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The Power of the Heart

02-07-16     The Power of the Heart What a perfect month to focus on the amazing power and intelligence of the heart as evidenced throughout history.  Dr. Cynthia will share an interesting history of the heart over the centuries, including ideas about the origin of...

Creating a Meaningful Life

03-08-14 “Creating a Meaningful Life!” Did you know that your views about life and your thoughts in general are directly related to the results that you create? If you’re worrying, then you’re likely to create a life that is limited and bound by that fear. Dr. Cynthia...

Moving through Your Fears

01-15-20 Moving through Your Fears We’ve all had moments in our lives when we’re completely of the faith that something is going to turn out well, even though from a rational standpoint, it doesn’t seem possible.  And in turn, we’ve had moments when despite how much...

The Power of Your Dreams

11-08-17  The Power of Your Dreams Your dreams are extremely powerful as a source of information and healing.   On this exciting and informative show, Dr. Cynthia will help you explore: The history of dreams; Sleep stages and cycles, particularly progression of five...
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