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03-03-16  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #204 at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington, MA and features the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, 12-string acoustic guitar, celtic harp and baritone ukelele, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas and marimba. Today we begin with Mariam’s “Redwood Forests”, a sprightly ode to the forests of Northern California led by Mariam’s baritone uke and affecting vocal.  We continue with “Everything Matters All Over The World”, a wintery, minor key meditation which builds in intensity and tempo to a jazzy, rising, piano-led motif with psychedelic electronic touches.  The mysterious and meditative “Let’s Sing Out Graceful Love” features Mariam’s celtic harp prominently and is underpinned by Craig’s dancing, busy marimba.  After a coda decorated with Mariam’s lovely, melodic native flute we move into Mariam’s hypnotizing “Golden Boat Of Peace”, a piece that wanders between mystery and anthemic touches in service to a lyric from Mariam celebrating peace and beauty.  We finish the show with the mysterious “Jaikumari”, a tale of the Himalayas told by Mariam with eastern-leaning accompaniment from Bob and Craig.

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