The Hurricane Relief Efforts: Indian Village Response Team

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Tune in as we welcome to The Second Genesis Awakenings™ Radio show, with host Debara Bruhn Towt…Elders Chris (Comeswithclouds) who share’s with us today his wisdom of What Collective Prayers can do and hands on Awareness into the many ways we can come together. We gather together in support of the Lumbee community in this time of devastation in North Carolina  & Blessing All LIFE …PRAYERS OF THE CHILDREN … MUCH more.

We may have a few surprise also with a dearest guest who joined us from NC, for the show as we welcome, Honored Guest Administrator Dr. Freda Locklear Porter for the Lumbee Tribe of NC …  A ~ sharing …

Heart to Heart for all to hear the clarion call…How we all make a difference … Dr. Freda Porter lives in every breath to serve the people  .. We all joined in prayer on the show for clarity and help.

A Show you will not want to miss… One of GRATITUDE…

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The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina


Chris (Comeswithclouds) White is the Native American Church of Virginia CEO. Chris retired and a full-time volunteer involved in a variety of community efforts: outreach, education, and spiritual mentoring. Chris is autodidact in engineering and architectural design. His heritage traces back to the Cherokee Nation.

“The wind blows where it wishes. You can hear the sound of it. But cannot tell where it comes from and where it is going. So is everyone who is born of the spirit,” – John 3:8

Honored Guest Lumbee Tribal Administrator Dr. Freda Locklear Porter

Scientific Freda Locklear Porter received the 2010 Stellar Award from the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Porter was named the 2009 N.C. Minority Business Person of the Year and the 2007 UNCP Business Person of the Year. She was appointed Chairwoman of the North Carolina Advisory Commission on Military Affairs in 2012. She is a member of the N.C. Defense Business Association board of directors, was a trustee of Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, served as the chair of UNCP board of trustees, and founded UNCP’s American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

Our Celebration with Our Spotlight Guest Violet Laviolette from Our Human Accelerator online Community

09-03-18 Our Celebration with Our Spotlight Guest Violet Laviolette from Our Human Accelerator online Community

Violet Laviolette is and has always been infinitely curious and passionate about following the lead and call of Spirit in her life. Even as a small child she knew that she was just not like everyone else in the way she saw and heard things. As a lifelong student and participant in many paths of spirituality and human divinity, she has studied and applied her learnings as guides to creating her own life and helping others to also embrace and envision their own divine beauty and greatness. Her emersion into becoming an involved member in many spiritual and belief paths (too numerous to list here) has given her firsthand experience with the various paths of religious and spiritual studies not just through book or seminar applications. She has been blessed to gain understanding how these paths weave together to develop her and her intuitive, empathic and healing gifts. She relies upon the whispers of Spirit for her guidance and direction. Violet has been blessed through her work to have traveled and experienced many amazing things, cultures, people and places.  Yet to her the most amazing of all is helping and encouraging another to awaken to their true divine self.  She is also a Reiki Master, ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek, Hypnotherapist, Crystal Bowl chant and vibrational worker and amateur herbalist.  Violet has 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. She is a Buddhist practitioner and serves in her local temple in social outreach, teaching and preparing vegetarian/vegan meals.  There is always more to learn, apply and absorb in order to rise to the next levels of self-realization and being an impactful global family member. As such she looks forward to the continued journey and being open to gathering together all she has learned and experienced into a facilitation and guidance for others seeking to expand their path. You never know where Spirit will lead you if you are open and listen for that special voice and heart promptings.  It’s an amazing journey.

All Matter Gives off a Vibration of Energy and Sound

08-20-18 All Matter Gives off a Vibration of Energy and Sound ~

The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous Regeneration by Adam’t Gardener …

Come Join Debara Bruhn Towt Host of the Second Genesis Awakening™ as Debara shares her journey of A LIFE FREE OF SICKNESS AND DISEASE that she began 15years ago. Debara is filled with exuberance & Joy about experiencing…. Being Solution for diabetes is Eating an All Organic Plant Based Diet  & Why. She shares some of the pages from her Best friend, Author Adamt Gardener’s Book .. The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous Regeneration Book. Just one of the many chapters in which she resonates with and makes her heart sing… All Matter Gives off a Vibration of Energy and Sound

Organic Gardening & Clean Dozen with Susan Whiting

07-23-18  Organic Gardening & Clean Dozen with Susan Whiting

Once again we welcome back to the show today our lovely Director with The Second Genesis Project™ Susan Whiting sharing with us the Joy of Organic Gardening with her List called the Clean Dozen … and topic of this show.

THE HOME GARDEN IS THE PERFECT WAY & TO EAT what you GROW as you will hear a lot … Mulch~ Mulch ~ Mulch

Susan shares her wisdom of Gardening through the years.

“Natural Tendency to love, Peace, Joy, Opulence, Perfection.” 
St. Germain

Until March and into November you can find Susan working with her husband Max in what everyone calls Susan’s Organic Humanity Garden  …