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01-28-16     Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #199 features Mariam Massaro, Craig Harris and Bob Sherwood of The Gaea Star Band presenting a compelling hour of of music based in the improvisatory interpretation of Mariam Massaro’s mystical, flowing songs.  Today’s first piece is “Peace And Love/Something’s Gotta Change”, an energized song about social conscience and change featuring Mariam on voice and acoustic guitar, Craig Harris on congas and Bob Sherwood on piano.  Today’s second song is Mariam’s “Reflect The Light” which the band takes with a flamenco, Southern European flavor  “Sing Down The Walls” is a track from Mariam’s “Gaea Star Crystal:  Awakening The Tribes Of Light” cd and is presented with a light, deft touch that complements Mariam’s lovely, authentic vocal.  “Radiant Being” is a mysterious, dramatic song driven by Mariam’s DADGAD-tuned Martin 12-string and culminates in sheets of marimba and piano from Craig and Bob.  The Mariam three-chord classic “All Those Times” follows with Mariam’s ukulele dancing across a grooving, busy rhythm for Craig and Bob.  “Singing The Same Song” grows out of an extended outro to “Times” and is a playful ragtime with some dynamic conga work from Craig and a beautiful, rich coda full of hypnotic repetition, crisscrossing motifs and Mariam’s uplifting lyric.  “Ferdinand The Noble Bull” is an operatic ragtime story about Ferdinand’s best day and also about Jenny the Mule.  Today’s final performance is the sweeping, beautiful “Let’s Just Fly” with Mariam letting fly on her native flute over an epic, sweeping series of piano motifs.

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