Kip has produced many works including: Loophole, Restorations Unlimited, Breaking Bud, The Road to Fenderville, One Hundred Things, Cold Pressed, and Love Floats. He also co-created the popular and influential reality series WEED COUNTRY in cooperation with Studio Lambert and The Discovery Channel.

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Living & Leading with Congruency

06-07-18 Living & Leading with Congruency

How often do you do something out of obligation, because you think you should?

How often do you say yes, when in your heart your really want to say no!

Everyday, so many of us make unconscious decisions and choices to please other people because of fear, worry, doubt or anxiety about the consequences if we act with congruency for our own highest good.

Join me for a discussion with Clayton John Ainger to discover a pain-free way of living your life congruently and with joy!

Bio: Clayton is the award-winning best selling author of The Ego’s Code, International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Entrepreneur. He is a regular feature on radio shows across the US and Australia and has appeared in UK magazines Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Soul Magazine and Paradigm Shift. His ethos in life is about making every person matter, every time Website:

The Big Picture of Unconditional Love

05-17-18  Title: The Big Picture of Unconditional Love

Description: I invite you to join me for a wonderful show in which I will explore the world of unconditional love, which permeates our lives, yet often goes unrealized and underutilized. In this episode, you will meet Harold Becker whose definition of unconditional love is “an unlimited way of being” to explore the bigger picture of humanity’s journey. Tune-in for a fascinating discussion of what it means to give ourselves permission to go beyond our perceived limitations into greater levels of freedom and peace. Discover what it means to include this all-pervasive and powerful energy in your daily life and how your personal choices be a catalyst for great change on the planet.
Bio: Harold W. Becker

Author of Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self Discovery, Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being, Unconditional Love Is . . . Appreciating Aspects of Life
Inspiring Unconditional Love – Reflections from the Heart
Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 – More Reflections from the Heart 
& Unconditional Love, A Guide to Personal Freedom (video)

Harold W. Becker has dedicated his life to living and sharing the practical application of unconditional love. Since 1990, his consulting company, Internal Insights, has had its focus to “empower people through self awareness and unconditional love.”  In 2000 he founded the globally recognized non-profit, The Love Foundation Inc., with the intent to “inspire people to love unconditionally.”  He blends incredible insight and intuition with humor, compassion and kindness for a strong inspirational and motivational vision in all of his endeavors which also include business, writing, speaking and personal guidance.

Harold’s success and powerful understanding about life is evident in his collective published work including, Internal Power: Seven Doorways To Self Discovery, (White Fire 2008/New World Library 1993), Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being (White Fire 2007) Unconditional Love Is… Appreciating Aspects of Life, (White Fire 2010) Inspiring Unconditional Love – Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2010), Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 – More Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2011) and a PBS special entitled, Unconditional Love – A Guide to Personal Freedom (1997, DVD 2007) along with numerous articles and short stories.

In his continuing desire to touch the world with a message of love, he founded Global Love Day, an annual international celebration of humanity held each May 1st. This yearly event has brought the recognition of universal understandings and the transcendent power of unconditional love to a global audience including individuals, groups, organizations and political leaders.

Harold’s exceptional awareness of life comes from his enduring commitment to helping others. After his mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1985, Harold devoted much of his spare time working with cancer patients and their families and began to investigate the many meanings and understandings of life. (She continues to be a cancer survivor, having combined his techniques and traditional treatment.) He has volunteered thousands of hours to assist people through their often devastating personal traumas and happily shares his wisdom and understanding with anyone who asks.

A remarkable, self-motivating achiever, Harold worked his way through college in management positions including banking, finance and retail and earned his MBA by age 25. His natural talent in the business field earned him high praise and respect by all involved. In a bold move, he left a management position in the banking industry to realize his dream, based on the premise that we all have the internal power to live life freely and joyfully.

Harold W. Becker has pursued a life of service, personal growth, and unconditional love and always searches for the highest and best out of every personal experience. From his enriching and educational workshops, TV and radio interviews, numerous public appearances, post prison/ addiction outreach program, and community leadership roles, Harold’s forthright approach conveys his message with the awareness of one who knows love.

For more information contact: John T. Goltz via email:
Visit and Cell 407-779-2436