Organic Gardening & Clean Dozen with Susan Whiting

07-23-18  Organic Gardening & Clean Dozen with Susan Whiting

Once again we welcome back to the show today our lovely Director with The Second Genesis Project™ Susan Whiting sharing with us the Joy of Organic Gardening with her List called the Clean Dozen … and topic of this show.

THE HOME GARDEN IS THE PERFECT WAY & TO EAT what you GROW as you will hear a lot … Mulch~ Mulch ~ Mulch

Susan shares her wisdom of Gardening through the years.

“Natural Tendency to love, Peace, Joy, Opulence, Perfection.” 
St. Germain

Until March and into November you can find Susan working with her husband Max in what everyone calls Susan’s Organic Humanity Garden  …  

Second Genesis Awakening’s Plant Based Diet Challenge

06-25-18  Second Genesis Awakening’s Plant Based Diet Challenge  

Come Join us as we share our featured guests. This wonderfully talented and gifted family that took on our Second Genesis Awakening’s Plant Based Diet challenge to learn more as they teach us what they discovered about Organic Plant Based Eating. We welcome the youngest member of there family, Lincoln who is 4 then Haiddyn who is 9 and Madilynn who is 10 …and of course…. Mom Melissa who has been reading Adam’t’s The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to spontaneous Regeneration book & recently became apart of our online Community website and is enjoying our curriculum. On this Broadcast, Melissa is part of QA time LIVE with Adam’t Gardener . Melissa has wanted to ask these questions … We had so much fun!  Looking forward to meeting their father Jacob… Jake

We Hope you enjoy the Show….

We smile a lot as we eat … we feel good…

Smithsonian Native American Museum in Washing D.C.  has this quote for all to see…

“Our Elder’s have created for us a sacred way of being in the universe. it is our responsibility to pass this understanding on to the next Generation.” Tessie Nararjo (Peublo of Santa Clara) 2001 

What Mental Health Experts say to their Kids about School Shootings and More

05-28-18 What Mental Health Experts say to their Kids about School Shootings and More

We are grateful for your participating with us as you listen to this hourly broadcast. We thank you so much for joining us. Today, we focus our love energy as we visualize each one of us as the solution; as we visualize together on the show a future where Our children know and feel safe, those who are educators feel empowered as they lead the way to releasing fear…. in lieu of this Week’s deadly shooting in Santa Fe, Texas ..  Joining us on the second half of the show is our lovely Susan Whiting from the Humanity Gardens in Southern Utah…. Susan Whiting has a MEd and is a licensed mental health educator….  Her words and thought are a healing balm for our souls….

We Declare Peace today…

Do Plant based Diets help us Live Longer? And what are Enzymes

04-30-18  Do Plant based Diets help us Live Longer? And what are Enzymes

Do plant based diets help us live longer? Separating fact from fiction?  A New Study out on the science of animal products

Debara Shares an Article Released April 23, 2017 by Gene Food feed your Genetics’ Website… Aaron Gardner   … A study by ~The Massachusetts General Hospital is regarded as one of the top two schools of medicine in the United States and a flagship for Harvard Medical School….

The authors state that:
Higher animal protein intake was positively, whereas plant protein was inversely, associated with mortality, especially among individuals with at least one lifestyle risk factors. Substitution of plant protein for animal protein, especially from processed red meat, was associated with lower mortality, suggesting the importance of protein source.

Adam T. Gardener joins up with Debara on the Second Half of the show:

Live food is full of enzymes whereas dead food has no enzymes, so what are enzymes?