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dee-small09-18-16  Falling into Easy: Help for Those Who Can’t Meditate with Dee Willock

BIO: Dee has been teaching meditation and yoga for over 30 years. Falling Into Easy, combines her experience as a meditation teacher with her skill as a technical writer to create an engaging, quirky, and innovative approach to meditation.

Dee’s unique approach to meditation helps us find our way in and around the workings of the mind with very little effort or travel.  Instead we learn to fall into a sense of ease and quiet, and end up right in the middle of the present moment.

Falling Into Easy offers refreshing insights and answers to the age old questions: “How exactly do I meditate”  “How do I know if I am truly in the present moment?”  “How do I get there?” You get there by following a trail known as love; the deep, unrelenting, all-inclusive love that pervades every part of our being. Dee’s work takes us deep into the love that sits right in the lap of the present moment.

Falling Into Easy is equally powerful for the beginner and the seasoned meditator.  Readers and clients learn to do very little while they watch their practice deepen and evolve.

Dee has taught meditation and yoga through local School Boards and Community Centers. She also leads workshops and teaches privately.  In 2008, she was invited to present alongside many of the world’s leading meditation teachers at Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village in southern France.  You can also see Dee’s TV interview on the Fanny Kiefer Show at

Her Work
Dee suggests that meditation is really about learning to do nothing. Through this nothingness, meditators expand into everything, which in the end turns out to be love.  Clients learn that right beside the whirl of busy thoughts is a place that holds only love.  Dee’s work helps clients ease into the world of meditation in order to find that love. Along with workshops, Dee also offers private sessions with very personalized guided meditations that address a client’s very specific circumstances and life events.  She has also produced a CD with visualizations from the book. Falling Into Easy’s CD offers distinctive imagery along with Dee’s deep resonant voice which lull listeners into a meditative state that is both profound and surprisingly familiar.

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Falling Into Easy: Help For Those Who Can’t Meditate
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