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03-31-16  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #208 features special guest Amanda Potluck adding her passionate, bluesy vocals to the mix of Gaea Star Band members Mariam Massaro and Bob Sherwood.  Today’s first song is the mystical folk song “Cardinal In The Tree” which features Mariam’s visionary poetry punctuated by blues harmonica and rich arpeggios from Bob on piano.  “Early In The Morning” follows a similar harmonic path with Mariam providing intriguing twists and turns on her baritone ukulele.  “So Far Away” is a deep, lovely conversation between Mariam’s vocals and native flute to which Amanda adds beautiful countermelodies as we build to an aching gospel coda.  Mariam and Amanda shine on this lovely song.  “Gentle Ways” is another dual-vocal feature with inspiring lyrics from Mariam and a sweeping, impassioned piano performance from Bob.

Mariam picks up her alternate-tuned Martin 12-string guitar for the rich, sprawling raga “Wing And A Prayer” and then the dulcimer for “Blessed By Our Lives”, a gorgeous re-imagination of a track appearing on the 2013 cd “The Best of the Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour”.

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