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05-21-17  I Married a Mystic

Kirsten Buxton is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher, and author who became devoted to awakening after a revelatory experience of such intense love she realized nothing else mattered. Having walked ‘through the darkness to the light’ Kirsten exudes a profound wisdom and humility that touches the heart and lifts the spirit. The clarity and simplicity shared through her teachings are an invitation to true freedom. Being in her presence is a reminder of the peace and love of God that is with us always.

Kirsten’s new book, I Married a Mystic, portrays an intimate account of her journey of transformation and radical self-inquiry, and is literally a “how-to guide” for awakening.

“Honoring the Spirit’s Presence and Guidance in every moment has brought me all I ever wanted; Home, Love, freedom, purpose, rest, and joy.” – Kirsten Buxton
To learn more about Kirsten, her path, teachings and music, visit

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