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11-08-17  The Power of Your Dreams

Your dreams are extremely powerful as a source of information and healing.   On this exciting and informative show, Dr. Cynthia will help you explore:

  • The history of dreams;
  • Sleep stages and cycles, particularly progression of five sleep stages;
  • Tips for achieving a good night’s sleep and remembering your dreams;
  • Types of dreams, such as night terror, lucid dreams, & paranormal dreams in particular;
  • Approaches to dream analysis;
  • Possible format for keeping a dream journal of entries;
  • The thirteen themes of spiritual guidance dreams;
  • What “chase,” “search,” “avoidance,” “entrapment,” and “flying” dreams may mean;
  • Meanings of dreams of injury, disease, or fighting;
  • Reasons for a recurring dream; and
  • Ways to enhance dream recall.

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