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Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour Archives with Mariam Massaro

The Gaea Star Crystal Band #100

02-13-14 "The Gaea Star Crystal Band #100 is a stunning reminder of the progress we've made here at the show in the last couple of years in terms of musical facility and wordless communication.  Sondra Lewis joins Mariam Massaro and Bob Sherwood for an hour of...

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The Gaea Star Crystal Band #99

01-30-14   "The Gaea Star Crystal Band #99 is dedicated and devoted to our friend and colleague, flautist David Morningstar whom we lost unexpectedly and far too soon last month.  We feature reminiscences and words of devotion as well as some of David's playing as...

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The Gaea Star Crystal Band #98

01-23-14   "The Gaea Star Crystal Band #98 bids a fond farewell to 2013 with a year-end live session at Singing Brook Studios featuring Mariam Massaro, Sondra Lewis (making her first appearance on Dulcimer!), Dameron Midgett and Bob Sherwood.  We premiere Mariam's...

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The Gaea Star Crystal Band #97

01-16-14   "The Gaea Star Crystal Band #97 opens with a rainy, contemplative improvisation with a visit from Sondra Lewis.  We move through "Every Moment Of My Life", "Twin Flames" and "Rainbows Of Light" before heading into Mariam's epic dulcimer-driven tone story...

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The Gaea Star Crystal Band #96

01-09-14 "The Gaea Star Crystal Band #96 welcomes winter with a session by the wood stove at Singing Brook Studio as the snow falls.  Mariam, Dameron and Bob work through wintery takes of classics and new songs from Mariam.  Featuring "Snow Queen", "Reflect", "Bluejay...

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The Gaea Star Crystal Band #95

01-02-14   "The Gaea Star Crystal Band #95 features the core of the Gaea Star Band jamming through several of Mariam's recent compositions including "Growing Into Wonder", "Make A Wish", "Twin Flame", "Gather Together", "A Burning Ember", "Happy With You" and "I Was...

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The Gaea Star Band #94

12-26-13-"The Gaea Star Band #94 continues last week's lineup of Mariam, Dameron and Bob strumming around the wood stove at Singing Brook Studio. Songs featured are "Mokumbe", the beautiful new "Rainbows Of Light" and "Spirit Of The Forest" from Mariam's upcoming...

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The Gaea Star Band #93

12-19-13   "The Gaea Star Band #93 is a low-key winter jam with Mariam, Bob and Dameron playing and improvising their way through “Just That Way”, “Goodbye”, “Amaru Machay”, “I Am The Mother Earth” and more songs by Mariam.”

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The Gaea Star Band #92

12-05-13-"The Gaea Star Band #92 features a great selection of songs and improvs including "We Are The Ancient Ones", "Vision Quest", "I'm The Full Moon", "Open Your Eyes", "One More Day" and "Thunderbeings". Singer songwriter Lynn Nicole Smith joins us again this...

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The Gaea Star Band #91

11-28-13   "The Gaea Star Band #91 features very special guests Lynn Nicole Smith and Dan Monti bringing new levels of piano and vocal artistry the mix. Beautiful original music from Lynn and Dan as well as Mariam. Also featuring Mariam Massaro, Dameron Midgett and...

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The Gaea Star Band #90

11-21-13-"The Gaea Star Band #90 is a prayer to heal the devastation caused to the waters of the Pacific Ocean by the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  We begin with a couple of iterations of "Heal The Waters", an improvisation and prayer, and continue with more numbers...

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The Gaea Star Band #89

11-14-13   "The Gaea Star Band #89 "We dedicate transitions, to saying goodbye to the old and greeting the new while honoring where we come from.  Songs featured today include several premier performances of songs by Mariam for her upcoming Vision Quest album: ...

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The Gaea Star Band #88

11-07-13-"The Gaea Star Band #88 finds us bidding a fond farewell to host Robin Rooney as she relocates to Gloucester MA although she'll be a frequent guest in the future.  To honor Robin we play some of her favorite songs and more cool improvisations featuring Bob...

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The Gaea Star Band #87

10-30-13   "The Gaea Star Band #87 features very special guests Pedro Fernandez on flute and percussion, Paris Shortridge on acoustic guitar and marimba and Eric Shortridge on acoustic guitar.  Paris, Pedro and Eric join Mariam Massaro, Robin Rooney and Bob Sherwood...

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The Gaea Star Band #86

10-23-13  "The Gaea Star Band #86 presents a retrospective of the Gaea Star Goddess show of October 5, featuring new reinterpretations of songs from the show.  Featured are "Pachamama", "Isis", "Sail To The Realms", "I'm The Full Moon" and many more of Mariam's...

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The Gaea Star Band #84

10-10-13 "The Gaea Star Band #84   "Today's session features songs by Mariam Massaro including "Freedom", "Raialia", "Circle Of Light", "Mother Gaea" and much more.  Featuring Mariam on vocals, ukelele and acoustic guitar, Sondra Lewis and Robin Rooney on vocals and...

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The Gaea Star Band #83

11-17-13    Topic: Gratitude and Grace~ Life’s Blessings Studies show that a being aware of life’s blessings – large and small –has positive effects on our spiritual, mental and physical health. But, life is a package deal with a spectrum of feelings and experiences,...

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The Gaea Star Band #82

09-26-13 "The Gaea Star Band #82  "For Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour 82 we welcome very special guests Visioning Bear Circle, an activist drum circle from Greenfield MA.  The circle keeper is Strong Oak and the members include Mary Wheelan, Micky Bellenoit, Hehaka...

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The Gaea Star Band #81

09-19-13 "The Gaea Star Band #81 “Dedicated to Finding Another Way To Live As One. Featuring "Gather Together", "Freedom", "September First Song", "Maples In Fall", and a driving take of the Shawna Carol-by-way-of-Kellianna song "Full Height Of Our Power". Featuring...

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The Gaea Star Band #80

09-12-13 "The Gaea Star Band #80 "A late summer acoustic improv session featuring Mariam's songs "Full Moon In August", "Dedication To The Moon Parts One and Two", "New Day Dawning" and much more. Featuring Mariam Massaro on vocals, ukelele and marimba, Robin Rooney...

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