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Finding the Road to Success

02-11-19  Finding the Road to Success In a twist this week, Dr. Judy rolls two shows into one with separate interviews from small business entrepreneurs making a splash in the ever growing world of pet products. First, meet Lisa Baronoff, joining Dr. Judy from...

Hormones: Friend of Foe

01-29-19 Topic:  “Hormones:  Friend of Foe” We’ll debunk myths and look at the facts about HRT to help you sort through the chaos. Have a Question for the Show? email Dr Mylaine : Or post on FB

The Wholistic Vet

02-26-18 The Wholistic Vet This week, Dr. Judy is pleased to welcome Dr. Laurie Coger, a holistic veterinarian, dog owner, trainer, and breeder, whose mission is to guide owners down the natural dog care path, helping them become educated and empowered advocates for...

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