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02-18-16   Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #202 features very special guest Gino Cicchetti who contributes beautifully throughout the show with his sensitive, prescient mandolin work.  Mariam Massaro, Bob Sherwood and Craig Harris of the Gaea Star Band present songs from Mariam and improvisations with skill, flair and imagination.  Today’s first number “Genoa And Anthony” is powered by Mariam’s steady, driving dulcimer and is a story of a horse who goes to the castle of Solaria to celebrate the new year at The Festival Of Intentions for preserving the beauty of the sacred Mother Earth.  Another in a tradition of beautifully narrated and nuanced stories-in-music that are a hallmark of Mariam’s inspiration.  Part Two follows with a swaggering and gypsy energy and paints a vivid picture of the hawk Genoa and his majestic spirit.  At length we float away on a series of calls and responses from Gino’s mandolin and Mariam on her native flute.  “Election Year” follows and is a whimsical folk song from Mariam about the election process.  Mariam accompanies with her brash and authentic banjolele, beginning the proceedings with am earthy directness.  The band sweeps into a lovely, circular gospel section under Mariam insightful narrative and fades to a close amidst piano filigrees.  “To Sweet Love” is a slow, stately ballad featuring a series mystical minor movements and Mariam’s lovely vocal.   “Knocking On Your Door” is a frisky original blues from Mariam with groovy mandolin and rolling piano.  “Singing To The Moon” is a mesmerizing ode to the night sky in finest Gaea Star Radio Hour tradition, and features touching chords from Mariam’s mandolin as well as a driving marimba framework from Craig.

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