Your Body as an Energy Tool of Your Soul

04-11-18 Your Body as an Energy Tool of Your Soul

In this show, Dr. Cynthia will discuss the body as an archive and energy tool of your soul.  She will draw from her experiences in teaching Body/Mind Energy Medicine in Japan and in the U.S. and also from her varied certifications in energy medicine.  On this show, we will explore the body as temple of your spirit; generational issues that affect the body, particularly from a shamanic standpoint; symbolic meaning of symptoms and illnesses; effects of hidden emotions and unreleased traumas; and body energy principles and solutions.

Healing & Life Passages

03-14-18  Healing & Life Passages

As we go through the journey of life, we may consider ourselves traveling on a road with passage points along the way.  We might call these stopping points, places of reflection, or just places where we are not sure how to continue the journey.  Or maybe a passage could also be seen as a meeting place of energies that we have to move through.  Wherever you are in your life, this extremely informative show will help you to understand overall life patterns and help you nurture your emerging self.  Dr. Cynthia will discuss the stages of life according to theories of Dr. Carl Jung, famous Swiss Psychiatrist and give you insight into how creative tension is important to growth in all stages of life as you search out new meaning!

Overcoming Self-Defeating Beliefs & Behaviors!

02-14-18 Overcoming Self-Defeating Beliefs & Behaviors!

Each of us has aspects of ourselves that can create drama, act out, lack willpower, cling to the painful past, and go for immediate gratification rather than structure. On this show, Dr. Cynthia will discuss how to overcome these self-defeating beliefs and behaviors through her Heartliving principles and tools!

Understanding the Angels!

01-17-18  Understanding the Angels!

Our angels desire to develop a closer relationship with us and this show will help you understand how that might happen.  While we will discuss angels in general,  one angel in particular will be focused on who is believed to be with us from before our conception until through our earthly “death.”  This is the famous guardian angel.  This inspirational show will help you:

  • learn the history of the power and presence of angels
  • understand the role of your guardian angel in particular
  • know the metaphysical “secret” of the rose and the star in regard to your angel
  • know the signs that angels give us to make contact
  • understand angelic energy, especially in regard to relationship to your chakras
  • learn a visualization exercise that you can use to meet and work with your guardian angel.