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06-04-20 The Power of Knowing with Dr. Richard London

The only power worth having is “knowing,” according to Dr. Richard London, who is known as the Father of Wisdom.

Dr. London will discuss his many solutions and tools for helping you to know what your future looks and feels like; and how to create a normal, happy, ease-filled, productive life filled with wellness and wealth.

Dr. Richard London says, “There is so much uncertainty in our world today, and people know that the tools of the past are no longer working for them.” Dr. London provides the tools that work in the 21st century.

Dr. London is a world-renowned author of Laughing with God: The Ultimate Guide to Enlightenment.

Dr. London is a global master teacher who taught the Law of Attraction over 40 years prior to the release of The Secret in November, 2006.

A world leader in bringing Business Intelligence, New Technologies and new profound wisdom to humanity and the world, he is the leading visionary manifestation business intelligence coach in the world, having served as the C.E.O., Chief Education Officer, C.V.O., C.M.O., and V.M.B.C of several companies, as well as being a  business consultant for over 25 years.

His clients include famous media/entertainment personalities, industry and corporate leaders, heads of state, and major organizations worldwide. He is also the founder of 14 world charities.

As C.E.O of Prodigymind Companies,, he directed the building of 200+ web-based companies that educate professionals and are devoted to transformational language and wisdom that creates a Wellness Lifestyle.

Dr. Richard London is the creator of a new authentic media experience called Divine Media Entertainment, which uses transformational language and wisdom to enable mankind to create success and wealth with no limits. Dr. London’s motto is: Great Language = Great Life.

Contact April Vargas at 720-213- 8021; 415 738-6899; 603 865-7345 to schedule a Saving Your Sanity session, a one-hour phone appointment with Dr. Richard London for creating your safe future.

*How to move forward, creating balance, and normalcy in Life

*How to Succeed in Tough Times? Recession Proofing your Business/ Life

*Complete your PGS, Personal Guidance System, Knowing exactly where you are so you can move forward.

* A personal plan designed for you that works, clarity, focus and real RESULTS in your life this year.

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