The Impact of Your Parent Relationship on Your Life!

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10-17-18 The Impact of Your Parent Relationship on Your Life!

Your parents and their parenting style have had an important impact on your life.  In this show, Dr. Cynthia will discuss the family as a “system,” in which each person affects the others in profound ways.  She will help you look at the impact of certain types of families on the child and explore types of parents, including specific types of “toxic” parents and their effects. We’ll also look at how your relationship with your parents has impacted your other relationships in addition to what you can do to heal.

Meditation for Personal Growth & Healing

09-12-18 Meditation for Personal Growth & Healing

Meditation is a process of focusing your attention and quieting your mind that holds powerful personal benefits for bringing your body, mind, and spirit into harmony and health. In this show, we’ll look at interesting historical facts about meditation, researched benefits and reasons for meditating, and specific ways to meditate and overcome some of the known “challenges” of the process. My goal is to provide practical tools that you can use to get started in your own practice!

Exploring Your Passion and Purpose

08-15-18 Exploring Your Passion and Purpose

Each of us creates our lives every single living moment through the thoughts and feelings we have and the actions we take.  You came into this world to become the best version of you.  Exploring your passion and purpose in life helps give your life form and direction.  Join Dr. Cynthia in this hour to explore your passion and purpose!

The Healing Power of Reiki

07-11-18 The Healing Power of Reiki

Dr. Cynthia is an energy medicine practitioner and Reiki teacher based in Norfolk, VA, and a Master Teacher in Japan as well.  She has taught all levels of Reiki including certifying Reiki Teachers both in Japan and in the U.S.  In fact, she just returned from her 20th trip to Japan!  On this exciting show, she will explain the Reiki method, its history, its benefits, the cleansing cycle it produces, and how a session is administered.  She will also include details about her work in Japan.  Cynthia has taught and performed healing sessions in seven major Japanese cities.  Stay tuned for an informative show.