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12-20-18  When Angels Play Poker

Maura O’Leary lives in the suburbs of Boston and released her first novel, When Angels Play Poker last year.

In May, Maura was awarded the “Book of the Year-Spirituality” by Pacific Book Review!

Per a recent review:  “Given its storyline, character development, wit and wisdom, O’Leary has written a novel, which is just as enlightening as it is entertaining. When Angels Play Poker is an endearing novel that will certainly bring a smile to readers’ faces. It’s great for readers who want to read books which are spiritual, but also light-hearted and funny. O’Leary’s book would be perfect for fans of Mitch Albom’s and other inspirational books about spirituality.”

She has also recently won the award as “featured short story” at the Novel Writing Festival for her piece “Becoming Fearless”.

Maura believes she was divinely guided to write her first book and she’s just starting to work on Book #2 in the 3 part Angel series.

When Maura’s not writing, she runs her own company and she’s a founding member of

You can reach Maura at:, or

Her book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and various sites globally.

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