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Living in Quantum Love Archives with Devrah Laval

The Importance of Being You

02-21-19 The Importance of Being You Mark Boiko Bio: Mark was a Firefighter in Edmonton AB. He attended the University of Alberta and majored in Educational Media and English. It was during this period that an interest in documentary filmmaking began and he served as...

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When Angels Play Poker

12-20-18  When Angels Play Poker Maura O’Leary lives in the suburbs of Boston and released her first novel, When Angels Play Poker last year. In May, Maura was awarded the “Book of the Year-Spirituality” by Pacific Book Review! Per a recent review:  “Given its...

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Single Parent Finds Success When Science Meets Spirit!

10-25-18 Single Parent Finds Success When Science Meets Spirit! Bio: Deborah Drummond was born in Vancouver, Canada and loves the vibe of her city, the music, the healing opportunities, the empowering of others but her biggest passion is her 2 amazing children, Chloe...

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Beneath the Clutter Lies Your Effulgent Self

08-28-18 Beneath the Clutter Lies Your Effulgent Self. Devrah's writings and work revolve around our removing the clutter from our lives, whether that be spiritual or worldly attachments or identifications in order to be who we are. Who we truly are is timeless and...

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Living the Dream…? No Way, Dream’s Living Me!

08-23-18 Living the Dream…?  No Way, Dream’s Living Me! Carl Bozeman is a spiritual pioneer and the author of the bestselling book “On Being God-Beyond Your Life’s Purpose.” He has also written “Are You Listening – Addressing the Divine within, On Human Being – Loving...

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The Ultimate Self-Care with Barbara Halcrow MSW

06-21-18 The Ultimate Self-Care with Barbara Halcrow MSW Barbara is originally from Penticton, BC and has lived and worked in communities throughout southern British Columbia, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory and also in Seoul, Korea, where she taught English as a Second...

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Welcome Co-Host Virginia Dee with Never Give Up

05-03-18  Welcome Co-Host Virginia Dee with Never Give Up Virginia offers clairvoyant readings and energetic healing work. She specializes in RoseReadings, using the symbol of a rose to provide information and insight, from the spiritual perspective, about your...

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The Benefit of a Living Master

06-18-17  The Benefit of a Living Master Bio: Arran Stephens has been involved in the organic foods movement for fifty years (co-founder of North America’s largest...

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I Married a Mystic

05-21-17  I Married a Mystic Kirsten Buxton is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher, and author who became devoted to awakening after a revelatory experience of...

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The Life of a Mystic Woman

03-19-16 Topic: The Life of a Mystic Woman Website: Facebook: Events:...

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