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Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour Archives with Mariam Massaro

The Gaea Star Band #79

09-05-13 "The Gaea Star Band #79 -"Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour number 79 serves up harmony-heavy mix of songs and improvs featuring Mariam Massaro, Robin Rooney, Sondra Lewis and Bob Sherwood. Some truly lush moments of three-part harmony for your enjoyment".

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The Gaea Star Band #78

08-29-13 "The Gaea Star Band #78 –"Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour 78 features the full frontline of the Gaea Star Band working through some numbers for the October 5 Academy of Music concert in Northampton. Also featured are new numbers "Awaiting Your Love", "Crescent...

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The Gaea Star Band #77

08-22-13 "The Gaea Star Band #77 "Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour begins as a tribute to the wind and journeys through a labyrinth of dreamy acoustic improvisation. Mariam Massaro on ukelele, acoustic guitar and vocal, Sondra Lewis on percussion and vocals, Bob Sherwood...

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The Gaea Star Band #76

08-15-13 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #76 features water music and water talk, including songs and improvisations from Mariam Massaro, Robin Rooney, Dameron Midgett, Bob Sherwood and today's special guest Jay Lynch.  Selections include "Shamiyaya", "Bubbles", "Happy I...

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“The Gaea Star Band #74

07-17-13 "The Gaea Star Band #74 floats in on the wings of mid-July with songs to fire and to the sun and the moon. Mariam, Robin, Bob and Sondra spin an evocative, evolving summer dream tapestry for you to drift away on."

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“The Gaea Star Band #73

07-10-13 "The Gaea Star Band #73- A well-attended improv session from the Gaea Star Band, featuring Mariam, Robin, Dameron, Sondra and Bob yields some rich arrangements of Mariam's songs and some surprising inventions."

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“The Gaea Star Band #72

07-03-13 "The Gaea Star Band #72 -A warm, lush and rainy July session with Mariam and Bob duetting through some inspiring songs and some stormy and mysterious improvs. Mariam recites from her soon-to-be-released book "The Celestial Teachings Of Ashento", a feature...

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The Gaea Star Band #71

06-26-13 "The Gaea Star Band #71 -improvises a haunting, uplifting musical presentation weaving a blend of three talented female vocalists with Bob Sherwood's rich and searing piano accompaniment. Also included is a visit from Chango the Thunder King recorded live to...

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The Gaea Star Band #70

06-19-13 "Last week we played rain songs and look how that worked out! Today # 70 -we play songs about the sun, the Andes and the green earth bathed in sun. Today we feature a full compliment of the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro, Sondra Lewis, Robin Rooney,...

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The Gaea Star Band #69

06-12-13 “On the Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour 69 we are joined by guests Lynne Smith and guitarist/singer Fran for some great original music as well as a couple of surprises Rainy day music to soothe your soul”

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The Gaea Star Band #68

06-05-13 "Gaea Star Crystal Hour #68 we continue to move towards solidifying the vocal lineup of Mariam, Robin and Sondra. We begin with some great songs from the Andes as we celebrate the spreading of Mariam's mother's ashes in the Andes of Peru! What follows can...

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The Gaea Star Band #67

05-29-13 "In Gaea Star Crystal Hour 67 we proudly present another hour of harmony and improv with Mariam, Robin and Sondra with Bob at the piano"

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The Gaea Star Band #66

05-22-13 "Gaea Star Crystal Hour number 66 has latest Gaea Star Band singer Sondra Lewis joining Mariam, Robin and Bob for an hour of harmony-laden improv and songs by Mariam Today we revel in songs about rain, children and love and bask in an exquisite May...

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Another percussion extravaganza

05-01-13 "Another percussion extravaganza as we try to follow up last week's visit from Tony Vacca and Bideew Bou Bess from Senegal. This week we feature conguero extraordinaire Craig Harris, percussionist, teacher, auther. We enjoy some great takes of Mariam's songs...

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Songs from the river of Singing Brook

04-10-13 "This week we bring you songs from the river of Singing Brook in an outdoor recording session featuring Mariam, Robin, Bob and special guests Ana Wolf on vocals and guitar and Jacks Metelica Brzezinski on vocals and percussion. Also featured are a couple of...

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