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02-11-16    Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #201 is taped live at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts and features The Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, ukulele, Celtic harp and native flute, Bob Sherwood on piano and percussion and Craig Harris on congas and marimba.  Mariam’s “Brilliant Stars” is today’s first track and features compelling gospel piano work from Bob to support Mariam’s lush vocal and blues harmonica.  A spacious and affecting journey from major to minor brings in “Manifestation Into Reality” and sets the stage for a coda featuring a beautiful solo from Mariam on native flute and the harmonica-driven blues workout “Blossoms Into Reality” featuring a return to the initial, elegiac piano motif of “Brilliant Stars”.  The gorgeous “Jayko Bayo January” follows, an elegant and unhurried meditation on winter in which Mariam sings a series of beautiful verses rich in January imagery.  “Jericho And Alexander- Magnificence of Freedom” finds Craig moving to the marimba to provide the structure for this deeply moving tale of a captive circus monkey finding freedom through the sacrifice of a kind-hearted boy.  The soulful coda “Waves Of Love” closes today’s show with Mariam’s uplifting poetry and Bob’s driving, jazzy piano.

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